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US Senator Davos is here again.

On the same day, the PLA sent 30 military aircraft to cruise in the airspace southwest of Taiwan Island, demonstrating our strong determination to safeguard sovereignty and territorial integrity.

However, the US senator’s visit to Taiwan is not simple. He is not just talking about strengthening economic and trade cooperation and understanding Gulf’s willingness to join the “Indo Pacific economic framework”.

According to some media, Davos also talked about planning the cooperation between the US National Guard and Taiwan’s defense forces, which is actually to strengthen the “US Taiwan security link” and form a practical military coordination.

In addition, recently, two aircraft carrier groups of the United States have quietly appeared in the waters near Taiwan island to conduct “two aircraft carriers” exercises.

The spokesman of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office has just issued a warning that it is very dangerous to connive at and support the separatist activities of “Taiwan independence”!


On the 30th, Davos led a delegation to Taiwan for a three-day visit.

On the morning of the 31st, Davos met with Tsai ing Wen. Tsai ing Wen mainly released Taiwan’s desire to participate in the US led “Indian Pacific economic framework” and deepen Taiwan US bilateral economic and trade partnership.

On the afternoon of the 31st, Su Zhenchang met with Davos. Su Zhenchang also continued to emphasize that “Taiwan and the United States should strengthen economic and trade cooperation”, boasting that Taiwan has strong strength in semiconductor and can make positive contributions to the United States.

Davos gave positive feedback. He not only expressed the hope that the United States and Taiwan could have direct economic and trade interaction, but even said that “the US Taiwan relationship is not a big brother or a little brother, but an equal friend”.

It is expected that Davos will continue to meet with Taiwan’s so-called “economic minister” and “foreign minister” and leave Taiwan on June 1.

However, according to the media, in addition to the economic and trade aspects, Davos’ visit may also want to promote the strengthening of “Taiwan US security ties” and plan for the cooperation between the US National Guard and Taiwan’s defense forces.

Strangely, the Taiwan media have omitted this point in their reports, only talking about Taiwan US economic and trade cooperation.

According to media reports, Tsai ing Wen mentioned during her meeting with Davos: “we look forward to closer and in-depth cooperation between Taiwan and the United States on regional security issues.”.

Taiwan media had previously reported that Taiwan may cooperate with the Hawaiian National Guard to carry out the plan.

Davos has a deep military background. In addition to being a member of the Senate Taiwan link, she is also a member of the Senate Military Committee.

She is a veteran of the Iraq war. In 2004, when she was driving a Black Hawk helicopter in Iraq, she was hit by a missile and lost her legs.


This is also the second time that Davos led a delegation to “visit Taiwan” in less than a year.

In June last year, Davos, together with Democratic Senator Kuhn and Republican Senator Sullivan, and other cross Party lawmakers, took a military plane to “visit Taiwan in a whirlwind”. On behalf of the US government, Davos also announced that 750000 doses of newcrown vaccine were given to Taiwan.

During the “visit to Taiwan” during the epidemic, Davos certainly did not come to Taiwan to say a few beautiful words.

According to media reports, under the arrangement of the American Association in Taiwan (AIT), Davos will meet with some Taiwanese manufacturers to expand her business and export market in Illinois.

At home, the curtain of the mid-term elections has begun.

Davos is facing fierce competition from Republicans.

Under the influence of the abnormal atmosphere in the United States towards China, this trip to Taiwan is considered to be a plus for her mid-term election.

Members of both parties in the US Congress now seem to regard coming to Taiwan as a “public expense trip”, a ceremony of cheap support for Taiwan.

In April this year, Republican Senator Graham came to Taiwan with a number of cross party senators and representatives, including Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Menendez. Graham also said: “the United States understands the importance of Taiwan. Abandoning Taiwan is tantamount to abandoning freedom!”

When asked about Davos’ visit to Taiwan at a regular press conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman zhaolijian said that this seriously violates the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques. The Chinese side is strongly dissatisfied with this and resolutely opposes it. It has made solemn representations to the US side.

We urge relevant US politicians to earnestly abide by the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques, immediately stop official exchanges in any form with Taiwan, and not send any wrong signals to the “Taiwan independence” separatist forces. China will continue to take strong measures to resolutely safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We have noted that the US government has recently sent a series of wrong signals on the Taiwan issue. What the US government should do is to implement President Biden’s statement on “four no’s and one no’s”.

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council also responded that it is very dangerous for some members of the US Congress to repeatedly take wrong actions that seriously violate the one China principle and the three Sino US joint communiques on the Taiwan issue and connive at and support “Taiwan independence” separatist activities!


On the same day that US Senator Davos arrived in Taiwan, the PLA sent 30 military aircraft to cruise in the airspace southwest of Taiwan Island.

Obviously, the “coincidence” of time has attracted much attention to this action of the people’s Liberation Army and also released a special signal.

In terms of quantity, the PLA has 30 military aircraft cruising in the airspace southwest of Taiwan Island, which is the second largest number this year.

The 30 sorties of military aircraft of the PLA include: 8 J-11 fighters, 6 j-16 fighters, 4 J-10 fighters, 4 yun-8 electric reconnaissance aircraft, 2 Su-35 fighters, 2 Su-30 fighters, 2 aerial police-500 early warning aircraft, 1 yun-8 remote surveillance aircraft and 1 yun-8 anti submarine aircraft.


This fleet covers the five main types of fighters in the PLA except the j-20 stealth fighter – J-11, j-16, J-10, Su-35 and Su-30.

It is also the largest number of fighter planes deployed by our army. Therefore, the meaning of training and running in is very strong.

The Su-35 fighter plane appeared in the southwest airspace of Taiwan island for the first time since may2018.

From the location of these PLA military aircraft, the island’s green media claimed that all military aircraft were operating in the airspace northeast of Dongsha Island. As Dongsha Island was previously speculated by some people in the United States and Taiwan and the media as “the most likely target to be captured in the PLA’s attack on Taiwan”, some people in wanwan believe that the PLA’s large-scale military aircraft operation may be related to “seizing Taiwan”.

Taiwan’s air force claimed that in the face of a large number of PLA military aircraft cruising, they “sent air patrol forces to deal with, broadcast displacement, and air defense missile tracking and monitoring”.

On January 23 this year, the PLA sent 39 military aircraft to cruise in the airspace near Taiwan Island, which is also the largest number of PLA military aircraft this year.


According to the statistics of Taiwan’s Defense Department, on October 1, 2021, there were 38 “common aircraft disturbing Taiwan”; Then there were 39 sorties on October 2, 16 sorties on October 3, and 56 sorties on October 4. This was also the largest number of sorties since Taiwan’s Defense Department announced “real-time military dynamics”.

It is worth noting that on May 25, the eastern theater of the people’s Liberation Army issued a notice saying that the spokesman of the eastern theater, senior colonel Shiyi, said that recently, the eastern theater of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army organized multi service and arms joint combat readiness police patrols and practical drills in the sea and airspace around Taiwan Island.

This is a solemn warning against the recent US Taiwan linkage activities. It is hypocritical and futile for the United States to do everything it says on the Taiwan issue and to frequently embolden the “Taiwan independence” forces. It will only lead the situation to a dangerous situation and will face serious consequences. Taiwan is a part of China.

The theater forces are determined and capable of thwarting any interference by external forces and separatist attempts for “Taiwan independence”, and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and security and regional peace and stability.

The PLA’s joint naval and air multi arms exercise around Taiwan island is a solemn warning to the United States and Taiwan, while stepping up preparations for war.

Besides fighter planes, these 30 sorties also included air police-500 early warning aircraft, yun-8 electronic reconnaissance aircraft, yun-8 long-range support jamming aircraft and yun-8 antisubmarine aircraft. These military aircraft played a very important, even indispensable, role in actual combat. It can provide the fighter with key intelligence and information to determine the victory or defeat of air operations.

An anonymous military expert said that the United States has frequently skirted and provoked the “Taiwan issue” recently. First, the US State Department website made a very bad change to the definition of “Taiwan Relations”, further weakened the expression of “one China policy”, and also fuzzified “not supporting” Taiwan independence “.

After that, Biden said that the United States would “protect Taiwan by force” in response to a reporter’s question during his visit to Japan. Although the White House, the State Department and the Department of defense all hurried to clarify that the one China policy had not changed and the ambiguous strategy towards Taiwan had not changed, Biden “said the same wrong thing” for the second time after taking office, which made people have to question the actual thinking of the US political elite.

In combination with the statement made by the eastern theater command, the PLA’s 30 military aircraft exercise is a manifestation of the PLA’s increased readiness for military struggle. In the face of core interests related to China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, we will not allow the United States and Taiwan to link up and break through our red line.

Moreover, the PLA military exercises have become normalized. We have also formed a “war of attrition” against the Taiwan military. When PLA military aircraft enter the southwest airspace of Taiwan Island, Taiwan military aircraft need to take off in accordance with the requirements of the Taiwan military. Because the PLA has a large number of military aircraft, a large group of pilots, and adequate relevant support, the Taiwan air force is exhausted and has become a “consumable”.

On the morning of the 31st, Taiwan Air Force reported that the training plane crashed unexpectedly and the pilot died. It is said that an AT-3 trainer from the advanced group of Kaohsiung air force academy suddenly disappeared on the radar when it took off at 8:03 a.m. that day for training flight, and the pilot lost contact.

In recent years, more and more aircraft have been destroyed and people killed during the training of the Taiwan army, which is also related to the strategy implemented by the Taiwan air force.


The recent activities of the US military in the East China Sea and near Taiwan island are also many, especially the activities of the US Navy aircraft carrier, which deserve our attention.

The U.S. nuclear powered aircraft carrier “Lincoln” first docked at the Yokosuka base of the U.S. Navy (Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) 10 days ago, replacing the nuclear powered aircraft carrier “Reagan”.

The US Navy said that the purpose of berthing at the port was to supply and rest the crew, and it was expected to leave the port in a short time.


In this way, the US military will maintain two aircraft carrier strike groups in the Indian Ocean Pacific region.

The deployment of the “Lincoln” aircraft carrier is the two consecutive years since the “Carl Vinson” in August last year that a US aircraft carrier whose home port is not Yokosuka base has docked.

However, relevant US military personnel said that this docking “does not mean a dual aircraft carrier system”. However, in fact, the US military is conducting “two aircraft carriers” exercises, and the location is not ordinary.

Recently, the US “Lincoln” aircraft carrier strike group and “Reagan” aircraft carrier strike group moved to the southeast waters of Okinawa respectively to conduct a two carrier exercise. The exercise sea area has caused great concern because it overlaps with the position of the previous exercise of the Chinese aircraft carrier formation.

The “strategic situational awareness of the South China Sea” announced on the 29th that, according to the ADS-B signals and satellite remote sensing images of the C-2 aircraft carrier of the United States, the “Lincoln” aircraft carrier strike group and the “Reagan” aircraft carrier strike group of the United States had transferred from Yokosuka and Iwo Jima, Japan, to the southeast waters of Okinawa from May 28 to 29.

The seventh fleet of the US Navy was a “chicken thief” and only talked about the exercise, but did not mention the location of the exercise. It is reported that on May 29, the planet satellite captured one of the aircraft carriers in the southeast waters of Okinawa, thus confirming the speculation of “strategic situational awareness in the South China Sea”.

The US seventh fleet twitter account said on the 28th that part of the drills conducted by the twin carrier strike group included ammunition supply, fire drills, etc. On the 29th, the “Reagan” aircraft carrier was carrying out “routine operations” in the Philippine Sea.

The US military claims that it is conducting exercises in the Philippine Sea. In fact, the Philippine Sea is very vast. To the West are the Philippine archipelago and Taiwan Island, to the northwest are the Ryukyu Islands, and to the north are Japan’s Kyushu Island Shikoku Island Honshu Island. According to the “strategic situational awareness in the South China Sea”, the US aircraft carrier formation activity area is located in the northeast of Taiwan Island and southeast of Okinawa.

An anonymous military expert said that the U.S. aircraft carrier strike group exercises near Taiwan Island and Okinawa in the Philippine Sea, which can cooperate and support with the U.S. shore based airmen stationed in Japan. In addition, the cruise missiles and shipborne aviation forces in the fleet can theoretically cover a considerable part of the Asian continent.

At the same time, in the view of the US military, once the Western Pacific and the Taiwan Strait are “in trouble”, the US aircraft carrier strike group can “intercept” the PLA Navy in the first island chain, support Taiwan Island and deter the mainland. This trend deserves high attention.


Recently, US military personnel have also put forward some tactics for fighting in the Asia Pacific region, especially in the face of such a powerful opponent as China.

For example, Grosso, who has more than 2100 flight hours of A-10 attack aircraft and currently serves as an instructor in the 66th weapon squadron of the US Air Force Weapons School, wrote on the military news website “task & purpose” that after general brown, the chief of staff of the US air force, announced that “failure will occur without accelerating change”, A-10 related personnel began to analyze how to achieve the future strategic, operational and tactical objectives of the service.

Grosso said that the concept of A-10 integrated range strike weapon was put forward about 10 years ago, but it has not been paid attention to; However, the tactical experts have discussed two effective schemes. The first is to integrate adm-160 micro air launched decoys (MALD). A 4-aircraft formation of A-10 will be able to carry up to 64 malds and act as a “decoy truck”, using a large number of false targets to confuse the air defense images of Chinese Mainland.

In particular, the MALD can be set in advance. It does not need to spend too much time and money to integrate with the A-10 combat computer. As long as it can be mounted and launched, it may take only a few months to put into operation if it is supported by the air combat command (ACC) and other superiors.

The second plan is to carry the agm-158 “joint standoff missile” (jassm). It is expected that the A-10 can carry 4 to 5 jassm at a time, which is almost equivalent to the F-15E. With the rapid fuel supply capability, the A-10 will effectively strengthen the instantaneous firepower of the US Air Force in the “Indo Pacific” region and create greater trouble for the PLA.

Therefore, while the United States is stepping up its military preparations, we must not take it lightly. We must improve our ability to accomplish the great cause of reunification with more actual combat exercises.

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