Vision and wealth

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Vision and wealth

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Philer’s rise and wealth have always been a mystery in the eyes of many people. He who unties the bell must tie it. His inscriptions may have summarized his legendary life of constantly discovering miracles in the ordinary, and may also help many people solve the mystery of his rise and wealth:

There is no lack of wealth around us, but a lack of dreams and vision to find wealth.

” [/color]

Philler was born in a slum. Like many children born in the slums, he is competitive and likes playing truant. What is different is that philler had an extraordinary vision to discover wealth since he was a child. He repaired a toy car he picked up from the street, let the students play, and then each collected it

zero point five

cent. Within a week, he earned a brand-new toy car.

Philer’s teacher said to him with deep regret:

If you were born into a rich family, you would be an excellent businessman. However, it is impossible for you to become a street vendor.

After graduating from high school, philer became a peddler just as his teacher said. He has sold batteries, hardware, lemonade, and everything is handy. Compared with his peers in the slums, he can already be regarded as a person who has invested in the land.

But the teacher’s predictions were not all right. Philer started from a batch of silk and became a merchant from a small merchant. That batch of silk came from Japan in sufficient quantity


Tons, because of the storm during the ship transportation, these silks were soaked. How to deal with these dyed silks has become a headache for the Japanese. They want to sell, but nobody cares; If you want to ship it out of the port, you are afraid of being punished by the environmental department. So the Japanese planned to throw the silk into the sea on their way back.

There is an underground bar in the port, where philer often drinks. That day, he was drunk. As he hobbled past several Japanese sailors, they were talking to the bartender about those annoying silks. The speaker was careless and the listener was intentional. He felt that the opportunity had come. The next day, philler came to the ship, pointed to a truck parked in the port and said to the captain:

I can help you get rid of these useless silks.

As a result, he had the dyed silk at no cost. Then he used the silk to make camouflage clothes, camouflage ties and camouflage hats. Almost overnight, he had


Million dollars.

One day, philler saw a piece of land in the suburbs. He found the owner of the land and said he would use it


Million dollars. The owner of the land got it


Ten thousand dollars later, he laughed at him in his heart:

Only a fool would pay such a high price in such a remote place like this!

Surprisingly, a year later, the municipal government announced the construction of a ring road in the suburbs. Before long, Feller’s land appreciated

one hundred and fifty

Times. A rich man in the city found him and was willing to pay

two thousand

Million dollars to buy his land, the rich want to build villas here. However, philer did not sell his land. He smiled and said to the rich:

I still want to wait, because I think this land should be worth more.

As expected, philler did not expect,


Years later, the land was sold

two thousand and five hundred

Million dollars.

His colleagues wanted to know how he got the information. They even suspected that he had contacts with municipal officials. But the result disappointed them very much. Philer didn’t have a friend who worked in the municipal government.

Philler is alive


Before he died, he asked his secretary to publish a message in the newspaper, saying that he was going to heaven. He was willing to give a message to the people who had lost their loved ones at a charge per person

one hundred

USD. This seems absurd news. It aroused the curiosity of countless people, and he made money


Million dollars. If he could stay in bed for a few more days, he would earn more.

His will was also very special. He asked his secretary to put an advertisement saying that he was a gentleman and would like to lie in the same grave with an educated lady. As a result, a noble woman was willing to


Million dollars to sleep with him.

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