Under the encirclement and suppression of the United States, this may be the only way for TIKTOK to escape!

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Source: A Bad Potato (ID: iamhtd)

Many Chinese people believe that TIKTOK is a Chinese company.

The United States believes that TIKTOK is a Chinese company.

Perhaps only TIKTOK insists that it is not a Chinese company.

In the face of various difficulties faced by US lawmakers, the CEO of TIKTOK replied:

I am Zhou Shouzi, and I come from Singapore, where I was born and my parents are located. After completing my military service in Singapore, I went to college in the United Kingdom and then to business school in the United States. By the way, I actually met my wife here, who was born in Virginia a few miles away. Two years ago, I became CEO of Tictok.

“We are not owned or controlled by the Chinese government. It is a private enterprise, with 60% of the equity owned by international investment institutions, 20% of the equity owned by the company’s founders, and 20% of the equity owned by employees worldwide.”. ByteDance has 5 board members, 3 of whom are Americans. Currently, Tictok is not available in China. Our headquarters are located in Los Angeles and Singapore, and we have 7000 employees in the United States.

At the same time, Zhou Shouzi very clearly told the US Congress that TikTok’s data are all stored in the US, supervised by the US, and maintained transparency under third-party supervision. Even to allay concerns, TikTok has taken many measures that other peers in the social media industry have not taken.

Zhou Shouzi presented detailed data and clear evidence and spoke for more than an hour. To this end, the US senator only replied with one sentence:

I don’t believe it!

Regarding Zhou Shouzi’s answer, I would like to first make two points.

First, is TT a Chinese company? To be honest, I don’t know, but in response to Zhou Shouzi’s response, I think it may not be.

Since TT believes that it is not a Chinese company, my following articles will analyze the environment in the United States. Why does the United States unite to eliminate an international company?

In fact, I also believe that the real reason for the bipartisan targeting of TT is not whether there is a background of Chinese companies or not.

Secondly, I don’t think Zhou Shouzi’s answer has any questions.

Zhou Shouzi is a Singaporean who does not need to be loyal to China. Even if Zhou Shouzi is a Chinese, this answer is impeccable.

TIKTOK currently has more than 150 million users in the United States, equivalent to half of Americans who are TT users. The United States now gives TT two options, either to be sold or to be banned. Therefore, in the face of congressional inquiries, whether it be or not, a fool would say that I am a Chinese enterprise That’s equivalent to handing a knife to the US government.

The congressional hearing lasted for a long five hours, and American lawmakers dug various holes and created difficulties. The problems focused on four aspects.

First, is TIKTOK a Chinese enterprise;

Second, whether TIKTOK poses a threat to the national security of the United States, and whether data will leave the United States;

Third, whether TIKTOK conveys values that are not conducive to the United States and whether it endangers the safety of American teenagers;

Fourth, whether TIKTOK is willing to sell;

I have seen many people write hearings to discuss whether the questions raised by American lawmakers are reasonable, whether Zhou Shouzi’s answers are appropriate, and whether Americans have caught the loopholes.

In fact, to be honest, I think it’s pointless to focus on these.

American lawmakers also don’t care what Zhou Shouzi answers.

It is a fact that TIKTOK will not threaten the national security of the United States.

But the fact is not important, just like China is building warships, Australia must believe that China is doing this to attack them, because Australia says:

“You’re so much more powerful than me. Aren’t you a fool if you don’t come and rob me?”? We’ve been doing this for hundreds of years, why don’t you do it?

The members of the United States Congress who participated in the hearing did not actually care whether TIKTOK threatened the national security of the United States. The members of the United States did not understand the professional terms Zhou Shouzi said, but they should strive to act as concerned about the country and the people and express their concern, especially with regard to the issue of China, and clearly convey the attitude that it is better to kill by mistake than to place by mistake.

Members of Congress in the United States, acting is a core competency.

After all, in the United States, anti China is politically correct.

In fact, I do not believe that the US encirclement and suppression of TIKTOK is related to the national security of the United States, nor is it related to TIKTOK being an Internet data company, or even whether TIKTOK is a Chinese company.

Let me design a question. If you are a French, or even an American, and you go to the United States to start a car company, you have achieved a user base of 200 million, with annual profits reaching a trillion level, or even equal to the financial revenue of the United States. A truly wealthy and upright country is invincible.

Under such circumstances, if you do not pay the protection fee, what do you think the US government will do to you?

At this time, if you do not control any violent institutions or means to combat violence, it is like a 3-year-old child walking along a crowded street with a glittering and priceless treasure, only to find one.

There is no doubt that the United States government will rob you, which is a tradition of American and Western groups.

The first person in Western history to achieve wealth as an enemy was the Jews, who were not only wealthy as an enemy, but also creditors of European royal families such as Britain and France. In 1290, King Edward I of England began to violently rob and deport Jews, erasing all debts, and the tradition of expelling Jews from Europe began.

The second group in Western history to achieve wealth that can rival a country is the Knights Templar, not only a wealthy country, but also a creditor of almost all European royal families. In 1307, they were looted by European violence, and their members were almost slaughtered, all debts were wiped out, and their wealth was looted;

If we are close to contemporary history, we refer to Japan as Japan. At its peak, selling Tokyo can sell the entire United States, starting with the semiconductor industry and being plundered or transferred by the United States one by one.

The United States is not targeting the Chinese, but everyone.

When you have wealth that can rival a country, but have no means of violence to protect yourself, who is unlucky if you are not unlucky?

The Americans slaughtered the Indians who brought corn and potatoes when they were hungry. Why should they be soft on you?

TT has long ranked first in the US APP download rankings, has a vast number of users, and is still developing rapidly, making it the most likely to be wealthy in the US in the future

You may think I’m wrong. Why doesn’t the US government rob Apple? Apple has 180 million US users and has more wealth than TT. Why is Apple okay?

Apple is okay, not because it’s an American company.

“TT has a problem, not because the United States believes that he is a Chinese enterprise.”.

Let’s not talk about Apple, let’s talk about Twitter.

As I said before, Trump has mastered the key evidence of the Biden family scandal, which involves the transmission of corrupt interests in Ukraine, but all statements have been banned by Twitter. Not only that, Twitter first banned Trump’s White House spokesman, Kelly, and then even boldly banned Trump, who has 70 million fans.

President of the United States, being played with by Twitter, Trump was helpless and helpless.

Why is it also an internet social platform? Today’s TT has far more power and users than Twitter, but Twitter can play with the US government, while TT is played by the US government instead?

This really has nothing to do with the national nature of the enterprise.

Before Musk bought Twitter, it was the Democratic Party that stood behind it.

After Musk bought Twitter, behind it stood the Republican Party.

Twitter understands the rules of the American game too well! If we do not choose the side lines, we will only be encircled and suppressed by the joint efforts of the two parties.

If Twitter is not a Democratic supporter or instigated by the Democratic Party behind its back, and it dares to give Trump a nickname, Trump has a thousand ways to kill him.

In other words, if Musk did not have the support of the Republican Party behind his acquisition of Twitter, he would dare to blow Biden’s story. Today, the grass on the grave is three feet tall.

The United States is a typical capitalist society, and the government has always served capital. Therefore, in 2016, Trump and Hillary Clinton ran for the presidency of the United States, and Trump openly resented Hillary Clinton:

“You politicians are the dogs of our capital, who hasn’t taken my money?”?

Trump’s words have no sense of conflict in the United States, because the government is at the mercy of capital.

However, this does not mean that capital will do nothing and the government will serve you. The United States does not have Lei Feng!

Do you have to pay the protection fee anyway? Or, in the United States, we call this political donation more elegantly.

The only consensus between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party now is anti China. If there is one more thing, it is now necessary to encircle and suppress TIKTOK with anti China charges. In addition, both parties are basically opposing each other.

When Biden was here, he held high the banner of environmental protection. When Trump was here, he would withdraw from various environmental protection organizations and denounce environmental protection as a fraud.

The fundamental reason is that traditional energy companies are supporters of the Republican Party and important financiers behind them, providing them with a large amount of political cash. In return, Trump will help them suppress new energy companies in the United States and make environmental protection in the United States impossible.

Biden went the other way and created a climate representative post specifically to promote environmental protection, crack down on the Republican Party’s fundamentals, and protect the new energy companies he supports.

In the United States, as long as the business is large enough, it is necessary to stand in line between the two parties and find their own supporters and protectors.

Even if they do not do much business, they also contribute political contributions through industry alliances or associations. Even when they are teachers in the United States, they also support the Democratic Party by waving flags and shouting slogans through teacher alliances.

Even if we achieve a small scale in the United States, either in the city council or in the state council, American enterprises have found their own spokesmen or backers from the beginning. Otherwise, how can we develop and grow?

No one can make an exception!

This is the basic game rule of the United States!

Why did Musk dare to expose the secret operation of the Democratic Party to block Trump? Because Musk made it clear and repeatedly stated his support for the Republican Party.

In this state of affairs, Biden must abide by the rules. If he dares to lecture Musk recklessly, the Republicans will inevitably find him in trouble.

Fortunately, despite the fierce internal strife in the United States and the general balance between the two parties, no one can kill anyone. However, any enterprise must always find a support between the two parties.

The majority of the Democratic Party’s voting positions originate from international companies, Wall Street, technology companies, emerging companies, entertainment giants in Hollywood, traditional media, and a large number of free traders in the United States.

The majority of Republican ticket holders in the United States come from steel companies, oil companies, grain companies, traditional manufacturing industries, aviation, railway companies, etc;

Of course, the above is not absolute, just like Twitter has now changed its allegiance target, but overall, companies choose to pay protection fees between the two parties, while parties escort companies, which is the most typical game in the United States.

For both parties in the United States, China is not their most important enemy. More often, they just need to show their strong anti China attitude to show their political correctness.

For both parties, the enemy who truly wants to fight to the death is the other party.

The scary thing about TT is that it has more than 150 million members. By casually posting advertisements or taking on political tendencies, it can affect the American general election. You should know that in the 2020 American general election, a total of 150 million votes were received, not as many as TT’s members.

“It’s not important for TT to say he doesn’t want to do this. The key is that Americans believe he has this ability, which is fatal.”.

Enterprises are originally deep participants in the American election, not only providing political contributions to presidential candidates, but also various kinds of noise, such as Twitter, which directly blocked the Trump account, making Trump unable to speak at the most critical time!

“TT does not stand in line or participate between the two parties, resulting in a dangerous situation for both parties to see TT, as TT may fall over to either party and give itself a decisive blow.”.

As for whether TT is a Chinese company, in fact, they are not bothered to care, which is just a means of criticizing.

Or let’s look at it again. Zhou Shouzi made it very clear that TT has created huge profits and a large number of employment opportunities for the United States, and operates independently in the United States. Among the five board members, Americans account for three.

Has TT created jobs in China? did not.

And apples? Apple has created over 1 million jobs in China.

If we have to talk about the Communist Party, who is it?

With 150 million users, TT should theoretically become the target of both parties in the United States, and even be their father. As a result, why should both parties eliminate TT?

This may be related to traditional values.

In 1882, why did the United States introduce the Chinese Exclusion Act, which is the only discrimination act against specific ethnic groups in American history.

Because The Chinese are completely uninterested in politics. When Chinese workers arrive in the United States, they know how to earn money by working to minimize their consumption needs. All the money they earn is sent back to China, and their hard work has led to resentment among other ethnic groups. However, I believe the most crucial thing is that they are completely not involved in American politics.

In the American general election, Chinese either do not vote or pack up and sell all the votes, neither clustering nor huddling, which has not formed any influence in the large number of Americans.

In fact, there are always political groups from any ethnic group in the United States that want to woo them, just as the Democratic Party is trying to woo Latinos today, but the 5.5 million Chinese community does not have the support of any group.

So when the United States introduced the China Exclusion Act, no political party or politician was willing to speak for the Chinese people, because they all believed that this could not become their own ticket warehouse Has nothing to do with his own interests.

When we look at the political environment in the United States, it is really very different from China or Singapore.

Why does the United States rarely hear of corruption crimes?

“Because of political and commercial collusion, it is a normal game rule in the United States.”.

It is a serious crime of bribery in China and a political basis in the United States.

Many people want to come to the United States to simply do business or learn, and if they want to ignore outside affairs, they can only say that they have found the wrong place.

So why should the two parties of the United States unite to encircle and suppress TIKTOK, which has such a huge influence?

It’s like Hong Xing and Dong Xing grabbing territory, and both sides are fighting each other to the death.

Many shops on a street have paid protection fees to Dongxing, and some have paid protection fees to Hongxing. However, Dongxing and Hongxing are equally powerful, and neither dare to take the other party’s shops to the grave. Otherwise, there will inevitably be retaliation and no good will be achieved.

And there is only the largest store, which neither hires thugs nor pays protection fees to any party.

You say, what will happen to him?

Both sides felt that this shop would turn to the opposite club, and as a result, they joined forces to bring him to death

In the United States, it can only be said that it is naive not to touch politics.

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