Uncover the truth about Shang Yang’s job search 2300 years ago

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To find a job, first take a written examination, then an interview, or just an interview. Most of the time, these procedures take the recruiter’s examiner as the leading role, and conduct one-way observation and test on the examinee. The examinee’s “destiny” is in the hands of the examiner. Is this the case with an ideal interview?

The Warring States period more than 2000 years ago was also an era of fierce competition for talents. There were also various examinations. The most common was interviews. For example, Shang Yang entered the management of the state of Qin through interviews. Now let’s reproduce the interview that decided the fate of the state of Qin more than 2300 years ago. Is it dominated by the interviewer Qin Xiaogong? What about Shang Yang?

Resume before interview:

He was once the best intern in the management field of Wei state

This is the state of Qin in the northwest in 359 BC. Shang Yang, an intern from the state of Wei, obtained an interview opportunity through Jing Jian, the senior management of the state of Qin and the favorite Minister of Qin Xiaogong. The interview teacher was Qin Xiaogong, the boss of the state of Qin.

Before reproducing this heavyweight exam, we must first explain Shang Yang’s study and internship experience. You can get the following information by opening the resume of Shang——

Name: gongsunyang, also known as Wei Yang. (Note: Shang Yang’s name was later renamed by the state of Qin) a bareheaded portrait is pasted on the right.

Gender: male.

Age: 36 (born about 395 BC)

Identity: aristocrat of Wei state

Graduated from: College of criminal law (good name of punishment)

Social practice experience: he has been engaged in administrative practice in the state of Wei for a long time. The specific position is Zhongshu son, and the instructor is Gongsun Cuo, the highest manager of the state of Wei. Gongsuncuo was identified as a five-star (highest level) intern by gongsuncuo. On his deathbed, gongsuncuo recommended Wang Wei, the boss of the state of Wei, to either entrust him with a heavy task or kill him, because if this talent flows into other vassal states, it will become the most terrible competitor of the state of Wei. This kind of recommendation with heavy taste did not attract enough attention from Wei Huiwang, so Shang Yang did not get an interview. It is said that the boss of the state of Qin wants to be bigger and stronger, so he abandoned the secret and came to your company to seek development opportunities.

After the candidate Shang Yang’s resume was submitted by Mr. Jing Jian, he stood out from a large number of candidates and entered Qin Xiaogong’s vision. It is estimated that Qin Xiaogong paid more attention to his work experience. Although Shang Yang failed to find a job in the state of Wei, he had worked with the managers of the state of Wei for a long time and received the highest level of comments and recommendations. Based on this, Qin Xiaogong picked up the resume made of bamboo slips and asked the Secretary of the board to send such an email: “please come to the interview tomorrow morning.”

Next, Shang Yang must have made careful preparations, but how did he prepare? Is it just to please the examiner, but to get a job, or to make achievements and plot? Let’s formally enter the interview.

Bumpy interview: Shang Yang was admitted after four rounds of examinations

First round interview

Situation: examinee Shang Yang was eloquent and talked for a long time. In sharp contrast, the interview teacher qinxiaogong went to sleep several times and basically didn’t listen to anything – “sleep all the time, listen to everything”.

Results: the interview teacher qinxiaogong was furious with the recommender Jing Jian: “look at the mess of people you recommended. Our company can’t use him at all.” Supervisor Jing turned to blame the examinee Shang Yang, who explained: “it’s not my fault. I use the theoretical system of ‘Emperor Dao’ and your boss is not enlightened.” Look how awesome the candidate is. He blames the interviewer for not understanding.

Second round interview

Situation: five days after the first round of interview, Qin Xiaogong took the initiative to ask Shang Yang to attend the interview again. This time it was a bit interesting. At least the interviewer didn’t take a nap, but it was still a bit like boiled water – boring. He didn’t mention Qin Xiaogong’s heart, and didn’t scratch the boss’s itch – “Yiyu, but didn’t hit the target.”

Results: the interviewer Qin Xiaogong still criticized the recommender Jing Jian, and Jing Jian turned to blame Shang Yang. A Yang said, “my exam theory this time is’ kingcraft ‘, which still doesn’t suit your boss. I apply for another interview.” The application passed, and Shang Yang prepared for the third interview.

The third round of interview

Situation: the interviewer qinxiaogong began to recognize the candidate Shang Yang’s plan. However, he felt that it was still a little far from the specific implementation, and he still had some doubts – “filial piety and public kindness are useless”.

Results: after the third round of interview, there was good feedback. The boss qinxiaogong said to the recommender Jing Jian, “the intern of Wei state you recommended speaks a little. I’d like to have a chat with him sometime. You ask him to prepare again.” Supervisor Jing was happy at last this time, and immediately told the good news to Shang Yang. Shang Yang said with confidence: “this time I introduced ‘bullying’ to your boss. It seems that he is a little excited and has the impulse to put it into practice. If there is another interview opportunity, I will tell him something more desirable.”

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