Unmasking Sima Qian, his son-in-law, and his grandson all ended badly

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Sima Qian was executed in the palace just because he interceded for Li Ling; Yang Chang, his son-in-law, was scared to death because he was “afraid of things and dared not speak”; Yang Yun, his grandson, was sentenced to be beheaded for merely complaining about a letter. After three dynasties, Sima Qian and his grandson were punished for daring to speak, while his son-in-law did not end well because he did not dare to speak. We are all familiar with Sima Qian’s execution, so we won’t go into details. Here I just talk about his son-in-law Yang Chang and grandson Yang Yun. Yang Chang was a Huayin man. He was always afraid of things. After the death of emperor Zhao, the reigning king of Changyi was licentious. General Huo Guang and general Zhang Anshi decided to abolish him and let Da Si inform Yang Chang of his farmland for a long time. “I’m scared, I don’t know what to say, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I (Biography of Yang Kuang in the book of Han Dynasty) at this time, Mrs. Yang Chang, Sima Qian’s daughter, stood up and said to him, “this national event has been decided by the general, and Jiuqing has been sent to report it to the monarch and marquis. The monarch and marquis will not respond to it. They are united with the general, but there is still no decision. The first thing is to kill them.” So “Chang, his wife and Yannian promised to follow the instructions of the great general, so they abolished the king of Changyi and established Emperor Xuan.”. However, I think it has something to do with the fact that Emperor Xuan was frightened by this. It seems that this daughter is quite like her father, but her son-in-law is not helpful. Grandson Yang Yun also inherited his grandfather’s family style. First, he was granted the rank of Duke for his merits, and then he was released from the rank of commoner. “Yun lost his title, managed his industry at home, started his family and amused himself with his wealth”, his friend anding, the Grand Admiral, sunhuizong, wrote a letter to persuade him. He wrote the famous book of baohuizong, which “Emperor Xuan hated it when he saw it. When Yun was so rebellious, he wanted to be (waist) beheaded. His wife moved to Jiuquan county”. But in this letter, he just complained, “Yun’s material is decadent and his style is filthy. His literary quality is unknown. Fortunately, he relied on his ancestors’ remaining industry to prepare for the guard. He won the title in the face of time-varying changes. His death is not his duty. Death is a disaster.”. Learning from the bitter experience, I decided to sing “the farmland is in the south of the mountain. If there is no cure for the pollution, I will plant an acre of beans, and they will fall into the osmanthus. When you enjoy life, you must be rich and noble” and “if you grow up as a farmer, you will die”. As a result, Emperor Xuan was stabbed somewhere, and his fate was even more tragic than that of his grandfather. From Sima Qian’s experience with his son-in-law and grandson, we can see how difficult it was to live in the era of the emperor. What surprised me was that those pictures? ×× Dynasty? ×× The emperor, why don’t you see this and talk about the emperor’s rule?

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