Wang Ou he Jiuhua hugs Wang Ou he Jiuhua at the door of the hotel. Why doesn’t he Jiuhua admit his love

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Today’s Deyunshe girl should not be very happy. First, Chen Xiaohua was arrested for attempted threats, and then he Jiuhua was photographed dating Wang ou. However, Xiaobian felt that compared with Chen Xiaohua, it was really no big deal for he Jiuhua to talk about a relationship. Wang Ou hugged at the gate of he Jiuhua hotel. The two people were photographed many times, but they never admitted their love. Why? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Wang ou and he Jiuhua hugged at the door of the hotel

Recently, the media caught the picture of he Jiuhua and Wang Ou dating. They appeared together in the parking lot of a shopping center, and then they drove to a hotel. Wang Ou got off the station first and waited for he Jiuhua. He Jiuhua came out of the car after parking and immediately hugged Wang ou. After that, the two men entered the hotel with each other in their arms like conjoined babies.

This is not the first time that Wang ou and he Jiuhua have been photographed. Not only do insiders know that they are dating, but many gourd eaters also know the fact that they are in love. But as the parties, they do not admit or deny the relationship. As for why they don’t admit their relationship, it is said that it is because of the relationship between he Jiuhua’s parents. Although Wang Ou’s coffee position in the entertainment industry is far greater than he Jiuhua, he Jiuhua himself is from the rich second generation, and his family is very superior, which is still worthy of Wang ou.

Why doesn’t wang ou and he Jiuhua admit the love affair

People familiar with the matter said that Wang Ou is actually very likely to have an open relationship, because she is not young, and she hopes to get married earlier after she has an open relationship with he Jiuhua. But Wang Ou was not liked by he Jiuhua’s denominator because of the previous luminous script event. Therefore, he Jiuhua’s denominator is very opposed to his son’s association with Wang ou, and it is impossible to agree that they are married. So he Jiuhua and Wang ou can only communicate in a low-key way now. It is estimated that only after he Jiuhua’s parents agree, can their relationship be revealed to the world.

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