Uncover the story of peach wood sword to ward off evil spirits and exorcise ghosts. Why does peach wood sword have such an effect

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What is the function of mahogany? This is a problem that many readers are concerned about. Next, I’ll understand it with you and give you a reference.

Peach wood sword has always been the standard configuration of Taoists in film and television dramas. Carrying a peach wood sword can ward off evil spirits and catch ghosts. The lethality of peach wood sword to monsters is far higher than that of other weapons. But how did peach wood come from? Was it made of peach tree? In this case, why is it rare? Why can peach trees ward off evil spirits? What kind of story is behind peach wood becoming a peach wood sword to ward off evil spirits and exorcise ghosts? Why does only peach wood have such a role?

Why can peach wood ward off evil spirits? Chinese people have believed that eating peaches often can prolong life since ancient times. Now medicine also shows that peaches contain a lot of nutrients needed by the human body. Eating peaches often can play a role in strengthening the body. Peach tree is one of the oldest tree species in China. The history of planting peach trees in China can be traced back to the 10th century BC (the Zhou Dynasty). Therefore, Chinese people have always been fond of peach trees since ancient times. Peaches can be eaten raw, canned, and peach glue can be made into health products.

It is said that there is a heaven in the sky where immortals live. There is also a flat peach garden where immortals live. Therefore, not only ordinary people but also immortals like peaches. So why does peach wood ward off evil spirits? Let’s listen to ah Piao coming with you

Why can peach wood ward off evil spirits? What are the legends?

Origin 1: in the heaven, there are a group of immortals, such as the emperor of heaven, the star king, and the queen mother. In the eastern sea, there are three fairy mountains, called Penglai, the abbot, and Yingzhou. The three Immortal Mountains are inhabited by the three stars, who are in charge of the blessings and disasters of the world (some people say they live in the eight immortals). The three immortals, who often accept the incense of the world and give blessings and longevity to the good people of the world. The queen mother of heaven has a flat peach tree that existed at the beginning of the world. After countless years of growth, the flat peach tree finally blooms and bears fruit. Mortals and monsters can directly live forever after eating the fruit, while immortals can increase a lot of mana after eating it. Therefore, the Queen Mother decided to take out the flat peach and hold a flat peach conference to entertain the immortals in the three realms of heaven and earth. Three stars of fortune, wealth and longevity were also invited to Tianting. In other words, the immortals ate many delicacies, and each fairy tasted the fairy peach. Finally, after the fairy peach was divided, there was one left. The queen mother felt that Samsung was popular in the world, so she gave the remaining fairy peach to Samsung. The three immortals happily took the fairy peach back to Sanxian mountain in the East China Sea, but there were three immortals, and there was only one fairy peach, and the three immortals could not be divided at all. So the longevity suggested planting this fairy peach in the soil to see if it could grow again.

The three immortals found an uninhabited island to plant this fairy peach. After planting the peach, the three immortals didn’t care much, so they went back to their respective fairy islands to practice, and gradually forgot this thing. But what the three immortals didn’t know was that the land on this island was very fertile, and the climate was also very good. Specifically, the three immortals island was not far away, and there was a little aura on the island. Soon, this fairy peach took root and sprouted, It has grown into a towering giant tree, and the branches of peach trees are all over the island. As soon as spring comes, the fragrance is pungent, and the mountains and fields are full of peach flowers ~

There are many fishermen living near the sea. These fishermen have been fishing for generations. Because the climate in the sea is changing, and there are many water demons making waves, the fishermen’s harvest is very bad, so fishermen always bring some sacrifices when they go to sea, such as pig heads, roosters, etc. whenever the demon makes waves, fishermen kill the meat or rooster and throw it to the demon in exchange for some stability. On that day, a pair of heterosexual brothers, with cocks, rowed a boat out to sea to fish. The two brothers, one named shenta and the other Yu Lei. The two brothers are young and inexperienced. As soon as they arrived at the sea, they encountered big waves. The small wooden boat was blown and drifted in the sea. I don’t know how long it took, and finally lost its direction

I don’t know how long the boat drifted, and finally the boat landed. After landing, the two brothers found that this was an island they had never been to. There was a super large peach tree on the island, which was full of red fruits. The whole island was full of birds singing and flowers fragrance. It was the island where the three immortals planted fairy peaches. At this time, the two brothers were tired, sleepy and hungry. No matter 37 or 21, picking up the fruit was a meal and eating a dozen at a time, After eating, I was so sleepy that I fell asleep. This sleep was three days and three nights.


The two brothers in their sleep were woken up by a chicken cry. After they woke up, they wondered, where did the chicken cry come from? Looking up, he saw a big cock standing on the crown of the big peach tree, whistling against the southeast sun. The cock was brought to the ship by the two brothers. It was originally intended to be used to sacrifice to the sea demon, and also floated to the island with them. But at this time, the cock was more than twice as big as before, and the two brothers felt that every time the cock shouted at the sun, The cock’s spirit increased by one point, which was very imposing.

The two brothers also found that not only the rooster had changed, but also he himself had become refreshed, and his whole strength had increased a bit. This discovery made the two people overjoyed, so they lived happily on the island as soon as they were a chicken. When they were hungry, they went to the beach to catch fish, and when they were thirsty, they ate some peaches. Every day, they sat under the peach tree to have fun and amuse the chicken. Over time, the two brothers found that their bodies became stronger and stronger, and water and fire were invincible, invulnerable, and light as a swallow.

In this way, the two brothers stayed on the island for decades. Decades later, the two brothers were no longer ordinary people, but became magicians with profound magic, and became like a rooster, who could fly in the sky. From then on, the two brothers flew around in the sea, escorting the fishermen fishing in the sea, exterminating many sea monsters, protecting the coastal people, and becoming the patron saint of fishermen. On this day, the two brothers went to sea to help fishermen solve many sea monsters, and returned to the island. They found that the whole island was in chaos, and the branches of the peach tree were intact, but few mature peaches on the tree were picked, And the big cock that accompanied them was also beaten to death, and the two brothers were stunned.

The rooster told the two brothers that it was the great demon king in the sea who found the island and coveted the peaches on the island. So when the two brothers went to sea, he took the fairy peach with the little demons, because the peach tree absorbed the essence of the sun and moon essence and was extremely hard, but the great demon king could not destroy the peach branch. The two brothers were very angry and decided to kill the demon king in order to prevent the great demon king from getting a peach and greatly increasing his magic power.

The rooster told the two brothers that the Demon King appeared and disappeared, and could not be found at all. It was better to wait for the hare. When Xiantao matured again, they ambushed and took the opportunity to kill the demon king. The two brothers had to give up. After another few decades, another batch of peaches finally matured. During this period, the two brothers intercepted two peaches and polished them into weapons, ready to ambush on the island and wait for the opportunity to kill the demon king, However, the demon king who had eaten Xiantao was no longer what he used to be. The two brothers were defeated by the demon king in addition to their weapons.

Seeing that the two brothers were dying, I saw that at this time, the rooster fiercely pecked down the peach branch growing towards the southeast with his mouth, and threw the pecked peach branch to the two brothers, and told the two brothers that the demon king was transformed by Yin and evil, and he was the most afraid of the most Yang and hard thing, and the most Yang on the peach tree was the branch growing towards the southeast, and only with this branch can he have the chance to defeat the demon king, The two brothers listened to the cock and picked up the mahogany to kill the demon king again.

With the magic weapon, the demon king was beaten and defeated, and the danger was endless. But the demon king fought desperately, and the two brothers were also out of strength. The two brothers were ready to die with the demon king at a glance. The rooster here flew on the peach branch of the two brothers, bumped into the peach branch head-on, and dyed the whole peach branch red with his own blood. At the sight of the chicken blood, the peach branch glittered, glittered, and was extremely powerful in an instant ~ the demon king looked at it, Immediately, the two brothers ran away. The demon king fled from the sea to the land, from the forest to the countryside, and ran everywhere. The two brothers chased everywhere. In order to survive, the demon king used the art of separation to divide his body into countless goblins, hiding everywhere in the world. In order to recover, these goblins harmed the people in the world, turned into evil ghosts, and often ran to the people’s homes ~ the two brothers suffered from the art of separation, Only one by one.

Later, the two brothers thought of a way to cut the peach branches on the island into small pieces of wood, make them into peach charms and distribute them to the people, so that the people can hang them at the door. Some demons saw that there were peach Charms at the door of the people, and their Yang was very heavy, so they were scared and fled. Later, some demons ate more people and had stronger magic power. They were not afraid of the Tao Fu. The two brothers taught the people to kill the big cock at home and dye the peach wood red with chicken blood, because the cock greeted the sun every morning and absorbed the essence of solar energy. The chicken blood also had the effect of exorcising evil spirits (we often watch Hong Kong and Taiwan ghost films and exorcise evil spirits with chicken blood). If things went wrong, the two brothers would depict their appearance on the Tao Fu, In this way, the appearance of sunny and rigid mahogany, rooster blood and divine tea Yulei constitute the earliest sacred thing to ward off evil spirits in China. Since then, these little demons no longer dare to appear in the people’s homes ~ the two brothers of Shentu Yulei returned to the island to practice in seclusion again.

Later, the population on the land became more and more, and the Terrans had the leader, the Yellow Emperor. Every important day, the Yellow Emperor led the people to take out the Taofu collected at home to worship. Later, the ancient people found that the Yang of cinnabar was also very heavy, and it was too wasteful to use Rooster blood, so the people used cinnabar to smear the Taofu. Later, the carving of Taofu was too troublesome, and there was no carving machine in ancient times, So someone carved the appearance of this God tea Yulei into a template and printed it on vermilion dyed paper, which formed the earliest door god in China. After the Tang Dynasty, the door gods evolved into Qin Shubao and Yuchi Gong.

This is the first reason why the ancients believed that peach trees could ward off evil spirits.

The second reason is that now the social television network is developed, and Hong Kong and Taiwan films have made a thorough publicity of the efficacy of peach wood sword and peach wood order to ward off evil spirits, so the whole Chinese circle recognizes peach wood.

The third reason is that it is said that Kuafu, a member of the Dongyi people, was day by day holding a sacred tree in his hand. Later, Kuafu was tired to death, and his crutches turned into a peach forest, which was full of birds and flowers, and all evil things dared not approach. So people think peach wood can ward off evil spirits. Please select the content you want to save and paste it into this text box Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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