Uncover the custom of Taishan stone dare to come to town to guard the courtyard. What kind of stories are circulating among the people

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Don’t know yet: readers of the origin of Taishan Shi dare, the following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction, and then read on~

In the west of Henan Province, there is a strange custom that the gate of whose yard is facing the road, that is to say, it is a violation of “see you on the road”. The house is uneasy when I make a mistake. It is difficult to change the “road to see the status quo” and rebuild the facade due to many factors. The simplest way is to erect a stone next to the gate of your home, on which is engraved the words “Mount Tai stone dare”. You can turn bad luck into good luck, everything is auspicious, and the house is safe. How did this custom of using Taishan stone to guard the house come into being? There is a legend here.

In other words, the queen mother often competed with the immortals for citizens, thinking that the Jade Emperor was unfair to him and did not give her the opportunity to perform meritorious deeds. The immortals were sent by the Jade Emperor and had their own jurisdiction on earth, but he did not. He competed with the immortals for territory many times. In particular, the dispute over territory with the supreme old emperor actually came to the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor said to the queen mother, the larger the territory, the more things you have to do. Can you do good things for the world? The queen mother said unconvinced that as long as the Supreme Lord could do it, I would certainly do it. The Jade Emperor had no choice but to assign the worst Taishan to her, in order to let him have a taste of the pain and make her happy.


After being sealed, the queen mother soon came to the world and came to Mount Tai. He looked around the mountain, up and down, over and over again. The more he looked, the more angry he became, the more frustrated he became, and he couldn’t help scolding him. “What a jade emperor, are you deliberately treating me? This poor place has no gold and silver treasures, no fertile fields and fertile soil, but only large and small stones all over the mountains. What can I do to benefit the world?”. Scold and scold, but if you want to do good for the world, you can’t think of a good idea for the moment. Later, I heard that the Supreme Lord had done a great thing in the world. He asked people to dredge the river, plant seeds, gold, silver and coal, which contributed a lot. The people praised him, and the Jade Emperor rewarded him. His heart was even more jealous. At this time, in the area of Tai’an in Shandong Province, plagues were everywhere, demons and ghosts caused chaos, and people suffered a heavy disaster. Please pray for God’s blessing.


The Jade Emperor ordered the queen mother to save the people as soon as possible. The queen mother was so angry that she raised her whip and hit the stones fiercely, scolding while hitting them. What’s the use of these rotten stones for giving birth to you? Hurry up and roll down the mountain and smash those evil spirits to death. These stones were whipped by the queen mother, and the phone, did not dare to neglect, the flying ghost of the flying ghost, and the stones all over the mountains surged down, blowing those demons to death, fleeing, and never daring to come again, harming people. Some of the stones were broken into pieces, covering the ground of Tai’an, sealing the evil, and finally turned into fertile soil. The plague came away, the ground was peaceful, and people recovered their health and lived a peaceful life, The queen mother was also rewarded by the Jade Emperor.


From then on, in Tai’an area, whoever had a disaster or a bad life, took a stone from Mount Tai and put it at home. There was no disaster, because ghosts ran away when they saw the stone on Mount Tai. The stone on Mount Tai has also become the treasure of the town, which is difficult for outsiders to enjoy. When they are harmed by demons and ghosts, and there is no way to do so, they will move a piece of local stone, which is engraved with the bold appearance of Mount Tai stone to warn the ghosts. This is Mount Tai’s stone, be careful to blow you to pieces.


Strange to say, this method is still very effective. Slowly, it has been widely used by ordinary people. Over time, it has become a custom. It is a common custom in western Henan to use stones to control houses and drive away demons. There are two common words in writing. One is Taishan stone dare, which means that this stone is from the north, an ordinary stone, but it can still play the role of Taishan stone. The other is Taishan stone dare to “block”, which means that at this time, the head can block evil. The meaning of the two is different. The former is to emphasize the authenticity of the stone, and the latter is to review the role of the stone. The former is better than the latter, but the purpose is exactly the same, so there is no need to be profound! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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