Wang Bingbing’s marriage and divorce turned out to be fake work. Affected by Xu Jiayu, she has been suspended

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Since Wang Bingbing became popular with the name of CCTV’s most beautiful reporter, there have been some negative news about Wang Bingbing on the Internet. This time, because of the scandal with Xu Jiayu, Wang Bingbing once again became the object of heated discussion, and the online news about her marriage and divorce was picked up again. Is Wang Bingbing’s marriage and divorce fake? Wang Bingbing is really miserable. Not only has he been rumored to get married and divorced by netizens, but also he has been suspended because of Xu Jiayu. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Wang Bingbing married and divorced, but it was fake

When Wang Bingbing just became popular, a netizen exposed a group of photos of a wedding held in Changchun in April 2011. The netizen said that the bride at the wedding was Wang Bingbing himself, and that the groom was a host of a local station. So many gourd eaters mistakenly think that Wang Bingbing was really married and divorced. What’s more, it’s speechless. Someone even made up that Wang Bingbing lived with someone when he was 19.

It can only be said that there are many people who are popular. Some people on the Internet make all kinds of black materials for Wang Bingbing because of jealousy. First of all, the bride at the wedding is not Wang Bingbing, but Wang Bingbing’s cousin. The cousin looks a little similar to Wang Bingbing. Unexpectedly, some people spread rumors. Moreover, many netizens came out to crack down on counterfeits, saying that the bride in the wedding was really not Wang Bingbing. Her profession was a teacher and she taught many students.

Wang Bingbing has been suspended under the influence of Xu Jiayu

Wang Bingbing was recently found by netizens to be suspected of falling in love with swimmer Xu Jiayu, and was also bombarded by netizens Tu Tu, who claimed to be Xu Jiayu’s ex girlfriend. Xu Jiayu and Wang Bingbing were together when the two were not separated. Although Tu Tu said that Wang Bingbing didn’t know her relationship with Xu Jiayu, this matter has seriously affected Wang Bingbing’s personal image. Even insiders are violent. Wang Bingbing has now been completely suspended by CCTV. As for whether he can be reinstated, it is still unknown.

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