Uncover the most dangerous profession in ancient times: most people die without a whole body

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“Er Ye” naturally corresponds to the common name of “Er Nai”. In ancient times, most of the princes, nobles, rich merchants and tycoons were wives and concubines. Concubines should be “mistresses” in a broad sense. In ancient times, those who could support the “second Lord” were probably some ladies who controlled the power. However, the “second masters” who are close to these noble women, although they can show off their temporary scenery, have embarked on a road of no return, and most of their final outcomes are miserable.

From this point of view, the ancient “soft rice” is not as delicious as it is today. Being a “second master” should be one of the most dangerous occupations in ancient times with his head tied to his trousers. After counting the fate of the ten famous “second masters” in ancient times, we found that all of them died unexpectedly, and most of them died without a whole body.



¬∑Empress Dowager of Qin Dynasty Zhao Ji’s “second master”

According to the records of the historical records, it has extraordinary functions and should be an absolute “super man”. Therefore, the historical records is inevitably mixed with romance.

In those days, LV Buwei, the prime minister, pretended to “castrate” (castrate) him. As a eunuch, he went into the harem to serve Zhao Ji, the widowed political mother of the king of Qin. From then on, he became the “second Lord” loved by Zhao Ji.

Later, he and Zhao Ji also gave birth to two sons privately. He claimed to be the “false father” of the king of Qin and was granted the title of marquis Changxin, living a comfortable life as a prince.

After the incident was exposed, he struck first, stole the imperial seal of the king of Qin and the Empress Dowager’s seal, rebelled, and was captured after failure.

The king of Qin ordered “the chariot to crack and destroy its three Clans”. The car crack, that is, the “five horse split body”, is one of the most cruel criminal laws in ancient times.

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