Ukraine opens the door to destruction! The consequences of provoking Putin are very serious!

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Original: Zhanhao source: official account: Zhanhao wechat ID: zhanhao668

On the evening of August 20, Dalia dujinna, daughter of Alexander dujin, a senior think tank of Russian President Putin, a famous philosopher and political scholar, was assassinated and killed. According to media reports, the assassination was carried out on a highway 20 kilometers away from Moscow. The assassin placed the bomb on dujinna’s car, and then the car exploded while driving. According to previous media speculation, the assassin’s original target was not Du Jinna, but her father Alexander Du Jin, and Du Jin was scheduled to return in the car.


Alexander dukin is Putin’s senior think tank. The fundamental reason why he may become a target of attack is that for many years, the West believes that his “new Eurasianism” is the foundation of Putin’s geopolitical thinking, and he is also the main think tank of Putin’s important political and foreign policies. It is precisely because of his influence that the United States and the West have long listed him as the target of sanctions. The West believes that, at least in the past decade, Du Jin has been an important promoter of Russia’s foreign policy.

So, who is the murderer of this assassination?

“Dujinna murder” is now the most concerned case in Russian society. The Russian security department is also very awesome, and it took only one day to solve the case. According to the latest announcement issued by the Russian federal security service, they have solved the murder of the daughter of Alexander dukin, a famous Russian scholar. The Russian side pointed out that the case was planned and carried out by the Ukrainian intelligence department. The killer was Natalia wovk, a Ukrainian citizen born in 1979. She was a member of the Ukrainian extremist organization “Asian speed camp”.

The Russian Federal Security Service exposed the whole process of wolfk’s murder of dujinna. The murderer wolfk and his daughter Sophia shaban arrived in Russia on July 23. The reason why the murderer could easily enter Russia is that they drove a car with the license plate of “Donetsk people’s Republic”. The border between Russia and Donetsk region is basically open, and the local residents have also obtained Russian identity.


After entering Russia, they began to track Du Jinna to master her lifestyle and habits. In order to observe Du Jinna in detail, they even rented a house in the apartment building where Du Jinna lives. Once Du Jinna goes out, they drive to follow and monitor her.

When they fully understood dujinna’s living habits and whereabouts, they began to carry out the murder plan. On the day of the murder, they learned that Du Jinna would attend a speech in Moscow by her father Du Jin as a guest, so they also tried to participate in the relevant activities. They installed a remote-controlled bomb in the car driven by Du Jinna. After Du Jinna drove away, they followed her and finally detonated the off-road vehicle driven by Du Jinna on the highway.

The main reason why the killers chose to carry out the bombing attack on the highway should be to fight for escape time. As expected, they left the country immediately after Du Jinna was murdered and fled to Estonia. Of course, their whereabouts were quickly investigated, and the Federal Security Agency agents obtained the surveillance video of their activities on the road. At the same time, Russian media also released the photos and identities of the murderer’s mother and daughter. According to the information, wolfk was not only a member of the Ukrainian extremist organization “Asian speed camp”, but according to the execution of the murder, she should also belong to the Ukrainian special intelligence department.

So, we can’t help asking why the Ukrainian intelligence agency wants to kill dujina, dujina’s daughter? After all, Du Jinna is still very young, and her father is the real heavyweight.

According to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), the Russian federal security service has obviously not fully disclosed the real situation, or has not fully mastered the relevant evidence, because it is logically impossible for wofk to target dujinna, and targeting her father dujinna conforms to the basic logic of this assassination. The reason is very simple. If it’s just to assassinate Du Jinna, wofk doesn’t need to wait for a month to kill an ordinary person. If an agent assassinates an ordinary person, they can do it at any time in Du Jinna’s apartment. Why do they have to make a huge explosion in the suburbs?

Zhanhao’s view is that the goal of Wolfgang was originally dujin, but dujin is Putin’s senior think tank, and his security and whereabouts can not be fully mastered in a short time. So Wolfgang followed his daughter and tried to use her as a breakthrough to wait for opportunities.


On August 20, Du Jinna was invited by her father to attend one of his speech activities as a guest. According to the plan, Du Jin will return with his daughter after the event. In this case, wofk installed a bomb on the driver’s side of the SUV driven by Du Jin. However, it was unexpected that Du Jinna finally drove the car away. Their purpose was to kill Du Jin, not Du Jinna, at the right time.

However, to the surprise of the murderer, Du Jin had more activities. In the end, Du Jin did not choose to leave with his daughter Du Jinna, but chose to take another car. Because the car is dujin’s car, Wolff mistakenly believes that dujin is also in the car, so he tracks the highway and remotely detonates the bomb. As a result, dujinna was attacked and killed, and dujin escaped.

The reason for this speculation is not only that the Ukrainian intelligence department’s assassination of dujinna is not of great significance, but also that the Russian media claimed in the initial report that dujinna’s father dujinsaid that he should have been in the car. The reason why wofk mistakenly believed that dujin was also in the car was that there was a Russian reporter in dujinna’s car besides herself. It is very likely that wofk took the reporter as dujin, so he carried out the assassination. But he didn’t expect to kill the wrong person.

So, why didn’t the Russian federal security service directly say that they were assassinating dugin? On the one hand, it is because wofk has been tracking dujinna, which is relatively more direct. It is also possible that the Russian federal security service has not mastered the direct evidence that their target is dujinna in a short time; Second, because dukin is Putin’s important think tank and the characters are more sensitive, Russia may be trying to play down Ukraine’s target as much as possible. Of course, if there were no special circumstances, we really could not understand why Ukraine had any reason to assassinate dujina.

So why did Ukrainian intelligence assassinate dugin? In the opinion of Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), there should be two reasons:

The first reason: it is likely that the United States is behind it

The Ukrainian regime is now completely a puppet regime of the United States. 80% of Ukrainian politicians have obtained American citizenship. The United States is a common retreat for Ukrainian politicians. Therefore, the United States basically participates in any major event in Ukraine. This is one of the fundamental reasons why Ukraine cannot disobey the United States.

Well, the assassin of a high-level think tank of Putin may well be the head of the US intelligence department. Because such an assassination is of practical significance to the United States, the United States may think that it can deal a major blow to Putin’s policy.

Therefore, in terms of motivation, the United States has a certain motivation basis. So why would Ukrainian agents be assigned to carry out the assassination mission? That’s because Ukraine and Russia are belligerents. In addition, the two countries have deep ties, so it is not only more convenient for agents to act, but also easier for them to succeed. Moreover, the United States does not want to make trouble with Russia in this respect, and the best choice is to kill people with a knife. Moreover, as far as the United States is concerned, once it succeeds, the United States can increase its investment to urge Ukrainian agents to follow suit and take assassination measures against Russia to disrupt Russia’s internal affairs.

The second reason: Ukrainian extremist organizations believe that this can attack Putin

On the one hand, everyone has clearly seen the sinister intentions of the United States

It is also possible that this is simply an assassination measure taken by Ukrainian extremists. The reason for adopting such extreme measures is that Ukrainian extremist organizations are used to using such measures. At the same time, they also believe that such attacks can cause blows and puzzles to Putin. In other words, dugin is the most important promoter of war among Putin’s aides, and they hope to remove Putin’s right arm. If that is the case, Ukraine’s retaliation against dugin will be understandable.


However, as far as the assassination is concerned, according to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), Ukraine may have opened a “door of destruction”. Why do you say that? There are two reasons:

The first reason: the KGB, the world’s strongest secret service organization

The KGB is the world’s most famous secret service organization, with world-class capabilities. Under such circumstances, Ukraine wants to compete with Russia for intelligence agencies, which is really the wrong target. Once the KGB retaliates, some extremist officials in Ukraine may become targets of assassination. At that time, Ukrainian officials will be worried.

2? Putin’s secret service background

Unlike the presidents of other countries, the president of Russia used to be a special agent and an excellent special agent. Under such circumstances, if Ukraine’s action to break the bottom line completely angers Putin, then once Putin counterattacks, it may make the relevant personnel of the Ukrainian intelligence department and others feel overwhelmed.

However, in Zhanhao’s view, it is impossible for Putin not to retaliate. The key is how and when Putin chooses to retaliate. Moreover, whether it will affect the Ukrainian government is another major test of time.

In fact, the nature of this incident is very bad. Its occurrence means two things:

1? The war between Russia and Ukraine is extending in depth

This is not a simple matter. It is a manifestation of the Russian Ukrainian war that further extended to Russia after Ukraine started attacking Russia. Ukraine’s counterattack against Russia has extended from attacking Russia in the border areas of Russia and Ukraine to creating terrorist incidents in the Russian capital. This kind of extension is not good news for Russia, because the goal of the United States is to disrupt Russia, and if this means can not be contained, the impact on Russia will be enormous. Moreover, the reason why this kind of thing can happen is very likely to have the intelligence support and some kind of cooperation of the United States.

2? Russia must make decisions and take measures

For Russia, the murder of Russian key figures by Ukraine has broken the bottom line, and may trigger a new wave of assassinations. Russia directly refers to such actions as acts of state terrorism. However, after all, the key is to do it. It is time for Russia to take measures. Otherwise, if this kind of thing can continue to happen in the Russian capital, it will cause a major psychological blow to Russia.

The struggle in the Russian Ukrainian war has become complicated and will be very tense in the future. It is also a major test for Putin and deserves our constant attention!

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