Waiting for me on Naihe Bridge

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In the Ming Dynasty, there was a man named Wang Cheng who failed to do business outside. He suffered a lot along the way and finally returned home.

“Caiyun!” As soon as Wang Cheng entered the house, he excitedly called for his lovely wife, but no one came out to promise. There was only a baby crying in the room. Wang Cheng walked into the room several steps, lifted the curtain, and saw a baby sleeping in bed.

“Is this my child?” Unexpectedly, Caiyun got pregnant when she left! Wangcheng holds the child in his arms and weeps with joy. At this time, a woman comes in outside the door. She is sang’er, Caiyun’s servant girl.

Sang’er saw Wang Cheng and wept bitterly. Wang Cheng hurriedly asked her where Caiyun was. Sang’er cried for a long time, but he couldn’t say a word. He just talked. Wangcheng is so worried that he doesn’t know what disaster has happened to his family. His wife’s whereabouts are unknown. Sang’er is mute again. After sang’er talked for a long time, wangchengcai finally understood that Caiyun died in childbirth when she gave birth. The news was like a bolt from the blue, which broke Wang Cheng down.

Caiyun was originally the daughter of a rich family in Yange county. Because his father had offended powerful people, he was sent to prison on the charge of Luo Zhi and was beheaded. It was sang’er, a servant girl, who escaped with Caiyun and was rescued by Wang Cheng, a scholar who had failed, so she became a husband and wife. The couple took sang’er to a small gully and lived in anonymity.

Caiyun got a taste of poverty when she married Wang Cheng. At first, she didn’t say anything, but soon she couldn’t stand it. She always lost her temper and took sang’er out of anger. Wang Cheng can’t bear to let Caiyun, who is used to a rich life, suffer with him, so he takes out his little savings and goes out to do business alone. He vows to earn money and let Caiyun live a good life again.

Unexpectedly, something unexpected happened. After wandering outside for more than a year, Wang Cheng not only didn’t make money, but also met bandits, and his money was looted. Wangcheng was seriously ill and thought he would die in a foreign land. During his illness, he had a dream in which Caiyun smiled sweetly at him: “Wang Lang, you can’t die. It hasn’t been 100 years!” After Wangcheng woke up, he took out the square scarf embroidered by Caiyun from his close pocket and read the above oath affectionately: “the two hearts are closely connected. You and I will meet for a hundred years. If anyone dies at the age of 97, he will wait three years on the bridge.” Caiyun is waiting for him at home! Wangchengqiang braced himself up, slept in the open air all the way, and finally returned home. Unexpectedly, his beloved Caiyun had left him.

Wang Cheng thought about the oath again and again. He said to sang’er, “sang’er, the child is yours. I’m going to accompany Caiyun. I can’t bear to let her wait for me on the Naihe bridge!” Then he stood up and hit the post. Sang’er was so frightened that she hugged him and burst into tears. She shook her head vigorously, then turned around and hugged the child and stuffed it into Wang Cheng’s hands, which meant that you should live for the sake of the child.

Wang Cheng looked at the sleeping baby in his arms and softened his heart. His wife’s voice and face whirled in his mind. He suddenly ran to the kitchen, picked up a kitchen knife and cut off his three fingers with one knife! He murmured, “Caiyun, since I can’t accompany you to the underworld, let’s bury you with my fingers instead of me. I will raise our children and go to you.”

Wangcheng asked sang’er where Caiyun was buried. Sang’er gave instructions and gestures. It was unclear. Therefore, Wang Cheng had to hold the child outside the door. He found Caiyun’s tomb even after dark. Finally, he fainted because he lost too much blood from his severed finger.

When Wang Cheng wakes up, he finds himself lying in bed with his hands wrapped up and the pot covered with hot food. The child was sleeping in bed, smashing his mouth and smiling. Wangcheng suddenly feels that Caiyun is not dead. She must have turned into a fairy and is silently taking care of herself and her children!

Wang Cheng thought like this, and something strange happened. When there is no rice at home, a bag of rice will come out. New clothes of him and his children will appear in the suitcase from time to time. Wang Cheng cannot find Caiyun’s grave, so he believes that she is still alive and imagines that she will suddenly appear in front of him and his children one day.

In a blink of an eye, a year passed. At the end of the year, the child had a serious illness, and Wang Cheng was in a panic. In this remote rural area, where would he go to find a husband? Seeing that the child was weak day by day and anxious, Wang Cheng walked with the child for a long time. When he saw a temple in front of him, he immediately carried the child to the temple to burn incense. Unexpectedly, he actually met Sang Er here. Since he cut off his finger that day, Sang Er disappeared. Wang Cheng guessed that Sang Er must not want to suffer with their father and son, so she found another way out. It’s no wonder that people used to take care of the master-servant relationship with Caiyun, but now Caiyun is gone, who doesn’t take care of everyone?

Sang Er came out of the temple with a haggard face. Seeing the child shivering in Wang Cheng’s arms, she hurriedly took out a colorful dress from her pocket and wanted to put it on for the child. When Wang Cheng saw this thing, he couldn’t help but get angry. What kind of clothes were these? They were all shirts sewn with ragged strips of cloth, no different from beggars’ clothes. Think about how delicate the clothes Caiyun put in her suitcase. Wang Cheng grabbed the clothes and threw them far away. Sang Er picked up the clothes silently, anxious and sad, and hid to the side with tears in her eyes. Wang Cheng worshipped the Bodhisattva and prayed that the child would get better soon and live in peace.

After Wang Cheng came back from the temple, he put the child on the bed and went to work on the ground. When he came home in the evening, he was surprised to find that the child had put on the “beggar’s shirt” at some point! Is it Sonny? Why would she do this? Wang Cheng went out to look for it, but he didn’t see Sang Er, but found a beggar walking towards his house not far away. Wang Cheng thought of the scene where he came back begging all the way, and he was very sad. There was no one else here. If you eat, the beggar may starve to death. He thought about it, turned back to the house and brought out a bowl of leftovers. He walked over to the beggar, and when he got close, he couldn’t help but exclaim, and the bowl fell to the ground and shattered.

The unkempt beggar standing in front of Wang Cheng was actually his long-awaited wife, Caiyun! Wang Cheng was so surprised that he was speechless. Before he could regain his senses, Sang Er appeared out of nowhere. She pulled Caiyun into the room, closed the door, and motioned for her to wait for the young lady to take a bath and change her clothes. , and asked Wang Cheng to go out. Wang Cheng didn’t know what to do, and only felt that Caiyun seemed to be hiding from him on purpose, and Sang Er’s expression was also very strange. He quietly came to the door, but heard “Mute” Sang Er speak!

While giving Caiyun a bath, Sang Er asked her how she fell into such a state of despair. Caiyun’s answer made Wang Cheng who was outside the door almost fainted. It turned out that back then, she was not used to the hard life, and left her child and the businessman Shen Hua who passed by and ran away. After a period of prosperity, Shen Hua was a gambling addict and soon lost all his family property. , and sold her to a brothel. Cai Yun couldn’t stand the inhuman torture, so she found an opportunity to sneak out. Although she felt sorry for Wang Cheng, she had nowhere to go, so she took a bit of luck and hoped that Wang Cheng would stay here before she returned home. Nothing happened… But Wang Cheng had already returned, and Caiyun didn’t know what to do.

Sang Er said while weeping: “Miss, you shouldn’t be so cruel at that time, the child is so young, and besides, you and your uncle have made a 100-year contract, I told him you died as you said, and he almost accompany you Go to hell. I was afraid that he would ask you about your situation and I didn’t know how to answer it, so I had to pretend to be dumb all the time. Seeing how pitiful his father and son are, I built a straw shed a dozen miles away, planted the fields and weaved cloth, and secretly helped them. Why don’t you say that you did all this, then come back and live with him!”

Wang Cheng’s heart fell into the ice hole, and when the two came out of the back room, he pointed to a square scarf on the table with a livid face and said to Caiyun: “You go, don’t lie anymore, the pure Caiyun in my heart has long been Dead, my vows with her have already been buried in the loess.” Wang Cheng said, and raised his left hand with three broken fingers.

Caiyun was so ashamed that she took the scarf and left without a word. Sang Er tried to catch up with tears in her eyes, but was caught by Wang Cheng.

He took off the child’s clothes without saying a word, and Sang Er hurriedly stopped him. She hurriedly told Wang Cheng that she had been away for three days and three nights to find a hundred households surnamed Liu in the village outside the mountains. It is necessary to come and make a hundred clothes made of cloth strips kneeling in front of the Bodhisattva, so that the children can be “retained”. Wang Cheng remembered her haggard appearance and anxious expression in the temple, and had mixed feelings for a while. Thinking of Sang Er and Cai Yun, he regretted that he had seen the wrong person.

Wang Cheng begged Sang Er to stay and take care of the child, and Sang Er agreed. Perhaps it was Sang Er’s sincerity that moved God. The child’s illness was getting better day by day. Sang Er took care of the child, took care of the housework, and took care of the family silently. Wang Cheng was grateful to Sang Er from the bottom of his heart, and felt that Sang Er was good, but he didn’t dare to make any vows to Sang Er, because Caiyun hurt him too deeply.

Twenty years have passed in a blink of an eye, and the child has grown up, but Sang Er fell into a serious illness and fell into bed and could not get up. Before she died, she called Wang Cheng. Sang Er said with tears that Cai Yun lived in the thatched cottage where she used to live. Over the years, Sang Er has been giving her money and rice. She couldn’t bear Caiyun to suffer outside, she was the child’s mother after all.

Wang Cheng was moved by Sang’er’s kindness, he held her hand tightly, and burst into tears. Sang Er stretched out her hand to wipe away his tears, and then said, “After I die, you have to take care of Caiyun and be good to her… This, I must be buried with me after I die.” After she finished speaking, she stretched out her hand from the pillow He took out a box and gave it to Wang Cheng.

On the day of Sang Er’s death, Wang Cheng suddenly felt a great pain in his heart, as if his whole body had collapsed. In these twenty years, he did not say love to Sang Er, only then did he realize that love is not an oath, but a dull one. In fact, he has already engraved Sang Er in his heart. Wang Cheng cut off a strand of his own hair and prepared to put it in the box to be buried with Sang Er. When he opened the box, he couldn’t help being stunned. There were three dry phalanges lying in the box. That’s right, he cut it off. Fingers, she’s been under her pillow all these years! There was also a note in the box. Wang Cheng opened the note and wrote a poem on it: “Although you have no oath to me, I will never change my heart to you. I can’t share my dreams in this life.

With tears all over his face, Wang Cheng murmured, “Sang Er, wait for me on the bridge!”

That night, Wang Cheng’s son had a dream. He dreamed that his father wore a big red flower on his chest and led a bride with a red hijab to say goodbye to him and told him to take good care of his own mother. When he woke up from the dream, he went to see his father, and Wang Cheng had gone with a peaceful face.

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