Urge Israel to stop its aggression against Palestine!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

I am not targeting Jews all over the world. Most Jews are engaged in low-level jobs all over the world, from drivers to waiters, from cleaners to postmen. Most Jews are ordinary people. The statistics of Nazi Germany can prove this.

Jews work hard to support their families. I do not aim at Jews in Israel, nor do I aim at Jews in Israel. Israel’s Jews migrated from all over the world. Jews from the former Soviet Union, the United States, Europe and Asia immigrated together to form Israel.

The Israelites are hardworking and brave. They study technology, open oases in the desert, and create a life with both hands. I am not targeting such Israelis.

I want to talk about the government of Israel.

The United Nations Security Council issued a resolution No. 2334 to resolve the Palestinian Israeli issue, which was put forward by Obama at the time. The UN Security Council voted at the request of Venezuela, Senegal, New Zealand and Malaysia. Finally, it was adopted during the trump period.

Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in the United States have a consensus on resolution 2334.

Now Israel has established military training areas and residential areas on Palestinian land. If it can not find any use, it will be called other use areas. It has made it clear that it wants to occupy Palestinian land as its own.

The expanding residential areas and settlements are nibbling away at Palestinian land bit by bit. Recently, the situation in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel has continued to be volatile. The actions of the Israeli security forces continued to cause a large number of Palestinian casualties.

This includes children.

Some time ago, the Israeli army even killed a female journalist of Al Jazeera television.

What is this for? prevent divulgence of one’s secrets? Have you lost sight of the events that have caused the deaths of Palestinian children?

What exactly is Israel’s behavior? Colonization? Racist fascism? Aggression? Or massacre?

Where are the big countries in the world? Where are the big countries that “help each other when faced with injustice”?

Russia went to Ukraine to fight against the Nazis and against the Neo Nazis in Ukraine. They talked about Russian aggression there.

Israel is really engaging in aggression against Palestine here, and they have stopped talking.

I think before we talk about international law, Russian aggression and sanctions against Russia, we should first talk about Israel. After all, Israel is not the father or son of some countries in the world, so I can’t tell.

Israel has violated international law, flouted the United Nations before it invaded Palestine, and committed inhuman acts and heinous crimes. What has the British media done?

Against China and Russia, they report every false crime every day. Against Israel, they cannot see the real crime.

To say the least, even if Russia is not anti fascist, Turkey is not defending national unity, and Israel is not aggressive. They are all special military operations.

In that case, if Russia engages in special military operations, they will be punished by them. If Turkey engages in special military operations, they will turn a blind eye and say two words. Finally, Israel starts a special military operation and pretends not to see it.

People can’t, at least not so double marked.

Israel, my iron core, is right if it is wrong. Turkey, my ally, does nothing. China and Russia, my enemy, are right and wrong.

Iran is interested in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and hopes to join the BRICs countries. Iran and China have friendly relations both in security and economy.

At least it is more friendly than some Middle Eastern countries that have pointed fingers at us on the Xinjiang issue.

Biden wants to go to Israel. Whether he wants to find faith, borrow money, or sell something, he needs to see our attitude.

After all, the six countries in the Middle East all depend on our attitude.

The Israeli government, whether it is the American father or the American son, can think about it casually, and can figure out why the six countries in the Middle East are united around me. Don’t look at monk’s face, at least look at Buddha’s face.

After all, Khamenei spoke well. Israel will not exist for 25 years. If you want to exist for a few more years, you should think about who to turn to.

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