Underwater City Mystery

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Warrant Officer Jim Eden, who was studying submarine earthquakes at the Undersea Military Academy, rushed to the headquarters to meet Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng, his uncle’s friend and his superior, an expert in volcanology and seismology.
“I brought something, please don’t be sad, Jim.” Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng said as he put the contents of the purse on the table one by one: a ring with pearls, a precision watch with a stainless steel case , loose banknotes and a tattered envelope.
Eden knew at a glance that it belonged to his uncle, and that letter was written to his uncle not long ago.
“What happened to Uncle? Where did you find these things?” Eden asked as calmly as possible, but his heart was tumbling like a mountain. Eden’s parents died early, and his loving uncle was his only relative. Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng told him that two weeks ago, an earthquake suddenly occurred on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. He got into a submersible vehicle—a device designed to detect earthquakes under the sea—and rushed to the site of the earthquake.
There was also a submersible car parked there. Half of it was buried by mud and rocks. The door was cracked, and part of the outer shell was melted. The only thing that could be found in the car was what Eden could see now.
“Uncle will not die, definitely not.” Warrant Officer Eden said firmly.
“I also pray for the safety of Stuart Eden.” Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng sighed and turned his eyes to the unpredictable sea outside the window. After hesitating for a moment, he finally revealed the purpose of calling Eden this time, “The Indian Ocean submarine earthquake this time cannot help but make people suspect that someone is secretly experimenting with artificial earthquakes. Your uncle is currently in the Krakatoa underwater city. Committed to the development of seabed mining areas and the construction of seabed farms, what is he going to do in the Indian Ocean?”
“You mean, my uncle” Eden was amazed. He could hardly imagine that his uncle would be the culprit behind the artificial earthquake. Jim Eden’s uncle, Stuart Eru, was an outstanding explorer and inventor. He invented the ideal film of matter and built Kraka in the 5,000-meter-deep trench between Java and Sumatra. To the underwater city.
“Warrant Officer Eden, now the command has decided to transfer you to work in the Krakatoa underwater city and assist me in investigating this matter.” Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng said. “Crack,” Warrant Officer Eden gave a military salute and took over the transfer order. He vowed to get to the bottom of this matter and restore his uncle’s reputation.
The jet landed steadily on the airfield floating on the sea, and Jim Eden got off the plane and boarded the elevator to the underwater city. The underwater city is a hemisphere, and the city is divided into 8 areas. Once the earthquake causes seawater intrusion, the gates in each district will automatically close. After the elevator reached the underwater city, Eden stepped on the automatic conveyor belt around the city and went straight to his uncle’s residence. Along the way, cars and people are very lively, and the seabed farm in the distance is lush with lush vegetation and flocks of cattle and sheep.
He came to No. 88, District 7, walked through the gate, climbed the stairs, walked through the long corridor, came to the metal door with the words “Enterprise of Eden” written on it, pushed the door and walked in.
“Oh, Jim, why are you here?” Kitean Bagu, Stuart’s loyal assistant, was typing, and when he saw Jim, he immediately hid the half-typed document.
“Where’s my uncle?” Eden asked. He found that there was a large iron safe in the room, standing against the wall, looking very bulky.
“We encountered an earthquake on the bottom of the Indian Ocean, the submersible car broke down, and we had to hide in the life support device. After 60 hours, we were rescued by the submarine that received an emergency distress signal. The accident caused Mr. Eden’s body to suffer. Injury, he is resting in the bedroom.”
At this moment, the bedroom door opened, and someone shouted, “Jim!” He looked back, and it was his uncle Stuart Eden. The joy of reuniting relatives temporarily lightened the shadows in Jim’s heart. After a while, the uncle said to Kitean Bagu, “Kitean, throw all my stocks away.” He turned his head to Jim again and said, “Jim, take a good rest at home today and don’t go anywhere. Go.” Uncle’s unpredictable expression made Jim Eden suspicious again.
At night, when he was lying in bed, he heard a rustling sound. He quietly got up, opened the door leading to the living room, and saw from the crack of the door that Kit Ann walked out gently with a heavy burden on his back. Eden closed the door and followed quietly. He saw Kitan and another person in a diving suit take the elevator down to the lower level of the sewage tank – the sewage of the underwater city is concentrated here, and then the sewage is discharged with a powerful pump. Under the cover of the gurgling water, Eden followed Kitan and the man in the wetsuit into the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a circular plaza. In the center of the plaza is a huge sewage tank. The sewage flowing out from the six surrounding pipes makes a noise like a dragon and flows into the tank. In the sink, there was a bluish-white shiny thing floating on the water. It was like a submarine, with a thick watchtower jutting out of the water, and a short man walked into the watchtower, looking like a Chinese.
At this moment, a diver emerged from the surface of the cesspool. He gestured to Kitan on the deck, and then lifted a heavy object. Kitan and the other two carefully placed the thing on the deck. Eden looked up on the deck, and it was a metal ball about 15 centimeters in diameter, surrounded by stainless steel hoops, with wheels underneath, which were tightly bound by ropes.
A hydrogen bomb! Eden clearly saw that Kitan carried a total of eight hydrogen bombs.
After a while, the motor of the submarine made a whimpering sound, and Eden suddenly realized that this boat is not a submarine, but an underground drilling vehicle equipped with an atomic drill, which can freely travel through hard rock formations. God, there are only 6 underground drilling trucks in the world, and my uncle already owns one!
All this is as unbelievable as a dream, and Eden cannot explain the secret here.
Eden didn’t know how he got out of the tunnel and returned to his uncle’s residence. He only knew that not long after he returned to the room, suddenly the entire underwater city made a heart-breaking sound, and the ground under his feet shook violently. “Woo-woo–” The earthquake alarm sounded, and an undersea earthquake occurred! Eden looked at the earthquake detection table beside him, and the magnitude was 4.
Is it really an artificial earthquake caused by my uncle?
The next day, Eden reported to Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng what he saw in the sewage tank yesterday. Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng was silent for a while, and then told Eden that Stuart made a lot of money because of yesterday’s earthquake and the stock plunge.
Could it be that uncle really deliberately sabotages for profit? Eden was extremely conflicted.
At this time, an earthquake detector sent a report. According to the analysis of the data observed by the detector, a 12-magnitude earthquake will occur in the submarine city in 12 hours, which will threaten the lives of 750,000 people!
Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng pursed his lips tightly, walked around the room, and finally said with determination, “Come on, let’s search your uncle’s office.”
In the office, Stuart supported one arm, looked at Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng and Jim with eyes that seemed to be awake, and asked calmly, “What’s the matter?” The iron safe was leaning against it. behind him.
“We suspect that you created an artificial earthquake, and we are investigating now. Please open the safe.” Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng said with a blank expression, “Yesterday, your assistant hid the underground drilling truck in the sewage tank and put the hydrogen bomb in it. , we already know about this, and the witness was Warrant Officer Jim Eden.”
Jim turned his head sadly, trying his best to avoid his uncle’s gaze.
Stuart knew that he could no longer hide the truth, so he said feebly, “Lieutenant Colonel, you won, I’ll open the safe for you.”
With a “click”, the safe was opened, and what appeared in front of people were several shiny metal balls, which were hydrogen bombs.
At this moment, Eden felt a sway under his feet. Everyone staggered and stood unsteadily, with expressions of horror on their faces.
“Earthquake!” Warrant Officer Eden exclaimed, “It’s earlier than predicted.”
“Jim, go out and take shelter, there are 7 more earthquakes like this.” Jim heard his uncle shout with all his strength, and immediately rushed out of the house. Another violent tremor struck, the eaves facing the street suddenly collapsed, and the falling lime wall pinned Jim, Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng, and those who ran out of the house to the ground.
I don’t know how long it took, Eden woke up from the coma. He wasn’t injured, but he was knocked unconscious. He hurriedly rescued Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng and the others. Fortunately, they were all safe and sound. But both the uncle and his assistant Kitan are gone.
“Seven times! How did he know it would be shaken seven more times?” Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng stared at Eden aggressively.
Eden lowered his head, he was powerless to defend his uncle.
Just after the earthquake subsided, Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng hurriedly asked the detector to analyze the data displayed on the detector. He wanted to find out whether the magnitude 4 earthquake just now was an artificial earthquake or a large earthquake that was originally predicted.
During this period of time, three earthquakes occurred in succession, and all of them were magnitude 4 earthquakes.
The analysis result of the prober is that in the next 12 to 24 hours, there will be another major earthquake.
All of this shows that the magnitude 4 earthquakes that keep happening are man-made earthquakes, and probably caused by Stuart and his assistants. Where are they now?
At this time, Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng found that there was a black spot on the vibration record moving slowly towards his base. With a loud noise from the high-speed engine, a rectangular underground drilling truck broke through the wall. Eden recognized at a glance that it was his uncle’s underground drilling vehicle. Gradually the drill came to a stop, and Stuart staggered out of the hatch. Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng pulled out his pistol and pointed it at Stuart: “Don’t move!”
Stuart didn’t seem to see the gun in the lieutenant colonel’s hand, and said calmly, “Your old friend is in the car, will you let him down?”
“My friend?” Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng raised his eyebrows.
Stuart reached out and pulled out a short man from the hatch, the very Chinese-looking man Jim saw in the sump watchtower.
“Dr. Curze!” Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng shouted in shock, “Doctor, what are you doing here?”
Eden was also surprised when he heard it. It turned out that this thin old man was actually Dr. Coz, a famous seismologist. The works of this famous Japanese seismologist can be seen everywhere in academic bookstores all over the world.
Dr. Curze smiled, but couldn’t hide the deep tiredness on his face. He said: “I caused the chaos you predicted. I have been researching ways to prevent earthquakes in the past few years, which is to use artificial earthquakes to make several earthquakes with less destructive power before the big earthquakes break out. , to release the dangerous seismic energy and break it into parts, so that large earthquakes can be avoided.”
Stuart went on to say: “This plan was started a year ago when the doctor visited me in Krakatoa. He paid great attention to the fault of the underwater city, and it was expected that a large earthquake of magnitude 10 or more would occur in it sooner or later. In order to save 75 Thousands of people’s lives, we secretly conducted an artificial earthquake test.”
“So, where did you get so many hydrogen bombs?” Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng continued to ask.
“That’s what we found on a sunken ship on the bottom of the Indian Ocean,” said Stuart.
“Also, how do you explain the last time you used artificial earthquakes to speculate on stocks?”
Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng asked again.
“It costs 10 million US dollars to build an underground drilling vehicle, so we have to buy and sell stocks to raise funds.” Stuart said.
All the truth has come out, and the misunderstanding has been eliminated. Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng shook hands with Mr. Stuart Eden and Dr. Coze.
Only then did Dr. Coz say the purpose of this: “According to the plan, 8 earthquakes are required to release the energy of the major earthquake. We have hit the epicenter of the major earthquake from four angles, and now we want to launch a hydrogen bomb directly from the base. This The location is just right to hit the epicenter, and I hope Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng will give support.”
Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng said, “Just do it. You can save 750,000 people by crashing a few houses. It’s worth it.”
The underground drilling truck advanced to the depths of the formation at high speed. With the explosion of a hydrogen bomb that sounded like a muffled thunder, the seabed shook like a mountain, and the seismic energy accumulated in the Krakatoa fault was finally released. The big earthquake in the city was eliminated by an artificial earthquake.
Stuart Eden, Dr. Curze, and Lieutenant Colonel Tai Feng embraced each other, congratulating mankind for once again defeating nature.

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