Uncover the men and women behind the scenes of Duke Huan of Qi, the head of the five hegemons in the spring and Autumn Period

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The five hegemons in the spring and Autumn period are dominated by Duke Huan of Qi. When it comes to his hegemony of “nine princes and one world”, people naturally think of another name – Guan Zhong, and then think of Bao Shuya, who recommended Guan Zhong. In fact, there are also several people behind the scenes who have achieved the hegemony of Duke Huan of Qi. It is worth saying that they have seen his deeds.

The first one, surnamed Lu Qiu, whose name is unknown, is called Mr. Lu Qiu in history, a hermit. One day, Duke Huan of Qi was hunting in the mountains. Mr. Lu Qiu and his parents rushed to comfort Duke Huan. Duke Huan said on the spot that he would exempt them from rent and service. The parents of his peers thanked him for his kindness, but Mr. Lu Qiu did not thank him. Duke Huan asked: is there any wish that hasn’t been met, sir? Answer: please give me a longevity examination. Duke Huan was puzzled and said: life is controlled by God; Nobility should be owned by senior officials; As for wealth, the money and grain in the Treasury should not be distributed indiscriminately. What can I do to give these to my husband? Mr. Lu Qiu said, “if you choose good officials, you will live a long life; if you give relief, you will be rich; if you make less respect for the long, you will be expensive.” Hearing Mr. Lu Qiu’s words, Duke Huan received great lessons, accepted his ideas, and sincerely practiced politics and religion with Guan Zhong, and finally became a hegemon. It seems that the policy of enriching the country and strengthening the army of Duke Huan and Guan Zhong of Qi is at least partly derived from Mr. Lu Qiu. The insight of civilians is really not inferior to that of Duke Gung.

The second is Guan Zhong’s concubine, named Jing. Those who have guardians rather than relatives have poor families and drive cars for others. To Qi, to see Duke Huan, suffering from no way. When Duke Huan of Qi went out, Ning Qi was feeding the cow, so he patted the horn of the cow and sang a sad song. Duke Huan felt very strange, so he sent Guan Zhong to meet the man. Seeing Guan Zhonglai, Ning Qi just recited “vast white water” without thinking, and didn’t say another word. Guan Zhong didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t make a job when he went back. He didn’t go to work for five consecutive days, and he looked worried. Jing, his concubine, saw it in her eyes and was anxious in her heart. She asked, “you are worried about not going to work for five days. I dare to ask, why on earth is this?” Guan Zhong said, “this is not what you should know.” Jing said, “I’ve heard, ‘no old, no cheap, no little, no weak’.” Guan Zhong asked in confusion, “what does this mean?” Jing explained, “in the past, Taigong Wang was 70 years old, slaughtered cattle in Chaoge City, 80 was the master of the son of heaven, and 90 was granted in Qi. By observing it, the old can be old and evil? Fu Yiyin, with his concubines. Tang Li thought that the three princes ruled the world in peace. By observing it, cheap can be cheap and evil? Gao Zi was born five years old and praised Yu. By observing it, little can be little evil? Pang (Yin Juti) was born seven days and surpassed his mother. By observing it, weak can be weak?” Yes, this kind of people, old and young, weak and cheap, can’t be underestimated! Guan Zhong didn’t expect Jing to speak such a profound truth. Thinking that Mrs. Ru’s knowledge must be unusual, he hurried to leave the table, sincerely apologized, admitted that what he just said was inappropriate, and honestly told the truth that he was baffled by Ning Qi’s sentence “vast white water”. Hearing the speech, Jing couldn’t help but smile and said, “people have told you clearly. Why don’t you know? There was a poem of white water in ancient times, didn’t it say this: ‘vast white water, fish of fish, the king calls me, I will live in peace, the country is uncertain, how can you follow me?’ ning Qi borrowed the poem to express his ambition, indicating that he is willing to enter the official career and work for the country as soon as possible.” Guan Zhong solved the five-day problem once and reported it to Duke Huan with joy. After intense preparation, Duke Huan of Qi received Mr. Ning Qi with a grand ceremony, and was immediately appointed as the Minister of state. Later, he moved to the prime minister, and the state of Qi was ruled. This lady Jing, who is well-informed, has a strong memory and courage, is enough to seek political affairs. She not only solved the problem of her husband, but also found a rare talent for the hegemony of the state of Qi. It is also said that women should be equal to men when reading poetry to understand reason and seek politics.

The third Wei Ji, the daughter of Wei Hou, is the wife of Duke Huan of Qi. Duke Huan liked decadent music, so Wei Ji resolutely refused to listen to Zheng Wei’s music to resist those harmful music. At that time, the princes all came to congratulate Huan Gongguan Zhong and Ning Qi, but the Marquis Wei did not. Duke Huan of Qi was not happy, so he planned a crusade against Wei Guo with Guan Zhong. After returning to the harem, Wei Ji saw Duke Huan’s expression, hurriedly unloaded her jewelry, bowed down and said, “I’d like to apologize for Wei Guo.” Duke Huan pretended to be calm and said, “there is no quarrel between me and Wei Guo. What kind of sin did you invite, concubine?” Wei Ji replied, “my concubine heard that you have three colors: obviously, those who are happy and have a lustful appearance, the color of bells, drums, wine and food; those who are quiet and depressed, the color of disaster; those who are angry and full of hands and feet, the color of attack and attack. Now I hope you raise your toes high, your color is fierce, and your voice is high, which is intended to defend, so please.” Duke Huan marveled at Wei Ji’s good insight into her heart, and naturally accepted her request and promised not to invade the country, thus avoiding a war. Afterwards, Duke Huan of Qi made Wei Ji his wife and named Guan Zhong his father, and publicly declared, “Madam governs inside and Guan Zhong governs outside. Although I am stupid, I am enough to stand in the world.” As a wife, Wei Ji starts from herself to help her husband cultivate her morality and temperament; Both smart and good at resolving contradictions. Not to mention internal governance, even if you hear about “external governance”, the view of benefiting the country and the people will be adopted from time to time.

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