Vishnu: one of the three Hindu gods and the highest ranking God in narrative poetry

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Vishnu is the God with the highest status in narrative poetry, who has the power to maintain the universe and dichotomy the divine power with Shiva. Vishnu and the auspicious goddess of the goddess live on the highest day, riding on Golden winged birds. It usually appears in the image of ‘four arms’ holding round wheels, faluobei, sticks and bows. His personality is mild, he gives favors to devout believers, and often incarnates into various images to save the world in danger. One of the three Hindu gods. It was translated all over the sky, pisounu and daheitian. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


Introduction to the throne

Vishnu also translated into heaven, Vishnu and daheitian. VI ? ? u, the Hindu god of protection, was originally one of the Vedic sun gods in the Vedic era. In the Hindu era, it was upgraded to the main god to maintain the order of the universe and became one of the three gods in India. Legend has it that Vishnu slept on the bed of Ananta, the serpent, and floated on the sea of the universe. Whenever the cycle of the universe begins with a “disaster” (equivalent to 4.32 billion years on earth), Vishnu wakes up, and Brahma, born from a lotus growing from his navel, begins to create the world, and at the end of the disaster, Shiva destroys the world. Vishnu sleeps and wakes up repeatedly, and the universe keeps cycling and updating. Vishnu in Vedic mythology is not a powerful God. But in Hindi, he occupies a powerful position in one of the three main gods, and has derived countless myths.

Wearing overview

In Hindu statues, Vishnu is usually the crown of the king, with cyan skin color, wearing gemstones, holy threads and thick Vishnu garland, holding conch, wheel treasure, fairy battle, lotus, divine bow or sword in his four arms (his weapons sometimes appear in an anthropomorphic image), sitting on a lotus or riding a golden winged bird Garuda. There are four hands, holding God snail, God plate, God pestle and lotus. He also has a divine bow and a divine sword. Sometimes he sits on a lotus flower, sometimes lies on a thousand headed snake, and sometimes rides on a roc bird. His wife appeared when the God of heaven and Asura stirred the milk sea, and her name was auspicious heavenly daughter. Vishnu lives in the Heavenly Kingdom of vikonta on the top of Milu mountain, and the auspicious goddess lakshm ?) And BH, the goddess of the earth ? m ?) It’s his divine concubine. The story of Vishnu coming down to save the world is widely spread in India and is well known. Vishnu held a faluobei, halo, stick and lotus, and the mount was a big bird called Garda. The thousand headed shasalon (or anantalon) hid it.


Vishnu is the God with the highest status in narrative poetry, who is in charge of maintaining the power of the universe and dichotomy with Shiva. Vishnu and the God consort auspicious day live in the highest tiansu. His personality is mild, he gives favors to devout believers, and often incarnates into various images to save the world in danger.


Vaishnavism, a sect of Hindus in Vishnu, dedicated to him, and there are more than 1000 temples in the country. Vishnu is the embodiment of kindness and kindness, with omnipotent power to protect and maintain the universe and the order of the universe. Vishnu in Vedic mythology is only famous for the “three steps” to step out of the measuring world. It is not a very noble God, but its status in Hindu mythology has been greatly improved. It is considered to have an equal status with Brahma. Even many followers of Vishnu sect believe that Vishnu’s status is above Brahma and Shiva, and that only Vishnu is the only true God, And Brahma and Shiva can only be regarded as “demigods” (of course, believers who worship Shiva will in turn believe that the god they believe in is the greatest).

In a version of the myth of creating the world, it is mentioned that at the beginning of creation, there was only an endless sea. Vishnu God lay on the serpent Naga and stretched out a lotus from his navel. When the lotus bloomed, it emitted thousands of times the brilliance of the sun, in which Brahma was born, Then Brahma created the world again – according to the Buddhist Classic dazhengzang, which is deeply influenced by Hinduism, “a thousand leaf golden wonderful lotus flower comes out of the navel, and its light is as bright as ten thousand days. Someone in Central China is sitting at the head of the head, and this person has boundless light again. He is called the Brahma king. The Brahma King’s heart gives birth to eight sons, and eight sons give birth to the people of heaven and earth” refers to this thing – so some people also believe that Vishnu is the creator of the creation God Brahma, Therefore, it should have a higher status than it.

Wife and children

Lakshmi or bhumi, the goddess of the earth, is the goddess of Vishnu.

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