Used up net red, is garbage!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

I didn’t expect that the green girl could still give a speech.

Europe started to promote environmental protection ten years ago. Ten years ago, the purpose of environmental protection was to lock up the way out for developing countries through the concept of carbon emissions. In this way, Europe can sit on the general meaning of environmental protection and put a clamp on developing countries that want to develop. Once they collect carbon tax, they will continue to be masters of people.

Europeans think that this game is a win. Whether it is photovoltaic or battery, Europe has a solid foundation. At that time, photovoltaic has not developed in China, and Tesla in the United States is still working on installing batteries for oil vehicles. How can we lose??

Then the Europeans began to carry out publicity. The effect was very good. People believed it one after another. Finally, they brought out the green girl Tong berry.

The development of things is often beyond people’s expectation. No one could have imagined that Tesla in the United States is developing rapidly. China’s new energy industries are also making rapid progress. The photovoltaic industry and new energy vehicles are far ahead of Europe.

Europe does not engage in automobile industry with its own advantages. It has to work in a new energy automobile industry that has no foundation. They know the production capacity of the United States in World War II. The skinny camel is bigger than the horse. They also know the production capacity of Chinese industry. They have to work hard.

If the automobile industry continues to follow its deception, it will be ruined if it forbids the sale of fuel vehicles in a few decades. Therefore, Germany took the lead in opposing the prohibition of fuel vehicles.

At the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Europeans were limited in natural gas and would soon have to burn coal for power generation. At this time, the people had long gone deep into the soul of environmental protection, and the shift was not much better. There was no way to do it. Tomberi became tomberi.

A Russian spy can still run around and make speeches. Sweden still wants to join NATO. The spy talks around your house. If he doesn’t catch it and give it to ZELINSKY, he still wants to join NATO?

If we don’t get hold of tomberg, it will make Sweden feel like it has got hold of Russia. Only when we get hold of tomberg, can it be justified to join NATO.

It is better not to carry out propaganda like this when making policies. Such propaganda will not be demoralized. At the critical moment, it is really necessary to sacrifice the typical ones that have been launched. It is like Dr. Fauci in the United States. When trump wants to lie flat for epidemic prevention, Dr. Fauci will not stand up for him.

There is a question mark about how harmful the novel coronavirus is. Whether ordinary people can afford the $2million special drug like trump.

For example, when Dr. fouchey gave trump a platform for the lying down policy, a doctor was held up as an idol. When something really happened, the doctor probably wanted to know Russia.

The band once sang a song called “goodbye Jack”, in which there was a lyric, “the past is like a tumultuous noise in my mind”. A person can be very rational, but whether a group of people can be rational together needs a big question mark.

Today, he had a good childhood and was full of love. He wanted to accept refugees. If he let refugees live in his home tomorrow, he would immediately become a nationalist. He wanted to drive all the refugees out. He wished he could be sent to the concentration camp soon.

Bai Zuo was one of those people. When Russia went to Ukraine for a special military operation, he was the first to break ties with Russia. When there was no natural gas to burn and even the power plant could not operate, he quit.

It is impossible without electricity, but Russia, which has just criticized evil, seems to be unable to use Russian natural gas. Germany produces coal and can only burn coal. But just a few years ago, we talked about environmental protection. Burning coal is not environmentally friendly. It is difficult to do this at this time.

The core of Bai Zuo’s thought is generosity, generosity of others. When the knife cuts himself, he cares more about his land than anyone else.

At this time, Russia still needs to condemn. Coal still needs to generate electricity. Russia can’t help condemning and burning coal. Whoever refuses to burn coal is the biggest enemy.

So tombery appeared, which means that we should not indulge in being the object of the United Front, but the basic plate. The basic dish earns little, but it always earns. When the united front object is the united front object, it earns more, and when it is used up, it is garbage.

We don’t have to be angry because a few United Front targets are in the limelight. We have seen the consequences of such a network celebrity as tombery. As for who is the target of the United Front, I won’t say. It’s very busy now. I feel that there is no difference. When it’s time to run out, I won’t say what the consequences will be.

We should also cherish our basic plate. Our basic plate is the vast number of rural counties and cities, full of workers who look forward to a better life. Our basic plate is the socialist builders in the first, second and third tier cities. We should provide some benefits to our basic plate.

The health of children and the elderly must be ensured. In 2018, a post called “middle age under the epidemic” told a story.

On the morning of January 4 (Thursday), my father-in-law drove to the hospital by himself for infusion. When I saw the client coming back in the evening, my mother-in-law said to me, “take him to the hospital for a CT, and if he is serious, he will be hospitalized. I don’t trust him and worry that he will infect the child.”

At 19:00 on Thursday, January 4, hospital B rushed to the nearest hospital B to get CT. After auscultation, the hospital doctor felt that the situation was serious….. He immediately asked to be hospitalized. The doctor said that there was no bed and his condition was serious. He suggested going to a large hospital for treatment. At that time, I still had some opinions about hospital B. now that I think of it, I can identify the serious situation and it is right not to delay. (after carefully reviewing the medical records, we found that hospital B wrote: “the patient voluntarily requests transfer.” This is inconsistent with the facts.)

So I frantically called around and asked any friends who might have a relationship with the hospital. After a phone call, I found that the hospital was not a hotel, and there were no beds at all. Under the attack of influenza, the beds of Beijing respiratory department are extremely tense. It’s good to be able to arrange them in a few days. A friend suggested going to Chaoyang Hospital, which has a strong respiratory department, for emergency treatment, and stabilizing the condition first.

At 0 a.m. on Friday, January 5, my father-in-law and I returned to Chaoyang Hospital. A test result was collected in the ICU. When I saw the ICU for the first time, I saw the family members with dim eyes at the door. Unexpectedly, I became one of them every two days. Dr. Teng looked at the test results and used moxifloxacin, doxofylline, methylprednisolone, acyclovir and other drugs for infusion and oxygen inhalation. I didn’t understand oxygen at that time: “why should I take oxygen for a cold?”

It will be understood later:

1) A cold is just a thief who opens the door to the human immune system.

2) The robber pneumonia rushed in after him, tearing his lungs beyond recognition.

3) Lung function is impaired. Breathing normal air can no longer provide enough oxygen.

4) Inhale pure oxygen, and the lung with impaired function can provide the minimum oxygen to the human body.

I had expected to lose the game in 3 hours. I also told my father-in-law not to worry, but my father-in-law was very tired and hurried back to the hotel to lie down and rest. He adjusted himself and lost in an hour. In the early morning, there were many old people and children in the infusion area, as if the devil were wandering here, and people’s energy and spirit were sucked dry.

At 1:00 p.m. on Friday, January 5, with the help of friends, I lay in the hospital bed as scheduled and felt relieved. The ECG monitors in the respiratory department were all full. My friend helped borrow an instrument from other departments to monitor my father-in-law. Now that I have been admitted to the third class a hospital, I am relieved to continue planning to visit CES consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas in four days.

At 14:30 p.m. on Friday, January 5, the doctor called me out of the ward for an interview. Doctor: “according to your film, the lung virus is spreading rapidly. If the disease goes down sharply and becomes’ big white lung ‘, it needs the support of an invasive ventilator. The ICU (intensive care unit) in our hospital has only six beds. I can’t guarantee that you have beds.”

This is the current situation in China. Our middle-aged and elderly people are not in good health. If they really have a pandemic flu, they need to have their lungs enlarged. If they really have a pandemic flu, they need to be hospitalized and enter the intensive care unit.

Our masses cherish their own lives. Even if any of them do not cherish their lives, our firefighters should also take risks to save them. People can be confused for a moment, just like the White left in Europe, who wants to accept refugees for a moment. But what if they regret later?

Whose father has a serious flu, but also to go to the hospital to see, not to mention the new crown?

In 2018, some people said that a flu would make the hospital without beds. There is him.

In 2022, we talked about preventing a pandemic influenza, right?

Looking at such people, it is likely that in 2018, they scolded the flu for leaving the hospital without beds, supported Female Boxers in 2019, forwarded Fang dialect theory in 2020, talked about lying flat for epidemic prevention in 2021, and supported Ukraine in 2022.

Some people say that the freedom of life and death is his own, which is not wrong, but there are people around who do not want to die. Such people lie flat for epidemic prevention and then run around, threatening the lives of others and those with old people and children at home.

Some people may work and live in big cities. When they encounter the inconvenience of epidemic prevention, they begin to scold the strict epidemic prevention, but they do not realize that according to what he said, if their parents in their hometown are infected, they will scold the poor epidemic prevention.

In 2020, we will get rid of poverty in an all-round way. We have indeed violated freedom and have not given people the freedom to fall into absolute poverty.

In 2022, we insisted on epidemic prevention, but we still violated freedom and did not allow the elderly and children the freedom to die.

We will never give such freedom. Such freedom is only a pseudo freedom of inaction or powerlessness.

This is determined by the nature and purpose of our party, which determines that we should do everything for the interests of the people. The first article in the interests of the people is the right to life.

This is determined by our national conditions. Our national conditions are the largest developing country. Our medical resources are not rich. The vast areas of the central and western regions are not rich in medical resources.

If we carry out collective immunization and lay flat, many old people and children who have not been vaccinated will die.

We would rather have a temporary impact on economic development than on the lives and health of the people. We have the ability and strength to implement dynamic zeroing and always achieve final victory.

Western countries realize that the long covid makes them unable to carry out social production, and the wind that they have to turn has appeared. The research of science magazine is that they are blowing the wind. Their internal game is gradually increasing. I look forward to the day when they have to turn. I don’t know who will be the next tombery at that time.

After all, there is a kind of net red in this world, which is specially used to top the pot.

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