Under the weak Lord, there must be an ambitious man!

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Author: Li Da, an idle man source: an idle man outside Di’an gate (id:damyyxr)

In August, 2011, Biden visited China as vice president. At that time, he was arranged to go to the Yaoji restaurant in the drum tower to fry liver. He ordered noodles with mixed sauce and cucumber.

Ten years ago, the focus of the United States was still dealing with the subprime mortgage crisis. Relations with China were mainly stable, so there were no sensitive issues and the reception was not difficult. Although Biden is of high rank, he is, after all, a vice president, and has not yet mobilized the public.

Therefore, ten years ago, although I was still young, I was able to participate in some of them.

Biden comes from Delaware, a small democratic state, and he is not a graduate of a famous school. At most, he can only be regarded as a small hill in the Democratic Party.

At that time, he was elected vice president by Obama because he had been in Congress for a long time, knew his face well, could talk to anyone, and was not a threat to anyone.

Biden is a natural deputy, who knows how to look up and down. He teamed up with Obama, who was still inexperienced at that time, not only for young and old, but also for black and white, meeting the Democratic Party’s need for domestic unity.

At that time, I was led by the leaders at that time in Yaoji’s liver frying activity, which was a close experience of Biden’s work style. He himself paid great attention to the details. He thought over and over again about how to set the table and what to eat with the dishes.

And Biden was very concerned about his teeth, so although he recommended them to try fried liver, they just didn’t want to take pictures to look good.

Although western politicians are very concerned about taking photos, Biden is surprisingly picky. He seems to be an inadvertent “people-friendly photo”. In fact, it took a great deal of effort to set the photo location.

Although cautious and able to find both sides of the coin, it is an international peer that lacks ability and embarrasses the big task

General comments on Biden.

Even after spending a long time in Congress and serving as vice president for eight years, Biden has recruited very few soldiers and lineages, so he can’t get into Obama’s eyes.

Generally, when the incumbent president expires, he will support his vice president to run for president. For example, before Clinton left office, he supported his vice president Al Gore to run for president. This is a conventional rule, and it is also a reward for the hard work of the vice president.

However, in the 2016 election, Obama did not support Biden, but supported Hillary Clinton, who had a more stable foundation and a harder foothold, to run for president.

In order to give Biden an account, he gave Biden a medal before leaving office. Biden had to accept it with tears even if he could not swallow it.


Obama awarded Biden the Presidential Medal of freedom

As just said, this photo was also carefully selected and taken, conveying Biden’s profound grievances at that time.

But after all, Hillary Clinton was too popular, made many enemies inside and outside the party, and was old and in poor health. With the joint action of capital, deep state, red neck, Russian navy, etc., Shiva lost to the commander of Sichuan University and made a good play.

By the 2020 general election, the Democratic Party will have to look for candidates from the older generation because the young and middle-aged generation is out of gear.

This is a bit like our entertainment industry. The Mesozoic absorbed too many resources, and the younger generation could not play a role without the opportunity to experience.

Among them, although Sanders’ leftist public opinion foundation is solid, the big capital is unwilling to be enriched, so the fate was arranged early. Although the support rate was high at the beginning, it was soon harmonized internally.

Picking and choosing can only be accepted by everyone, but Biden, who felt that he was almost interesting, was sent to fight for the presidency on behalf of the establishment.

But Biden’s support rate is really not good. He is older than the leader of Sichuan University, and his ability is not enough to cope with the situation. So the party leaders sat down together to discuss. The final plan is to let Hillary Clinton and Obama help Biden.

Hillary Clinton herself has a close relationship with the capital that supports the expansion of globalization, and she has been president of the United States for eight years and has strong contacts on Wall Street; Obama is echoing in the circle of colored people in the United States, and has close contacts with the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Shiva and Austria and Montenegro offered money and people at the same time. Biden opened low and walked high, and finally won the general election.

Of course, this assistance comes at a price. Biden had to transfer his power to the outside world and let the factions of Hillary Clinton and Obama join the cabinet.

Like Sullivan, the current national security affairs assistant, only Hillary Clinton is from; Sherman, the executive deputy secretary of state of the State Council, is Hillary Clinton’s best friend and forms a check and balance against Secretary of state Antony Blinken; Secretary of energy Graham, a long-term friend of Hillary Clinton, has a great say in the Middle East policy of the United States.

As for Obama, eyeliner is all over the White House. Like vice president Harris, White House chief of staff Klein, Treasury Secretary Yellen, commerce secretary Raymond, and intelligence director Haynes They are either “Harvard Gang” or Obama’s confidants who have been installed into the government, and the instructions to Biden are seemingly in tune with each other.

Of course, Kerry, the representative of the United States’ climate change, and Pelosi, the leader of Congress, are both the strongholds of the Democratic Party and have the strength to “ignore” Biden.

Under a weak Lord, there will be ambitious men.

The only thing Biden relies on, or can be called his own, is Antony Blinken. After all, Antony Blinken has followed Biden for many years and won Biden’s trust.

However, as secretary of state, Antony Blinken, on the one hand, had to accept questions from Congress and shoulder the blame for Biden in the face of Republican pressure; On the one hand, it has to face the checks and balances of Sherman, the deputy in the Department, and the decentralization of Sullivan faction.

It is worth noting that Biden even made a mess of showing his authority.

For example, at present, we see him as “old and stupid”.

Whether Biden himself is really old and stupid is another question, but it is obvious that he has lost control of the media. Moreover, some embarrassing materials obviously come from the inside.

The backer’s energy is not good. Antony Blinken, who is clumsy on the left and on the right, has lost his spirit when he took office.

For example, a speech he delivered not long ago was full of contradictions. But Antony Blinken, who I know, is far more powerful than what this speech shows.

It can only be said that Antony Blinken added too much to the manuscript in order to reconcile various interest groups. But if his boss can really live, why bother to do so?

And for a man of such ability and strength as Antony Blinken, how long will he stoop to others?

2024 is approaching, but the position of flag bearer is limited.

Harris, Sullivan and so on are not fuel-efficient lamps. If they don’t surprise and win, they may not even get a piece of the cake as former courtiers.

From the perspective of factional struggle, one direction people have to guard against is to establish a foreign enemy or create an external crisis.

Foreign enemies and crises can make the mountains have to unite to empower the boss and themselves; Muddy the water can also give yourself a chance and reason to shuffle. Everyone has an abacus.

In the ambivalent palace, the ambitious is waiting for the ladder. But the cost of chaos will be borne by the whole world. Be vigilant.

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