Wang Chuanjun has even participated in the role of “come on, good man” in the real tennis prince

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Wang Chuanjun’s public remarks in recent years and his image on the screen make everyone think that Wang Chuanjun is a very inner and calm person. Even many people think that Wang Chuanjun himself has a sense of distance, which makes people dare not approach him. However, we can never imagine that Wang Chuanjun was also very outgoing in his early years. Wang Chuanjun even participated in the cheering boy, and also acted in the live version of the tennis prince. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Wang Chuanjun was a good man who participated in refueling

Wang Chuanjun recently participated in the variety show Mao xuewang. In the program, the host cue talked about Wang Chuanjun’s career in the talent show, and even watched the video clip of Wang Chuanjun’s early participation in the talent show. At that time, Wang Chuanjun was only 22 years old. He participated in the popular talent show of Oriental satellite TV. There were also many well-known stars in that session, such as Jing bairan, Fu Xinbo and Li Yifeng.

Wang Chuanjun also won the national top 20 in this program. The next year, he also starred in the live version of the prince of tennis, but his role was not very much. Therefore, many netizens do not know much about Wang Chuanjun’s experiences. However, before Wang Chuanjun joined the cheering boy, he had already started acting and was a newcomer in the entertainment industry.

Wang Chuanjun plays the real prince of tennis

Wang Chuanjun, who has just started his career, is also very outgoing, and is willing to dance all kinds of dances on the stage in front of everyone. Now, Wang Chuanjun is absolutely unwilling to do these things. I felt that Wang Chuanjun was watching the video of himself dancing in the program, and felt a sense of social embarrassment. In this way, Wang Chuanjun’s personality has changed a lot. Maybe he has been in the entertainment circle for a long time and experienced a lot, and his personality will change greatly. Of course, it is also possible that he will become mature and stable with his age.

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