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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

Kunlun mountain. The first pass of Qinghai and Gansu into Tibet.

In the middle of June, the Kunlun mountain pass has been faintly green. Further away, there are snow capped mountains. The scholar could not help roaring and chanting, “Kunlun is not famous for its great courage.” This is a famous sentence that marshal Chen Yi recited at the Kunlun Pass. Today, it is really used by scholars.

“It seems that the domestic tourism industry has finally improved.” Taoists are not as interested as scholars. But he is very concerned about the flow of people in Kunlun mountain pass today. He had stayed in Shankou for two hours and saw three buses and 17 self driving cars. It can be seen that the tourism fever on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is rapidly recovering. Two months ago, he counted the number of cars on the famous section of national highway 318 entering Tibet. At that pass, which had been blocked for years, there were not more than 50 one-way self driving cars a day. The epidemic has done too much damage to the domestic tourism economy. We can know from the horizontal connection that almost all industries will be greatly affected. Today, he saw so many tourists entering Tibet in Kunlun mountain pass, indicating that the recovery of tourism economy is slowly taking shape.

“Judging from the import and export trade data in the first five months of this year, it has increased by 8.6% year-on-year. This shows that even though Shanghai has been closed for nearly two months because of the epidemic, the substantial damage to China’s economy caused by the epidemic is still tolerable. Moreover, from the data, ASEAN has become our largest trading partner, Europe has become the second, and the United States has become the third. This shows that the targeted trade restrictions I mentioned earlier are also problematic It worked. ” The scholar seems to be very familiar with these data. He can pick them up easily.

“However, I see that China’s exports to the United States are much larger than its imports. The trade surplus is as high as more than $1 trillion. Does this mean that we have absorbed part of the inflation for the United States?” The Taoist priest put forward his own views.

“Unless the two countries completely cut off the relationship, otherwise, this digestion will inevitably exist. What’s more, we still implement the US dollar settlement system. The US dollar is in our hands, and it is not waste paper. We can take it out to do things, as long as we make the US dollar inflation bottomless overflow. It is not brave to completely abandon the use of the US dollar and completely cut off trade relations with the United States. It is stupid.”

“So the United States is worried now? Is it because inflation cannot overflow?”

“Naturally, it was in a hurry, so it raised interest rates by 75 points at once. Inflation is already an intolerable situation for the United States. Then there will be more and more social problems in the United States. No, not only in the United States, but also in the entire Western system, there will be hot events one after another, such as the general strike being planned in Britain and the impending riots in France. More commonly, the United States is becoming more and more popular There was a fierce gunshot. At present, as long as we stabilize the domestic economic situation and make the domestic internal circulation move better, we can build a bridge to see the current. “

“However, our internal situation is not stable. Various social hot spots are also emerging one after another. There is a great surge of wind and clouds on the network.”

“I tell you not to stare at your mobile phone all day, but you don’t. the essence of the media is to follow the trend of hot spots. I just ask you, is the social climate much better now than it was ten years ago? Is the national strength much stronger now than it was ten years ago? How can a large country with a population of 1.4 billion have no garbage? There is no hidden corner left out. As long as everything becomes a hot spot, has it finally been dealt with by the society? Whether it is the barbecue event or the teaching material problem, it has always been a social dark corner, but now it has become a hot spot. As long as we continue to make progress and improve the quota, it’s OK. Instead of seeing a dark corner, I think the world is over. This kind of thinking is abnormal, and it is what our opponents want to see. ” The scholar was impatient.

“Well, you’re right.” The Taoist felt that what the scholar said was reasonable, so he stopped pestering. Instead, ask

“I see that the United States may jump over the wall and make trouble in East Asia. Moreover, the Japanese dog will not stop. I’m afraid it won’t give us a stable life.”

“Therefore, we should let them understand that if they provoke conflicts between Russia and Europe, they may still have the opportunity to fish in troubled waters. If they want to make trouble around China, they can only draw water with a bamboo basket. In the end, they are more likely to steal chicken instead of rice.”

“With a few words from our diplomatic spokesman?” Taoist pie pie mouth.

“Of course not, but in a language they understand.” The scholar said.

“What can they understand?”

“I remember when we held talks in Alaska, the Americans said that we should negotiate conditions based on strength. The implication was that the strength of the United States was much higher than that of China, so China had to negotiate according to the strength comparison between China and the United States. I laughed at this at the beginning, because the Americans said that we should negotiate based on strength at the end of the Korean War. The result is still the same. However, it can also be proved that we should negotiate based on reality Negotiation is not a bluff of the United States, but their real psychological reaction. Therefore, if they want to understand, they must show their strength. Otherwise they won’t understand. “

“I do agree with that. Now the United States has high inflation, frequent civil strife, and the infighting between the two parties has entered a new climax. Even if China has some hot social issues, it is still incomparable with the political situation in the United States.” The Taoist nodded his approval.

“No, no, no, brother Taoist, the social problems and inflation problems are not acceptable to them, because in their view, as long as we defeat Russia and make China bow down, the inflation problem can be solved. After all, the spillover capacity of US dollar inflation is there. As long as someone is willing to accept the offer, Americans are not afraid of inflation. In this matter, if we can not remove their fundamental dependence, they will never understand what is inflation Real social management and orderly market. “

“Depend on it at all? What is that?”

“Naturally, it’s a fight. Only when Americans realize that they can’t win Russia or China in a fight will they be obedient to the negotiating table and honestly talk about win-win cooperation with us, rather than using competition as an excuse to do everything.”

“You mean the No. 17 electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier Fujian?” Asked the Taoist.

“There is also the successful mid course ABM experiment last night. The United States and Japan have been doing this all along, but only China can achieve a high success rate. Therefore, the success of China’s experiment can certainly become a language that Americans can understand. Today, both China, the United States and Russia have the long-range strike capability, but the mid course ABM capability is already the strongest in China, which means that we can reduce our losses when attacking the enemy To the minimum. But it can increase the opponent’s losses to the maximum. Do you remember that sentence? Our journey is a sea of stars. “

“Yes, of course I do. You mean the aircraft carrier heading for the sea and the missile heading for the sky. We all have them now. What’s left is when to start?”

“Now we only have the preliminary conditions, but we can’t really do it. But now that the conditions have been met, it will take time to form a scale. Naturally, we can start. Such a language is much more effective than any mouth gun. Next, if Biden still wants to talk to us, he will naturally have to weigh the real strength comparison between China and the United States. Speaking by strength, although we don’t say it, we can make Americans see it clearly The real strength of Chu and Chu. “


“Now I call Kunlun, don’t be so high, don’t be so snowy. An’de draws a sword and cuts you into three parts? One part is left to Europe, one part is given to the United States, and the other part is returned to the East. The world is as cool and hot as it is in the peaceful world.” After hearing this, the Taoist priest felt a surge of passion. The second half of Chairman Mao’s “niannujiao Kunlun” was eulogized. He said with longing

“Or can the world in the president’s words really be realized in our generation?”

“That’s a very high goal, a very high ideal. It’s a long journey.” The scholar sighed.

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