Unsurprisingly, these accidents have occurred in the college entrance examination this year: Inventory of the accidents that occur every year in the college entrance examination

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A college student in Zhejiang forgot to bring his ID card and entered the examination room by “swiping his face”. This year’s college entrance examination is too advanced

On the first day of the college entrance examination in 2022, the candidates are both nervous and excited. The nervousness is because this is a very important exam, which determines which level of university they can enter. The excitement is because the days of hard study in the cold window are over, and I am about to enter the gate of the university.

Every year there are some unexpected situations in the college entrance examination, and this year is no exception. Just after taking the first subject, many candidates almost lost their qualifications to take the exam. Fortunately, someone helped, otherwise it would be very regrettable.

Not surprisingly, this year’s college entrance examination has these surprises again

At the entrance of the test center of the Experimental Middle School in Xishan District, Kunming City, a candidate’s ID card fell on the ground, and the ID card fell into the sewer along the crack of the brick. The test will start soon. take an exam.

Soon, staff from various departments came to help. They used a crowbar to pry up the thick stone bricks, and finally successfully found the candidate’s ID card, and the candidate successfully entered the examination room to take the college entrance examination.

A candidate from Zhengzhou City originally was going to Zhengzhou No. 11 Middle School to take the college entrance examination, but he mistakenly regarded Zhengzhou No. 11 School as Zhengzhou No. 11 Middle School. After arriving at the location, he realized that he had taken the wrong examination room. The traffic police hurried to ride Take the candidates to the examination room on a motorcycle.

In Nanchang, Jiangxi, after a candidate arrived at the examination room, he found that he had forgotten his admission ticket. The parents asked the nearby traffic police for help, and the traffic police drove the “iron cavalry” to take the candidate home to get the admission ticket, and finally took the test on time.

In Jining, Shandong, a candidate forgot to bring her ID card. The traffic police took her home to get her ID card, but found no one at home and the door was locked. The traffic police hurriedly took the candidate to the police station to re-issue her ID card. , and send the candidates to the examination room.

A college student in Zhejiang also forgot to bring his ID card. He was very anxious at the time, but he was luckier than other candidates, because the test center he took the college entrance examination was “high-tech”, and he could enter the test room without his ID card.

A college student in Zhejiang forgot to bring his ID card and entered the examination room by “swiping his face”

This candidate from Zhejiang was going to Xuejun Middle School to take the college entrance examination. When he arrived, he found that he did not have an ID card. His parents were very nervous. In previous years, some students missed the exam because they forgot their ID card. It is this year’s “pilot examination room”, and “high-tech” is installed at the school gate.

The so-called “high-tech” is a machine with “face brushing”. Candidates first say the last six digits of their ID number, and then brush their faces. After brushing their faces, they can enter the examination room first. Bring your ID card.

After the examinee swipes the ID card, the examinee’s admission ticket, health code, itinerary code, vaccination information, and nucleic acid test certificate will appear. It is not necessary to carry a lot of documents and reports as before, which is very convenient. successfully take the high school entrance examination.

However, it is worth noting that only some test rooms have become pilots, and they have not been popularized nationwide. Most college students still need to bring relevant documents and reports with them. any problem.

Taking the college entrance examination will be very nervous, parents should help their children adjust their mentality

Some unexpected situations in the college entrance examination, such as forgetting the ID card, going to the wrong test room, remembering the wrong test time, etc., are all caused by the candidates being too nervous. This is a very bad state, even if the final If you have a false alarm, you can successfully take the test, but the state of being too nervous may affect the test and make it impossible to get the ideal score.

This requires parents to help their children adjust their mentality and be a solid and powerful “backup” for their children. Before the child takes the test, parents can communicate with the child, tell the child not to be too nervous, and treat the college entrance examination as a very ordinary test.

Parents should also prepare relevant items for their children, including documents, nucleic acid reports, itinerary cards, stationery, etc. They should find these items one day in advance and put them all together, don’t forget them, and check them in advance on the day of the test .

By doing this, parents can reassure their children for the exam. If the child finds that he forgot to bring an item, he will become more nervous, and he will not be able to calm down the nervous mood during the exam, which will affect his normal performance.

All in all, the 2022 college entrance examination has already begun. Some candidates are too nervous and forget to bring relevant documents, which may affect the examination. I hope candidates and parents can calm down, don’t throw things away, and prepare relevant items before going out.

However, this year’s college entrance examination is very advanced. Some “pilot examination rooms” can scan their faces. Candidates only need to bring their ID cards. However, most examination rooms do not have such equipment, so candidates still need to bring their certificates and relevant reports.

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