Wake up trumpet responds to rumors of a second child, the female assistant collapses and says she wants to lose weight

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Now as long as a star appears in the same frame with a opposite sex alone, everyone will basically question the relationship. Many male stars have been rumoured with their female assistants, and waking up this time is even more exaggerated. Wake up trumpet responded to the rumors of a second child, saying that her female assistant collapsed after seeing the news and said she wanted to lose weight. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Wake up trumpet responds to rumors of a second child

The cause of the matter is that some gossip media took photos of waking up and a woman. I felt that I was walking beside me when I woke up, and I still wore a mask to cover my face that day. The media said that the woman was Liao Yuchen, the wife who woke up, and said that Liao Yuchen’s abdomen was slightly swollen and looked like she was pregnant. Because Liao Yuchen had a child before waking up, the media said that Deng Chao and Liao Yuchen were suspected of having a second child.

After waking up, he responded to the rumors of a second child with his trumpet, saying that as soon as he went out to work and met the female assistant, the other party collapsed and said that he would start to lose weight with the waking agent. The awakened fans were also laughed at, because the person mistaken by the gossip media for the awakened wife was actually the awakened female assistant Nannan. This oolong is very funny for the people who eat melons, but it is very speechless for the party Nannan.

Waking up, the female assistant collapsed and said she wanted to lose weight

A girl was inexplicably speculated by the media that she was pregnant and published photos. Any girl would feel speechless and collapsed. The awakened female assistant is just a little meat on her stomach. Now we should also understand why female stars don’t dare to be fat. Because when a female star is fat, everyone will spit out that she is pregnant and suspect that she is pregnant. Of course, not only female stars, all girls should also pay attention to their bodies to avoid this embarrassing misunderstanding.

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