Wang Sicong changed his girlfriend again. The new girlfriend is suspected to be an online celebrity

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Wang Sicong’s girlfriend continued one after another. A few days ago, Wang Sicong’s girlfriend, Shen Jie, was still showing her love on the trumpet. She said that Wang Sicong took her to Sanya route and gave herself a shrimp king to eat. Now Wang Sicong has changed her girlfriend. Shen Jie has become the past. The online Red crying bag has replaced Shen Jie’s position. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Wang Sicong changed his girlfriend again

Shen Jie and Wang Sicong have been dating for a long time. They are basically inseparable. Everyone thought that Shen Jie would become Wang Sicong’s last girlfriend. Unexpectedly, netizens still overestimated Shen Jie and Wang Sicong. How could Wang Sicong settle down. Some netizens came across the picture of Wang Sicong shopping with a girl. They quickly found out that the girl was a crying bag.

Wang Sicong and sobao were also very ambiguous when they went shopping. They had many intimate behaviors and felt like boyfriend friends. If it was just shopping, people would not suspect that Wang Sicong and Shen Jie had a problem with their feelings. Shen Jie’s reactions are the key to her breaking up with Wang Sicong. After Wang Sicong’s crying bag was filmed, Shen Jie’s first news was that she was moving, and Shen Jie also deleted the video of Wang Sicong sharing dog food.

Wang Sicong’s new girlfriend is suspected to be an online celebrity

Shen Jie’s various behaviors also make people think that Wang Sicong is seamlessly connected and even cheated on the Internet. Shen Jie was hurt by Wang Sicong this time. In response, some netizens went to the crying bag social platform to leave a message, asking if she was dating Wang Sicong. I didn’t expect to cry and reply & ldquo; We should eat melons rationally;, There was no positive response. Therefore, the netizen roast crying bag is playing a word game. Her relationship with Wang Sicong is definitely not ordinary. Otherwise, she would not like to be scolded as Xiao San and would have come out long ago to deny the scandal.

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