Ukraine is in danger of subjugation!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

Ukraine now faces the fate of being divided up.

The separation of Wudong has basically become a foregone conclusion. After Wudong was captured by Russia, it is almost impossible to spit it out because of Russia’s national character. The only difference is whether Russia makes Wudong a buffer zone or directly invests it in Russia.

USSI, if Ukraine cannot carry it, Poland is likely to send troops to eat western Ukraine.

According to media reports, now Poland and Ukraine seem to have formed a new routine. The two countries merged to establish the “United Republic of Poland Ukraine”.

In this regard, netizens joked: Poland comes out of Poland, Ukraine comes out of orchid, which together is called Poland!

? ZELINSKY video screenshot

Zelensky even announced a new decree during Polish President Duda’s visit to Ukraine on May 23. The two countries have common borders, common transportation, common customs, etc., and even allow Polish citizens to serve in any department of Ukraine, including administrative and defense departments.

If this is the case, Ukraine will not be Ukraine once Poland controls the political, military, financial and other vital powers of Ukraine.

Zelensky is even more enthusiastic about the establishment of the “Polish Ukrainian United Republic”. His plan is to use Poland as a member of the EU and NATO. Once the two countries merge, Ukraine will join the two organizations without approval, at the cost that Ukraine will no longer exist.

If these shameful operations finally become a reality, Ukraine will be taken away by Russia, Ukraine will be swallowed up by Poland, and a good Ukraine will be carved up in this way.

It is a pity that Ukraine was once a “big” country with aircraft carrier construction capacity, dozens of strategic bombers and thousands of nuclear weapons. Now it has fallen to this stage.


? video screenshot of crying Ukrainians

I have to think, why?

There is probably only one reason, that is, too much superstition and worship of the West.

There are many reasons for the disintegration of the Soviet Union. One of the reasons is that at that time, even high-level officials like Gorbachev were superstitious about the west, and then the Soviet Union was disintegrated to engage in the western style, which forcibly split a great empire that frightened the West.

Including Russia, the reason why NATO has been able to cheat Russia five times in five rounds of eastward expansion is obviously not an IQ problem, but an emotional problem. It is emotionally inclined to the west, and then cheated again and again. Now Russia really understands.

Ukraine is actually the same. It has been fascinated by the West since the Soviet era. Unlike Russia, Russia gradually understands that Ukraine is still in a dream.

Iraq believes in the west, and Iraq is over. The Iraqi people who welcomed us troops into the city on the Baghdad square, as well as kadumjabri, the “hammer man” who pushed down the statue of Saddam Hussein, saw the mountains and rivers break down after many years.

People in the Middle East believe in the West. The Arab spring directly led to the death of millions and the displacement of tens of millions of people. Many people fled to Europe, either in flight or in death.

Now Ukraine is faced with the same fate. It has been fascinated by the West for decades and has not woken up. Its outcome is also seen. Now its territory has been lost, and there is even a risk of national subjugation in the future.

Others are “believe in XX, get eternal life”, which is a good thing; For the west, it is also “believe in the west, and you will never be able to turn over forever!”

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