Wang Bingbing was divorced. Who is Wang Bingbing’s ex husband

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Recently, Wang Bingbing’s love life has attracted the attention of many netizens because of his relationship with xujiayu, a handsome swimmer. It’s a pity that Xu Jiayu was exposed to be in two boats. His private life is very chaotic and he also likes dating. Therefore, many netizens feel sorry for Wang Bingbing. The emotional path of loving Wang Bingbing is too bumpy. Wang Bingbing got married twice? So who is Wang Bingbing’s ex husband? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Wang Bingbing was divorced

Although Wang Bingbing is a very lively, cheerful and lovely little girl image in front of the screen, in fact, Wang Bingbing, who was born in 1990, is 32 years old this year, but looks more childlike, like a little girl in her early 20s. As a sports reporter of CCTV, Wang Bingbing, with his angelic smile, conquered many male fans and suddenly became popular on the Internet.

Many people are popular. After Wang Bingbing became popular on the Internet, many people also began to pick up Wang Bingbing’s private life. As a result, Netizens found that Wang Bingbing had been married before, but unfortunately he divorced his husband. Some pictures of Wang Bingbing’s wedding scene were also posted on the Internet. Even netizens who claimed to be insiders broke the news, saying that Wang Bingbing cohabited with her boyfriend at the age of 19. After breaking up, she quickly found a man to get married. Roast’s private life is also very chaotic.

Who is Wang Bingbing’s ex husband

Omnipotent netizens soon picked out Wang Bingbing’s ex husband, Zhou Yunpeng, and Xu Jiayu was also an insider, a host of Jilin TV station. As for why the two divorced, I’m afraid only Wang Bingbing and Zhou Yunpeng know. However, Xiaobian feels that in this society, even if she has been divorced, she should not be discriminated against by everyone. Because Wang Bingbing has been divorced, we can’t spread rumors that her private life is chaotic. I hope you don’t look at divorced people with colored glasses.

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