Wang Sicong takes Shen Jie out on a private plane to send shrimp to his girlfriend. It’s very warm

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Wang Sicong has had a lot of online celebrities’ girlfriends. Recently, Shen Jie, an online celebrity, is being favored. Shen Jie often records Wang Sicong’s sweet daily life in her trumpet. Wang Sicong took Shen Jie out on a private plane, and even sweetly sent shrimp to his girlfriend during dinner. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Wang Sicong takes Shen Jie on a private plane

Shen Jie recently posted a video of her trip to Sanya on her trumpet. Shen Jie went by private plane. In the picture of Shen Jie and the private plane in the same frame, Wang Sicong’s back appears. After arriving in Sanya, Shen Jie also took a pink luxury car. Before that, Wang Sicong was also photographed driving out in a pink luxury car. Obviously, Shen Jie was traveling with Wang Sicong.

Shen Jie also said that she and her boyfriend sat apart when eating because there were too many people. However, his boyfriend secretly pulled the largest shrimp on his table. His boyfriend also said it was the shrimp king. Shen Jie also took a photo with this shrimp, which looks almost as big as Shen Jie’s palm. Shen Jie’s video texts all reveal the flavor of love. It is reported that Wang Sicong also brought many relatives and friends to Sanya for vacation by private plane. However, even so, Wang Sicong did not neglect his little girlfriend. No wonder Shen Jie was so happy.

Wang Sicong sends shrimp to Shen Jie to warm her heart

Shen Jie and Wang Sicong have been dating for quite a long time. Besides, the previous epidemic, the two people were basically bored with each other and never separated. Many netizens are also very concerned about the emotional state of Shen Jie and Wang Sicong. They are particularly curious whether they will come to the end and whether Shen Jie can finally marry Wang Sicong and become Wang Jianlin’s daughter-in-law. Of course, there are still many netizens who are not optimistic about it. They think that Shen Jie will eventually become Wang Sicong’s past, just like Wang Sicong’s online celebrities.

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