Varuna: the God of water in Indian mythology, one of the top ten disciples of Buddha

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Water god is the God of water in ancient Chinese myths and legends. In the Chinese mythological system, the God of water is the most widely inherited and influential God. Such as narcissus, Jin “Shi Yi Ji” volume ten cloud: “Qu Yuan with loyalty to see rebuke, hidden in Yuanxiang……. Was driven by the king, but went to the cold water. Chu’s yearning, called Narcissus, established a temple.” Another example is Shui Bo. The “mountain and sea Sutra – Overseas East Sutra” says: “the valley of the rising sun, God said tianwu, is Shui Bo.”. In addition, in the inheritance of ancient books and people, all water gods have taboos. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


About the statement of water division and building

One of the top ten disciples of the Buddha throne, the Buddha Water God, has four arms, one holding clear water, one holding muddy water, one holding the drain bottle, one holding the water bottle, and the other holding the water bottle. The water flows in and out of the human world from two bottles.

Varuna has a wide range of knowledge. He first became a monk with his friends and practiced asceticism. After Sakyamuni became a Taoist, he went to refuge. He is good at distinguishing Buddha righteousness and widely preaching Dharma, which is called " Saying first &quote;. He is good at teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, meeting a kind of person and using a kind of statement. After his explanation, people were impressed by him and converted to Buddhism. Buddhism became crowded because of his statement, and everyone wanted to listen to him and benefit all his life.


The matter produced in the gap of the universe, the gods let it form a planet to make life. The Heavenly Emperor Indra, the God of fire ajini, the God of water Varuna, and the God of wind Indra move the material produced by the explosion of a star into a planet earth. When the earth was formed, the creator of the universe om sent Brahma here. He let the sun take on the energy of AUM, divided the three boundaries of heaven, space and earth, and injected the energy of AUM into the core of the earth, so the earth turned. Let the four main gods of Indra, ajini, Varuna, the God of water, and Rudra, the God of wind, maintain the operation of the earth, and then place suliya, the God of the sun, to manage the sun. The combined action of energy inside and outside the earth enables the earth to have the conditions necessary to maintain life. Such a planet that can produce life was born. The stars produced in the universe must operate under the energy of OM in order to ensure the continuation of life. However, once life produces independent consciousness, its selected energy operation mode will not be controlled by OM. The correct way will enhance the energy of OM, so as to repair the gap of the universe. The wrong way will exhaust the energy of the whole planet. At this time, all life must be destroyed and restarted, otherwise the planet will stop running and turn into a black hole that devours the Aum power.



The water god valona makes the earth have a vast ocean in which life is produced. After the birth of self-conscious human beings, Vishnu God came. He is responsible for guiding human beings to use the correct energy operation method. Except him, other gods can only interfere with human actions and consciousness. However, he can only act on people’s consciousness. When people are tempted by the development of material, they gradually give up the road guided by Vishnu, resulting in the gradual depletion of the energy of the earth, and the four main gods encounter greater and greater difficulties in maintaining the operation of the earth.


In order to save the earth, Shiva was sent by OM to destroy mankind. He used the power of the four main gods to constantly create disasters. The four main gods are not his subordinates, but he has the God staff of OM, which can control the consciousness of the four main gods. Varuna, the God of water, did not want to see the destruction of mankind. He asked God om to give mankind more time to save the earth by himself. God om then asked Varuna to seal the divine staff in the Himalayas with ice and snow, so that god Shiva fell asleep. If human beings correct their mistakes, the energy generated by themselves will prolong the sleeping time of Shiva. If we continue the wrong way of development, the energy of the earth will be exhausted to melt the ice and snow of the Himalayas, and the seal will be unlocked, and the appearance of the divine wand will awaken Shiva again… Disclaimer: the above content is from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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