Uncover the secret: the great plan of Jews in Ukraine!

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Author: Xia Feijun source: feijunsixianghui (ID: feijunsixianghui)

Over the past five hundred years, behind any major historical event in the world, there have been the shadows of Jews, especially the Jews of korsa. (due to space limitation, who is the Kosar Jews and how many times the Kosar Jews returned from the dead in history are not within the scope of this article today. Those interested can search the Internet and many relevant materials and studies.)

Today’s article is a reasonable suspicion based on public information and relevant historical facts. It is not necessarily all the facts, but only provides a possibility, thinking and perspective.

I always believe that for many things, especially international issues, we must dare to think and have strategic imagination, because the real world is far more complex and cruel than we think, and the opponent is even more bottomless than we think. The facts of the past few years have proved time and again that many of the things that have been sneered at and labelled as conspiracy theories have finally proved to be facts, such as biological warfare, public opinion warfare, financial warfare, meteorological warfare, peaceful evolution, and so on.

The following is the text.

The Russian Ukrainian war has been fought for less than half a year, and it is no longer a hot topic. However, I understand that there are still deeper secrets, which are worth talking about.

In the past ten years, a Jewish organization has emerged in Ukraine. Supported by Jewish funds, it is vigorously implementing the “New Jerusalem plan”. What many people do not know is that Ukraine is the largest Jewish country in the world except Israel.


This “New Jerusalem plan” has historical origins, which can be traced back to the Khanate of Khosa in southern Russia and the Caucasus. It is said that the Kazakh Khanate was formed by a branch of the Turkic people. It was relatively prosperous at the end of the Tang Dynasty. Part of its territory is in today’s Ukraine. It is also possible that the Western Turks who were completely defeated by the great general of the Tang Dynasty, Su dingfang, fled to that place to establish the country again.

At that time, this Khanate was at the intersection of the influence of Christianity, Catholicism, Islam and other religions.

Which is the first country in the world to establish a country with Christianity? Most people think it is western European countries, but the answer is Armenia, which is also in this region.


The territory of the korsa Empire around 850 A.D. was in its heyday

Surrounded by many religious influences, this Khanate decided to completely convert to Judaism, because they believed that Judaism was the source of all religions; The descendants of the Khanate of kersa are the main population of Jews in the world today. There are not many Jews who really escaped from ancient Israel.

However, it was not long before this Khanate was destroyed by the Principality of Russia in Kiev. The Jews are very bitter. They hate each other! Therefore, they have never completely surrendered to the Russ principality of Kiev, and these ruses have been suppressing and even killing Jews.

Kiev rose duchy did not last long. It was constantly attacked by various nomadic peoples and was eventually destroyed by the Mongols. The mainstream of Kiev rose duchy moved to Moscow, and Moscow duchy was established.

The above is history. What is the situation now?

The current situation is that Jews want to find another place outside Israel to establish a state. This idea has been supported by transnational Jewish consortia, and they chose Ukraine.

Why did the Jews find another place to establish a state after they had occupied Israel?

There are several reasons. The most important reason is that Israel is not good and is too small. There is no solution to the thousand year old enmity with the Arabs, and hatred can not be reconciled. Iran, the sworn enemy, is also very strong. Once it develops nuclear weapons, Israel will face a serious threat.

In addition, the Americans are very supportive of this plan. Israel has become a very good nail in the Arab world, so it might as well hit another nail in Russia and Central Asia!

The Jewish mass base in Ukraine is also very good. There are many Jews in this country. The political situation in this country is also controlled by Jewish consortia. Soros has a large investment in Ukraine.

Ukraine is actually a geomantic treasure land, with various minerals, industries, resources, vast and fertile land and low population density. Some people have calculated that the value of all assets and resources in Ukraine should exceed that of Qatar, a rich country in the Middle East.

In Ukraine, with the full support of the United States, if the Jewish restoration is successful, it should be very possible to bring down Russia with the excellent talents and abilities of the Jews.

Therefore, more than ten years ago, Jewish radical organizations began to enter Ukraine in large numbers. This organization is Zionism, whose purpose is Zionism.

In 2012, the non Jewish Russian President of Ukraine was killed by the American Color Revolution. Zelensky, as a Jew, was elected by the Jewish consortium and became president. All these were arranged by Zionists. Zelensky has sent his parents to Israel.

The strongholds of these Zionists are still in Israel. After the successful restoration of Ukrainian State, Israel is the enclave of the great Jewish state. Ukrainian and Israel are not far apart, just separated by Türkiye, and can be easily supported.

The plan of Jewish restoration in Ukraine has been named “New Jerusalem plan”. According to the disclosed information, the plan is not to occupy the whole territory of Ukraine, mainly the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, which is highly overlapped with the current Russian occupied areas.


In the early days of the Russian Ukrainian war, I read some reports that Israeli Jews organized a volunteer army to participate in the exhibition to resist Russia. At that time, I was wondering, what is the relationship between Russia’s fight against Nazis and you Israelis?

After Zelensky came to power, the new Jerusalem plan was directly supported by the Ukrainian State and government. The place occupied by Russia now is the place where the planned great Jewish state is located. Therefore, Zelensky did not dare to relax.

Their nation building plan, including population cleansing, means that people who do not intend to convert to Judaism will basically not stay, and they will be driven to northern Ukraine, or killed, and then emigrated from Israel on a large scale.

Therefore, after Zelensky came to power, he carried out the most brutal and resolute genocide, and completely did not tolerate the survival of any Russian, Russian language and Russian culture. In Ukrainian primary and secondary school textbooks, all Russian content was deleted; Teaching Russian is punishable.

I didn’t think it was necessary for Ukraine to cut off Russia so completely at once, but the Zionists must eliminate all Russian influence before they can take the next step. Only in this way can Zelensky’s paranoia about anti Russia be explained.

In fact, if it were not for Putin, I think the Jews would probably succeed in this matter, because they have received the support of the United States’ national strength and the economic support of the Jewish consortia, which is very powerful.

Many people may have heard the rumor that Jewish consortia may move out of the United States, because the United States may have problems in the future. If the United States is not suitable for Jewish consortia to live in 50 years, the Jewish consortia may move out of the United States.

Moreover, Jews and Chinese people have one thing in common, that is, they can do one thing for many generations in succession, and they can go forward one after another. This is completely different from the ansa people, who have no patience.

Originally, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Jews were prepared to control the political situation in Russia through agents and then enter Russia. At that time, Russia was also under the control of Jewish oligarchs. However, the oligarchs of Jewish oligarchs were caught up by Putin. Now, there is great uncertainty about the Jewish restoration plan in Ukraine with the protracted war between Russia and Ukraine.

Finally, I would like to say that according to the consistent style of the Jewish people, they will never give up this new Jerusalem plan easily. It is worth paying attention to whether there may be new emergencies, opening up a second battlefield, or even a third battlefield, and other plans and conspiracies that are uncertain and convenient for the Jewish elite to control.

Just remember that these people have no bottom line, and their tentacles are everywhere.

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