Wang Chuanjun Qi Xi openly fell in love with Taohuawu 2 guests collectively called Qi Xi

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Wang Chuanjun and Qi Xi are very low-key actors, but netizens who pay attention to them all know that the two have quietly married and even have children. Wang Chuanjun and Qi Xi disclosed their relationship, which is also the first time that the two have freely disclosed their relationship after so many years together. Wang Chuanjun also specially found two guests from Taohuawu to collectively record a video to call Qi Xi. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Wang Chuanjun Qi Xi’s open love affair

Although Wang Chuanjun and Qi Xi are both low-key actors, since they had children, the two people have started to work hard at all, and both chose to appear in variety shows. Netizens ridiculed that this is the pressure of Wang Chuanjun and Qi Xi to earn milk powder money and strive to make money and raise children. Wang Chuanjun chose to participate in the second season of the 50km Taohuawu of Tencent video. In the first episode of the program, he became the topic of the program change because he refused Song Dandan.

Compared with Wang Chuanjun, Qi Xi’s sister 3, who braved the wind and waves in the variety show, seemed to have no sense of existence. If it weren’t for Na Ying’s crazy confession in the first issue that she likes Qi Xi, she really doesn’t exist. Moreover, sister Lang 3 has been broadcast for several periods, and Qixi has no point worth discussing. Netizens even joked that Qi Xi was invalid to participate in sister Lang 3.

Taohuawu 2 guests call Qi Xi collectively

However, after the new episode of Lang Jie 3 was broadcast, Wang Chuanjun specially recorded a video to call Qi Xi. In the video, all the dock people of Taohuawu 2, 50 kilometers away, went out and recorded this call video with Wang Chuanjun, realizing the dream linkage between Taohuawu and sister Lang. With the participation of so many stars, Wang Chuanjun’s video of calling Qi Xi was also popular. Qi Xi also replied to Wang Chuanjun in the comment area, thanking the dock people of Taohuawu 2. Netizens also left messages wishing Qi Xi could ride the wind and waves!

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