Unexpectedly, Biden met with a lot of dust in America!

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Author: Xusheng source: Xusheng (official account id:lxlong20) has been reproduced with authorization

The hegemony of the United States has met with a wall in America. Some say it is a sign of the decline of the Empire, while others say it is a symbol of democracy.

On June 10, 2022, the ninth summit of the Americas came to an end in Los Angeles. This is a summit hosted by the United States, but it was not successful, and it gave Biden a blow.

Interestingly, when Biden stepped onto the air force No. 1 spiral ladder, garlic appeared at his feet again, indicating a bad start.

01 stand up

Who dares to stand up to the president of the United States? Of course. For example:

President of Mexico (Lopez);

President of Uruguay (Lacalle);

President of El Salvador (bucker);

President of Bolivia (Arce);

President of Guatemala (jamatai);

President of Honduras (Castro);

President of Nicaragua (Ortega);

President of Venezuela (Maduro);

President of Cuba (Cornell).

The leaders of nine countries stubbornly refused to attend the summit of the Americas and did not give Biden face.

You should know that there are only more than 30 countries in the Americas, and the absence of leaders from 9 countries is equivalent to the absence of nearly one third of important people. It has become the most shabby session since the founding of the summit of the Americas. It is incredible.

You know, the United States is a hegemon. If so many people don’t come to the overlord’s meeting, it’s like the black boss entertains, but others don’t give face. It’s really cheap.

Of course, those countries do not come for different reasons.

President Ortega of Nicaragua, President Maduro of Venezuela and President cannel of Cuba were the three people Biden refused to let them come. Biden dismissed them as “undemocratic”.

The melon eaters wondered why they should distinguish between democracy and democracy since the “summit of the Americas” was held? If you want to show democracy, just hold the “American democracy summit”.

Whether the president of Nicaragua (Ortega), the president of Venezuela (Maduro) and the president of Cuba (carnel) are spokesmen for democracy will not be said for the time being, but they are all anti American. So Biden labeled them as undemocratic.

This is a typical example of excluding dissidents under the banner of the “summit of the Americas”, so many old irons with a sense of justice can’t bear to see this style of the United States. First of all, President Lopez of Mexico stood up and said that he would adhere to the principle of “not excluding any country” in organizing the summit of the Americas. He did not like Biden’s practice and did not participate in the Biden group.

Mexico is also a big country in the Americas. Although most of the topics about Mexico in the melon eating industry are related to drug lords, in fact, Mexico is also a big manufacturing country in the Americas, and many industries in the United States are transferring to Mexico.

Lopez also accused the United States of “interventionism” and failed to invite all Member States to the summit on the grounds of the so-called “dictatorship” or tense relations, which neither respects the sovereignty and independence of other countries nor avoids dialogue and consultation.


This statement can be said to hit the nail on the head and directly dismantle Biden’s platform. The reasons of the others (lacali, buker, Arce, jamatai and Castro) are similar.

Of course, if you want to say how generous these politicians are, they probably don’t believe it. Those who mix politics, especially in the Americas, speak of justice, justice and justice, and think of business.

The reason why they dare not give Biden face is that Biden has insufficient chips. What chips did Biden offer? I’ll talk about that later.

02 the participants were half hearted

Leaders of Argentina, Honduras, Chile and other countries attended Biden’s summit, but they created a lot of unhappiness for Biden.

First of all, they supported Mexico’s proposal that it should not be treated differently and that Biden should not be given face.

Secondly, they even decided that Argentina, in the name of the rotating presidency of the community of Latin American and Caribbean States, would convene a parallel summit, and would discuss and invite Cuba, Venezuela and other countries to participate in the leaders’ breakfast meeting; A new look, not to give Biden face.

Most let Biden lose face or Brazilian president bosonaro. This old iron is Trump’s best friend and has the title of Brazilian trump. When Biden defeated trump in the general election two years ago, bosonaro repeatedly spoke for trump and questioned the fairness of the election, which once made Biden very angry.

Biden has been in office for more than two years and has never met or talked to bosonaro.

At the beginning of the summit of the Americas, bosonaro once hinted that he did not intend to attend. Later, Biden sent a special envoy to Brazil to persuade bosonaro to attend.

The Associated Press reported that bosonaro promised to put forward conditions to Biden before the meeting, including ensuring that the two met bilaterally and that he could not be accused of any problems.

There are two reasons for Biden to accommodate bosonaro:

First, Brazil is the largest country in South America and the only BRICs country in the Americas. If Brazil does not participate, the summit of the Americas will not be held.

Second, Brazil is also an important exporter of soybeans and minerals in the global village. The United States and China need to win over Brazil in the game.

Of course, Biden will also give himself credit. At the opening ceremony, Biden claimed that the summit had demonstrated “the incredible power of democracy”.

Bosonaro was also sure that Biden had something to ask of himself, so he showed his personality unscrupulously. This is a shadow of Erdogan.

03 deep game

The summit of the Americas was initiated by the United States in 1994. This Los Angeles summit is the second time that the United States has hosted it.

Before the summit, Biden also wanted to make the summit a success, so he offered several tricks.

First, the location of the summit.

In order to bridge the gap between the United States and Latin American countries, Biden chose Los Angeles as the venue for the summit, which is the largest Latin American gathering area in the United States. Before the summit, special envoys were sent to visit Latin American countries to build momentum for the summit.


The second move is theme selection.

Biden set two keynote for the summit theme, “democracy” and “unity”.

Originally, he thought that as long as the United States rallied its arms, American countries would gather. In fact, it was this theme that messed up the summit.

Under the banner of democracy, the United States excluded Cuba, Venezuela and other countries; How can this show solidarity?

After Mexico took the lead in the protests, it was even more impossible to unite.

Third, chips.

Those who mix politics are very realistic; Don’t expect everyone to join us if you don’t bring some real money these days.

I’m old enough to get into the position of carrying a handle. I’m old enough to be easily fooled. We all know the big truth and don’t want to listen to Biden’s nagging.

Biden certainly understood the rules of the game. At the opening ceremony, Biden announced an economic partnership plan between the United States and Latin American countries, saying that the supply chain should be “stronger, safer and more sustainable”.

The plan sounds good, but——

No commitment to open more market channels

No commitment to inject more capital

Even basic

Tariff preference


Generally speaking, it is more like an empty concept, an immature plan. Politicians in the global village can come up with a lot of similar plans every year, which is likely to become a hoax.

This is equivalent to saying that the local tyrant invited a table of guests to have a big meal together. As a result, he photographed cucumbers, peanuts and jelly peels. He also shouted that they would let everyone eat and drink and not save themselves.

Therefore, the American countries are not satisfied with this. They may have known Biden’s economic plan for a long time. As a result, some countries did not attend at all, and gained a good reputation for resisting hegemony; Some countries are also half hearted when they come, brushing their sense of existence.

Looking back, Biden, who has been in American politics for so many years, how could he be so contemptuous at the summit of the Americas? In fact, the reason is very simple. Biden never thought that American countries would dare not give face like this.

At that time, the United States put forward the “Roman doctrine”, saying that the Americas were the Americas of the Americans; It sounds very attractive. However, in fact, the United States does not regard the Americas as the Americas of Americans at all, but as the Americas of the United States. From intervening in the “Panama Canal” in those days to creating the “Latin American economic crisis” later, all of them reflect the hegemony of the United States.

The United States gave more chips, and everyone reluctantly tolerated his domineering. Biden came out with three melons and two dates to show his hegemony. Naturally, more people would not buy it.

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