Uncover the cause of death of the fierce general Zhang Fei: when drunk, they regard their subordinates as pigs

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Wine is a double-edged sword, which can do both good and bad things. “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is the loyalty wine in the three knot righteousness in the peach garden; On the spirit of heroes; Guan Yu’s warm wine kills Huaxiong’s heroic wine; And Zhang Fei pretends to be drunk and fights with Zhang Jia’s wisdom… But Zhang Feicheng, who was born to kill pigs, is also a wine, and defeat is also a wine. Finally, his head is different, which is also on the word wine.

Zhang Fei’s love and hate are clear, and he can’t hide them. The same is true of drinking. He can’t control the quantity and degree. He is not only fond of wine, but also addicted to it. Every time he drinks, he will get drunk. He will never stop getting drunk.

In fact, it’s not once or twice that Zhang Fei has been drunk, but as soon as he sees the wine, he forgets his last name. Liu Bei followed Cao Cao, the son of heaven, to attack Yuan Shu. Before he set out for Nanyang, he handed over Xuzhou to Zhang Fei. Three days later, Zhang Fei forgot Liu Bei’s order to drink less. He invited his subordinates to drink wine in turn. He poured out dozens of cups of wine himself. He felt very drunk and whipped Cao Bao, who refused to drink.

People say that he loves soldiers like a son, but Zhang Fei just regards his subordinates as pigs he slaughters at will. Who will follow you. Sure enough, Cao Bao sent a secret letter to Lv Bu overnight. It was a coincidence that Zhang Fei, who was still soaked in alcohol, fled. Cao Bao took revenge for the humiliation of the banquet.

Originally, if Zhang Fei took this as a warning, he would not lose his life later. After Guan Yu was defeated and Maicheng was killed, Zhang Fei was devastated. Drinking became a common practice. He poured out his worries with wine day and night. When he was drunk, he whipped his subordinates indiscriminately. As a result, he was killed by his top generals Zhang Da and fan Qiang. The first hero died in a drunken dream, leaving a laughing stock for generations.

In fact, in ancient China, there were many people who lost their lives because of drunkenness.

The code of “Chen Zun’s jurisdiction” comes from the book of Han Dynasty, biography of Chen Zun. “I am addicted to drinking. With every big drink, the hall is full of guests. I often close the door. I take the bus and throw it into the well. Although I am in a hurry, I can’t go.”. At the end of the reign of emperor AI in the Western Han Dynasty, Chen Zun, who was born in a bureaucratic family, had both talent and ability. Even later, Wang Mang, who was autocratic, looked at him in a different light. But Chen Zun has a big problem, that is, he is addicted to alcohol and never stops getting drunk. He is drunk every day. It’s enough to drink by yourself. Once the local officials visit, in order to keep the guests, they often close the door, unload the guests’ wheels and throw them into the well, just like pulling out the guests’ car keys now. Later, after he was dismissed to the governor of Henan Province for “drinking, feasting and degrading his title”, he still didn’t repent and went his own way. Finally, he was killed in drunkenness. Sudongpo, a descendant, “if you see that Meng referendum governs drinking, don’t forget to rush the snow to send you off”, this is the allusion used by King Luobin, “Lujia will share the money for the banquet, and Chen Zun will govern the guests and stay here”.

According to the records of the historical records, the hustlers are addicted to alcohol and often play crazy with it. As soon as the wine covers their faces, they will abuse those Royal relatives, nobles and flatterers. Even Tian Cong, who was in power for a while, did not let go. Finally, he was burned. He was beheaded in the name of “swearing disrespectfully” and “insulting the Empress Dowager”, and the whole family was harmed. None of them remained.

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