Unsealing Trump’s Twitter account: Who is the owner of the United States?

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Source: Jingsiyouwo666

On November 19, Trump’s Twitter account was unsealed.

Trump’s Twitter account will be blocked on January 8, 2021, and will be permanently blocked. Because two days ago, on January 6, the US rioters occupied the US Capitol, and Trump’s words and deeds made it clear that he supported this matter. Of course, it is hard to say whether he clearly commanded those people to occupy the Capitol. But without his impetus, the rioters would probably not have gathered. Even if they gather, they may not dare to attack the Capitol. So until now, the United States Congress and the FBI are still investigating him. The FBI also searched Trump’s home, the Sea Lake Manor in Florida, on August 8 this year.

Of course, these surveys will probably stop early next year, because the Republican Party has won the control of the House of Representatives in this mid-term election. The investigation of the President is driven by the House of Representatives, so when the new members of the United States House of Representatives take office early next year, they can hold a meeting. According to the principle that the minority is subordinate to the majority, Republicans, namely Trump’s people, have a majority in the United States House of Representatives, which will naturally cancel the investigation. Accordingly, the Republican Party has also released the wind. Why should it not only cancel the investigation of former President Trump, but also start the investigation of current President Biden? Because Biden is not with them. Biden is a Democrat.

This is American politics.

According to the Chinese concept, we will not investigate Trump, but mainly focus on his role in the event of the Capitol being occupied. It has nothing to do with who controls the House of Representatives. But in American practice, this is not the case.

Today, we will not say much about the old millet and rotten hemp. Today, we will talk about Trump’s Twitter account.

According to the Chinese concept, whether his account is sealed or not depends on whether he has made mistakes.

As I have just said, he seems to have made mistakes.

If it is determined that he has made a mistake, the letter of his number is correct, and it should be continued.

But Trump is still Trump, the Republican Party is still the Republican Party, Twitter is still the Twitter, and now Trump’s account has been unsealed.

Of course, some people will say that he has never made mistakes. For example, the event that the Capitol was occupied may not have a direct relationship with Trump. Trump will not directly order those rioters to rush into the U.S. Capitol, which makes a group of Congressional lords tremble.

Yes, it is possible. But if this is possible, shouldn’t it have been sealed?

Then some people will say, yes, it should not have been sealed at the beginning, so now it’s wrong? The problem is that this time, Trump’s account was unsealed by Twitter without any reason, let alone whether Trump was responsible for the occupation of the United States Capitol at the beginning of last year.

In any case, unseal is the same as unseal. It doesn’t matter why we unseal now.

This is the logic of the United States, which may be difficult for the Chinese to understand.

Why does this happen?

Because the decision was not made in accordance with national laws, whether it was sealed or unsealed. It depends on who is the boss of Twitter.

This time, it is because Twitter has changed its boss. Who is it? The American who built Tesla Motors in Shanghai, China, was named Musk. In October, Musk spent $44 billion to buy Twitter. Then the other nine members of Twitter’s original board of directors were removed, so Musk became the only director of Twitter, which means that he can speak his mind without consulting others. He is the only person on the board of directors. He is the board of directors, and the board of directors is him.

Then, less than a month later, on November 18, he announced to unseal Trump’s Twitter account.

He was unsealed when he was unsealed, and nobody cared about him. So far, no one has heard that Musk wants to file a legal lawsuit against Trump’s Twitter account, saying that he violated any law.

This is the rule of law in the United States.

Because, according to American law, I really can’t find anything to do with Musk. Chinese people like me are always thinking about Trump’s responsibility for the occupation of the U.S. Capitol on January 6 last year. If he is not responsible, he should be unsealed. If he is responsible, he should not be unsealed… When we are still struggling with these things, Musk directly announced the unsealing, and he did not mention the Capitol.

This is the logic difference between the United States and China.

Let’s go on to say, what impact does this matter have on the United States?

After the unblocking of Trump’s Twitter account, the number of followers increased rapidly. Is it almost your level? If you don’t watch the news, you can’t imagine that the number of fans will increase by 87 million in 24 hours.

The number of fans rose by 87 million in 24 hours. Anyway, I have never seen a more popular Internet celebrity.

What does 87 million fans mean?

In the 2020 US presidential election, Trump and Biden competed with each other, and ultimately Biden won 78 million national popular votes, and Trump won 72 million. Although there is no absolute one-to-one correspondence between the popular vote and the final president, it generally reflects the situation.

At that time, Trump’s Twitter followers were about 87 million, so 87 million fans corresponded to about 72 million votes, and 72 million votes ranked second in the more than 200 years of U.S. presidential election. Who is the number one? Biden, who competed with Trump in 2020, won 78 million yuan.

It is clear that the 87 million followers on Twitter mean 70 to 80 million American voters. Trump has announced on November 15 that he will participate in the 2024 U.S. presidential election. There is no doubt that the unsealing of his Twitter account will be of great benefit to his 2024 presidential election.

Why do I say that Twitter fans have a great impact on Trump’s ability to become president in 2024? We should start with the American electoral system or the so-called American democracy.

I conclude that the difference between China’s electoral system and the United States’ electoral system lies in: in China, if you want to be a big leader, you must rely on work; In the United States, if you want to be a big leader, you have to talk.

In China, if you want to be a big leader, you should start from the grass-roots level, such as working at the county level, in the city, in the province, and then in the central government. Yes, I may have to work in the village first.

In the process of doing this, people will find out if you have the ability. If you find that you have the ability, you may be elected as the leader. If you find that you have no ability, you will be dead.

This is not the case in the United States. In the United States, even if you haven’t been a civil servant for a day, as long as you can say, you can say everything, and finally others think you can, they can elect you president. For example, Trump of the United States never worked as a civil servant one day before he became President in January 2017. He has always been a businessman.

I would like to give an example: for example, we have dozens of people who want to take a bus to another place to do something. So who will drive? In China, it depends on how long a person has driven a car in the past and how well the car is driven. Finally, a person is selected to drive the car. This is not the case in the United States. In the United States, no matter whether you used to drive or not, everyone said with one mouth that if I drive this car on a mountain road, how can I drive? How can I drive on a flat road? How to drive on ordinary roads? How to drive on the expressway? How to deal with emergencies? What should I do when a big truck gets in my way? How do I deal with the harassment of hooligans… wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Some people said that someone listened, and they felt that the person was unreliable according to what he said. Finally, everyone voted to choose a person to drive.

Therefore, when you are president of the United States, whether you have ever been in politics or not, the key is to see what you say.

I said before that when I talked about the world’s major events, I was right on the subject, and I was spitting on the stars. But I really wanted to be a leader, whether as an administrative leader or an enterprise leader. I didn’t think I could do it, I didn’t deserve it, I didn’t think I had the ability and level. Why? Because I deeply know that speaking and doing are two different things. Those who can speak are not necessarily able to do, and those who can do are not necessarily able to say. Being a leader is a technical job, not everyone can do it.

But it is different in the United States. As long as you can say, you will acquiesce in your ability and let you drive. What if I turn the car over? Then let’s switch to another driver. Isn’t it over? What if someone else turns the car over again? Then change to another person.

I’m not talking nonsense. Trump failed to win the election in 2020 because the Democratic Party said that his poor anti epidemic efforts led to too many deaths in the United States during the epidemic, and then Biden came to power. As a result, more people died when Biden came to power. So they will also hold an election in 2024 and prepare for another replacement.

To sum up, Trump is no good. The new Biden is not good enough. Anyway, if we keep changing people, won’t it be over?

Therefore, when you are president of the United States, it is important to know how to speak.

From the perspective of election, if anyone wants to be the President of the United States, he should say first.

The next question is, if an American wants to be president, he will say, but where will he say it? If he speaks to the wall in his own home, it’s the same as if he didn’t speak, and nobody can hear him. Therefore, we must let others hear us.

Therefore, this requires media.

For example, when I talk to a wall at home, I have nothing to do with my friends. However, when I released my words through the media, such as the WeChat official account, my friends heard me. In this way, it will have an impact on society. The same is true for Trump. No matter how much he said, if there is no channel for others to hear him, what he said is the same as what he did not say.

In the past, American politicians let the public know through two ways: first, offline public places, such as renting a stadium and holding a ten thousand people meeting. He said that after a few hours, the people below would listen and clap and cheer if they were satisfied with their appetite. Or, simply make a speech in the street. The former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated on July 8 this year, was shot to death when he was making a speech in the street.

With the development of society, America has the We Media. The general difference between We Media and traditional media is that in traditional media, such as newspapers or TV stations, if a person wants to speak, he must report it through newspapers and TV stations. That is to say, let others convey what they say again, which is a problem. Because he may not be able to paraphrase your original intention, he may take it out of context and choose the content he wants to paraphrase. The meaning you want to express most may not be his, there is a difference between them. However, when speaking on We Media, the speaker speaks directly and the audience listens directly, there is no such phenomenon as changing the original meaning.

So we media has more advantages than traditional media. And with the development of the times, many people are reluctant to read newspapers and watch TV. They prefer to play Twitter Facebook, just like Chinese people like to play official account, Tiktok, Xiaohongshu and Station B.

Therefore, for Trump, it is very important for all American politicians to play with We Media like Twitter, because it involves whether others can hear what you say. In a country where words decide whether to be president, if others can’t hear what you say, it means nothing. Then you can’t be president.

The reason is very simple. People can’t hear what you say. They don’t know who you are or how you will drive in the future. How can people judge whether you can drive or not? How can others choose you to drive?

On January 8 last year, Trump’s Twitter account was closed, so he could not talk through Twitter, and others could not know how to drive through Twitter. I can’t help it. Trump later built a social platform called “Truth Social”, which is similar to Twitter. Then he registered an account on that platform and said on that platform.

The problem is that people are used to social media such as Twitter Facebook. Trump has created a new platform called “Truth Social”. Few people go to that platform to listen to him, because it has a habit and inertia.

For example, I mentioned many times that I had a financial album on the Himalayan platform, named Money: Let Finance Down the Altar, which I said many times. Later, a friend expressed impatience in the message, saying what you said. I only want to listen to your audio, not to read.

This made me confused, because my financial album Money Talk: Let Finance Down the Altar on the Himalayan platform was pure audio without words. If it is necessary to compare with the official account, the official account still has both audio and text. According to the angle that the friend hates, the Himalayan pure audio is more suitable for his taste, but why is he still very unhappy to leave a message for me? The reason is that he did not visit the Himalayan platform. Why didn’t he go to the Himalayan platform? It is because he may not be used to looking for things on a new platform. I think everyone does.

Therefore, Trump has built a platform like Twitter, which is called “Truth Society”. He has opened an account on it and speaks every day, but few people listen to it. After one year, the number of fans is only 4 million. Please note that he has only had more than 4 million followers in a year. After his Twitter account was unsealed, his followers in 24 hours reached 87 million, 20 times that.

Again, the unsealing of Trump’s Twitter account will have a great impact on whether he can become President in 2024. If it’s not done well, he could not have been taken in because he could have been taken in if Twitter had unblocked him.

Or, on the other hand, if his Twitter account is not closed on January 8, 2021, he will become a pawn in 2024, but it will be closed. If it remains closed, he may not become a pawn in 2024.

This is the significance and influence of this event.

And who is the person who decides the significance and influence of this event? It’s Musk, a boss, a businessman and a capitalist.

So we often say that the United States is a country controlled by capitalists. On this basis, we further say that the United States is a consortium of capital. There is a saying on the Internet that the United States is a company disguised as a country, while China is a civilization disguised as a country.

Through the event that Musk unsealed Trump’s Twitter account, we can intuitively see that American capital controls the country. We say that the President of the United States is actually a puppet in the hands of the capitalists and an informer manipulated by the capitalists. Some friends think this is very mysterious, so we can see it very clearly and intuitively through the matter in front of us.

Capitalists can control who is president and who is not president. Of course, even if the president becomes president, the capitalist can also control the president’s policies, and can control whether he goes east or west. This is not discussed in detail today. Today, we mainly say that the capitalist can control who should be who is not.

Some people would say that after all, the President of the United States is elected by the American people one vote at a time. No matter how rich the capitalist is, he has only one vote. For example, in the 2024 presidential election, Musk has only one vote.

You are right. How do capitalists control who is president under such a rule of the game?

His method is: the person he doesn’t like can’t be on the electoral list at all, or you don’t know who he is, or you know who he is, but you don’t know much about her, so you can’t choose him as President. For example, the capitalist can control the media. For example, if Musk currently controls Twitter, he can control whether Trump’s account is unsealed or not.

Of course, Twitter is an emerging media. Those newspapers and TV stations in the past are traditional media, controlled by capitalists. So when a certain media controlled by a capitalist does not like a certain presidential candidate, he keeps saying the president’s bad words, the good things he does, and the good things he says, he can pretend not to hear or see.

When the media said bad things, he also made up nonsense. So when Trump was president, he often said that American media spread false news, and he had a deep-rooted obsession with this matter. When he was interviewed by the media after becoming President, he explained why he liked to use Twitter. In particular, he said that those traditional media spread false news, so he could not spread news through this media. He could only speak directly to the American people through Twitter. This is the fundamental reason why he likes to use Twitter when he is president.

It is also based on this obsession that after his Twitter account was closed, he built a social platform of his own. The name of this social platform is “Truth Social”, and the key word is “Truth”. It can be seen from Trump’s heart that all the traditional media in the United States are telling lies, which is extremely unreliable and he does not trust it. Please note that this is the opinion of an American president on American media, not that of a Chinese nationalist like me.

After Musk acquired Twitter, on November 4, current US President Biden also said that Musk had acquired a “company spreading lies”.

This is the opinion of the two presidents of the United States on the American media. From this, we can understand that their media and their presidents are all like this about their own country. Then it is easy to understand that the United States slanders China.

This is one of the ways in which American capitalists control who is president. To sum up, although the President of the United States is elected by the American people one vote at a time, the capitalist can use the media to control who you choose. Whoever you choose is the person he has elected first. These people may be slightly different. Different capitalists have slightly different preferences, but in short, they are the person who is elected first by the capitalist.

In a word, the people you really want to choose cannot be chosen. Why? You have no idea where this man is. Why don’t you know where this man is? Because you can’t hear him. Why can’t you hear him? Because the channel that you can hear him speak, that is, the media, is controlled by the capitalists.

Then, let’s analyze why Musk unsealed Trump’s Twitter account. The reason is that his thought is inclined to the Republican Party. It is clear that he hopes Trump will become President. Before he unsealed Trump’s Twitter account, the world knew it. He also made no secret. For example, on November 7 this year, the day before the mid-term elections in the United States this year began, he sent a tweet and called on independent voters to vote for the Republican Party.

We can counter reason in this way. If he is against Trump becoming president, he will not unseal Trump even if he becomes the boss of Twitter.

Some people believe that Musk’s purchase of Twitter is aimed at Trump, which is to unblock Trump’s Twitter account so that Trump can be heard by Americans.

From this, we find that with the development of the times, the way in which capitalists control the US political situation has been renovated. In the past, if a capitalist supported a presidential candidate, he would donate money to the presidential candidate’s campaign fund account. Because in the United States, if you want to run for president, you need to spend money. The simplest thing is, if you make a speech in a stadium, do you need to pay for the appearance? The US presidential election in 2020 spent 14 billion US dollars, a record high. This year’s mid-term election reached a new high, spending 16.7 billion US dollars.

Sanders, one of the Democratic presidential candidates in the United States in 2020, has a tendency of socialist thinking. He also needs to spend money to participate in the election, but there are not many capitalists to donate money to him, so he can only rely on the people to donate little by little. On April 2, 2019, his campaign office said that Sanders had raised $18.2 million in the first quarter, six weeks after his election. These donations came from about 900000 individuals, with an average of $20 each. Sanders didn’t even pass the internal level of the Democratic Party in the end. There were many reasons, but he didn’t raise much money. There was no big capitalist to give him big money, which was an important reason.

In a word, in the past, the way capitalists used to control the presidential election was to give money. Today, we can see from the series of operations such as Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, and then unsealing Trump’s Twitter account that the way has been renovated. Some capitalists do not directly give money to the presidential candidate, but pay to control a media, especially the new media, and then let the presidential candidate speak on the new media to let the people know, So that this person can become president.

But this is essentially the same, that is, the capitalist controls the President of the United States and the political situation of the United States.

This is basically clear, but it is more interesting that Trump said to the media that he is not interested in returning to Twitter at present, that is, Trump does not appreciate it.

Why is this?

It is generally believed that there is an economic consideration first, because the return of a 87 million fans to a certain platform will increase the popularity of the platform and make the platform earn more money. Trump, as a major Internet player, is developing on his social platform “Truth Social”. Is it possible to attract so many people in the future by using its influence? If there are so many people, it means there is income. He cannot give this income to Musk in vain.

But this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that if Trump returns to Twitter and hopes to use Twitter as a platform to build momentum for his 2024 presidential election, he will be completely subject to Twitter, or to Musk. We can conversely understand that if Trump and Musk fall out in the next two years, and Musk closes his account one day when he is unhappy, then his previous efforts will be wasted?

This concern of Trump just further shows that the candidates for the President of the United States are seriously constrained by the capitalists. As a presidential candidate, Trump also wants to act according to his own will as much as possible and does not want to be controlled by others.

I think Trump is right about this, but I also think that Trump cannot escape from the clutches of American capitalists. Why?

Let’s assume Trump has backbone this time. Musk unsealed Trump’s account. Trump just didn’t go back to Twitter, but made a voice on the social platform “Truth Social” he created. What would be the result?

It is not easy to say whether Trump’s new platform will develop well in the next two years.

Let’s just say the assumption is that his platform will develop very well in the next two years, like Twitter, without affecting the spread of Trump’s influence.

In this case, will Trump rest at ease?

The answer is: No.

Because. He is still severely constrained by the capitalist!

Why do you say that?

Look at a piece of news:

On October 12 this year, Trump’s “truth social” platform was finally officially launched in Google Store, that is, it was uniformly launched in Google Store, and American people can download this software through Google Store.

Then we conversely reasoned about this news. Before October 12, Trump’s platform could not be found in Google’s store in the United States.

Think again, why does Trump gain 80 million followers a day on Twitter and 4 million followers a year on his own platform? The Google store can’t get his stuff on the shelves, and people can’t find his platform, so it’s useless.

There is no doubt that Trump’s own “truth social” platform is severely constrained by Google. Google lets him live, and Google lets him die, and he dies.

So my conclusion is that even though Trump has the backbone this time, does not accept Musk’s affection, does not return to Twitter, and continues to act on his social platform “Truth Social”, he is still under the control of a capitalist like Google.

If he does not return to Twitter, he will be less under the control of a capitalist. But in general, it is impossible for Trump to become president in 2024 and escape from the clutches of American capitalists.

So, through this little thing, we can understand again, who is the master of the United States? Who controls the United States? It is not the American people, nor the President of the United States, but the American capitalist.

From this, we find that it is difficult and not difficult to be president in the United States.

The so-called easy is, as long as you can speak, it doesn’t matter whether you can do it or not.

For example, Trump can become President if he has not worked as a civil servant one day before he becomes President in January 20217. After coming to power, the country was in a mess after a wild fight. For example, when launching a trade war against China, the original intention was to reduce the US trade deficit. As a result, the US trade deficit with China rose from US $270 billion in 2017 before the trade war to US $316.6 billion in 2020, the last year of his tenure. In the first 10 months of this year, the US trade deficit with China reached 350 billion US dollars, which is more than the trade deficit of the whole year of 2017. This is the fact that Trump launched a trade war against China. He originally wanted to narrow the US trade deficit with China, but the trade deficit has been expanding. Do you think he will become President? Definitely not.

Let’s look at Biden of the Democratic Party. In 2020, when Trump was on the stage, the Democratic Party said that he was weak in fighting the epidemic and attacked him fiercely. In addition, this factor really affected Trump during the election, and finally Trump stepped down. Biden came to power. Biden came to power. It is reasonable to say that the situation of the United States’ anti epidemic campaign should be reversed at one stroke. As a result, 460000 people died in the United States due to the epidemic in 2021, 380000 more than that of Trump in 2020.

Let’s go back and talk about the suppression of China. Trump’s coming to power has opened a new page for the United States to suppress China. The Democratic Party still said that he was not good at it. Then the Democratic Party’s Biden came to power in 2021. How about the effect of the two years? We don’t say it ourselves, it depends on what Americans say. For example, the Republican Party of the United States, which gained control of the House of Representatives in this mid-term election, elected a new leader named McCarthy, who will be the speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States in the future. He said before he came to power, that the Biden government was not able to fight against China, that he could not allow the government to continue like this, and that he would set up a special committee on China in the future, To investigate the alleged theft of intellectual property rights and the source of COVID-19 in China, in short, Biden did a poor job.

What if you can’t do it? Neither Trump nor Biden. What about that?

It is really difficult to put this matter in China, because Chinese people like to fight to the end and will never stop until they reach their goals. But the United States has no such virtue, so it is very easy to do. What should we do? It is very simple: replacement. For example, if Trump can’t do it, if Biden can’t do it, won’t it be over if Trump can’t do it again? Anyway, it should be changed every four years. If the new president still fails, keep changing, keep changing, keep changing. Some people want to be president, and the United States does not lack a president.

In any case, if you can’t do your job well, you will step down. As for who will come to power, it depends on speaking. If you can speak, you can come to power. For example, Trump will not be able to fight the epidemic. But in 2024, if he can speak, as long as his words are mediated by the media, and the American people hear what he says, he may still be president.

In addition, the United States has another solution to the problem of poor work, which is also two words: no talking.

For example, in 2020, the Democratic Party said that Trump of the Republican Party could not fight against the epidemic, and there were too many people dead, up to 380000 people died. In 2021, when Biden, a Democratic Party, became president, 460,000 people died, 80,000 more a year.

so what? Then, when the mid-term elections are held in the United States in 2022, all politicians will not talk about it. Anyway, no one can do it well, so we can’t say it again. It’s also logical.

Some people say that this is because the toxicity of COVID-19 will be reduced in 2022, and people will not care, so no one said. Let’s see if American people are indifferent to COVID-19.

According to the report issued by the United States Department of Labor, there were 10.9 million job vacancies in the United States in July, a record high for five consecutive months, that is, there were jobs but no one did them. In August, the number of resignations in the United States reached 4.3 million, creating a record number of resignations since 2000. In September, the number of vacancies in the recruitment information released by enterprises increased by 60%. Why did this happen? According to the analysis of the U.S. Department of Labor and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, a large number of people retire early. It is estimated that 2.4 million so-called “over retirees” who should not retire under normal circumstances in the United States, but chose to retire because of the COVID-19 epidemic, accounting for half of those who left the labor market. That is, how many people had originally retired. Fear of COVID-19 retiring again led to the doubling of the number of retirees. The US Census Bureau’s household pulse survey also shows that there are still 2.5 million people who choose not to work for fear of infection or transmission of the virus.

You say Americans are afraid? Of course he is afraid. But American politicians don’t want to talk about it, because no one can do it well.

By the way, it’s useless for common people to say, why? The media are controlled by the capitalists. When all the media and politicians do not want to say this, the ordinary people cannot say what they want to say, so the media and the public opinion during the election do not say this. However, a very objective investigation shows that this matter still exists.

So again, it doesn’t matter whether the President of the United States is good at his work. They have two solutions, one is to replace people, and the other is not to talk about it.

So I estimate that since Trump became president, the United States has been cracking down on China. At present, Trump has been the first president, Biden has been the second president, another in 2024, and another in 2028. It is estimated that there will be three or four times when they can’t fix China, they will also choose to lie down. At that time, if they can’t do it well, they will not talk about cracking down on China. At that time, China and the United States can start to consider cooperation.

In 2016, Trump was running for president. A man named Bannon was his staff and was known as Trump’s military adviser. Bannon said that the next five years will be a window period to contain China. Now, six years have passed. On October 12, 2022, Biden released the National Security Strategy Report, saying that the next 10 years are the “next 10 years” to contain China ? That means that the six years they said in the past will not count, and they will start counting again and count again for 10 years. Then I was thinking, in another 10 years, that is, 2032, if they still can’t handle China, then they would like to say that the next 20 years are the window period to handle China? It will be 20 years from 2032 to 2052. At that time, New China will have its 100th anniversary. At that time, we all know what goals China will achieve.

Therefore, I think that with the tone and virtue that Americans will surrender if they can’t win, they may stop fighting against China once the 10-year window period mentioned by Biden in 2022 is over.

So, let’s fight with the United States. Don’t worry. Play with him slowly. The standard is to maintain strategic concentration.

So, when you are president in the United States, don’t worry about doing a bad job. The key is to hurry to run for president. So I say it is not difficult to be president in the United States.

But we must admit that it is really difficult to be president in the United States. The difficulty is that you must please the capitalists. Who can please more capitalists can become president?

Some people may say, can’t we have backbone? Isn’t it just a lack of money? For example, if you have money, you can do it yourself. If there is no media, if I want to be President, I will build a media. For example, Trump has built a social platform of his own called “Truth Social”. For another example, the election needs money, but can’t I spend my own money to run for President? For example, Trump himself is a rich man.

You are right, but there are two questions. First, you have so much money to build media and spend so much money on your campaign, which is billions of dollars. Are you an ordinary person? Are you a common people or a capitalist? Only capitalists are rich!

After a long circle, you still come back. Either you are a capitalist or you please other capitalists.

This is not over. Even if you have campaign funds, can you get things done without pleasing other capitalists? For example, if you want to make a speech at a certain venue with money, whose venue is that? Capitalist’s! You gave money to make a speech, but the capitalists behind the venue could not let you make a speech, and the money could not let you use it. What would you do? Also, Trump has set up a social platform. Can you handle all aspects of media? For example, if Google does not let Trump’s social platform go on sale in the store, you will not develop!

So, even if you are a capitalist and can pay all the money and build the media you need, you can’t get everything done.

So again, in the United States, the capitalist the final say who is the president.

Who is the master of America? The answer is: Capitalists.

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