Wang Hedi used to be an Air Cadet and military training instructor. Who can refuse such a handsome instructor

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Wang Hedi has recently been loved by many netizens for her role in the TV play canglan Jue. Wang Hedi has also become the husband in August in the eyes of many netizens because of this play, and Wang Hedi’s past has also been criticized by everyone. Wang Hedi used to be an Air Cadet and military training instructor. Netizens said that no one could refuse such a handsome instructor? What’s going on? I’ll reveal it today.

Wang Hedi once worked as an air hostess

With Wang Hedi’s popularity, there are more and more revelations about him on the Internet. It is not true that Wang Hedi once did the job of air hostess. Many photos of Wang Hedi’s air hostess on the Internet are actually advertisements he took for an airline in his early years. The reason why Wang Hedi was selected is related to Wang Hedi’s academic background. Because Wang Hedi was a student of southwest aviation college at that time, he was recruited directly through the school to shoot this advertisement.

However, it is absolutely true that Wang Hedi once worked as a military training coach. Wang Hedi was a national defense student at that time, so he would be assigned to some junior high school students or high school students as military training instructors. After Wang Hedi became famous with canglan Jue, some netizens showed a group photo of Wang Hedi when he was their instructor. The photo is really too fuzzy, but it can still show Wang Hedi’s handsome appearance.

Wang Hedi used to be a military training instructor

The netizens who broke the news said that when Wang Hedi was an instructor, there were many rumors about him among the students. Everyone knows that a particularly handsome military training instructor came. Many people who have met Wang Hedi praise him for being particularly handsome, and feel that Wang Hedi’s handsome is not photographed on the screen. However, in canglan Jue, Wang Hedi still has a lot of super handsome scenes. I feel that the director of canglan Jue is quite good at shooting. Friends who like Wang Hedi and ancient puppet play should not miss the play canglan Jue.

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