Wang Anyu’s cheating in the college entrance examination was reported by the whole school, and he was criticized by netizens for his poor life in bed

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Wang Anyu is well known by many netizens because of his role in the 20th century, and many netizens buy shares of Wang Anyu. They think that his appearance and temperament are outstanding among the young actors in the entertainment industry, and he will definitely be popular. Wang Anyu is not popular yet, but the negative news has been a big push. It is revealed that Wang Anyu cheated in the college entrance examination and was informed by the whole school. He was even criticized by netizens for his poor life in bed. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Wang Anyu cheated in college entrance examination and was notified by the whole school

Wang Anyu also went through the school bully setup before, but now he has been exposed as cheating in the college entrance examination. The source said that Wang Anyu’s high school classmates knew about this, because the school criticized Wang Anyu in a notice throughout the school. Some netizens revealed the chat screenshots of two female online celebrities. One of them claimed to be Wang Anyu’s gun friend and complained about Wang Anyu’s special narcissism.

I had a relationship with Wang Anyu before I changed my netizen roast. My own experience was particularly bad. So when Wang Anyu asked her again, she didn’t want to go. In fact, when Wang Anyu was just starting his career, she was hammered by a female netizen who wrote a private message on Weibo. She wanted to see the photos of the other party and hoped to add the wechat of the girl. But later, Wang Anyu had a backer. After being praised by the company, these negative news was eliminated by public relations.

Wang Anyu was caught in the net and roast that he could not live well in bed

As a result, many netizens did not like Wang Anyu. After all, they have been exposed so many times that the people who eat melons do not believe that these melons are fake. But for Wang Anyu’s fans, they don’t believe these revelations. Fans said that they could complete the entertainment circle with their bare hands, and the cost of counterfeiting was too low. Wang Anyu’s fans believe that these black materials are fake materials fabricated by the family to prevent Wang Anyu. Do you think these black materials are real or fake?

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