Wang Wei wrote a poem when he lived alone. It was only 20 words, but it cured the world for more than 1200 years!

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Sitting alone in the bamboos, playing the piano and roaring again.

The people in the deep forest do not know that the moon is coming.

——Wang Wei’s Bamboo Pavilion

In the past, I always yearned for prosperity and liveliness,

I always feel that only standing in the middle of the crowd,

To feel their true existence.

Today, I have just woken up,

Life is a lonely journey.

All the way forward, all the way to meet,

Gathering and dispersing is a normal state.

What we can do is not to accommodate and pursue,

But learn to reconcile with yourself,

You can cherish the encounter and be alone.



That night, Wang Wei sat quietly in the bamboo forest,

It reflects the bright moonlight,

One person, one piano, accompany each other.

The sound of the zither is loose and far away, and the singing is faint and remote,

At the interval, there was only echo,

Bamboo leaves shake gently in the wind.

Sitting alone in the bamboos, playing the piano and roaring again.

The people in the deep forest do not know that the moon is coming.

——Wang Wei’s Bamboo Pavilion

The night is deep, and everything is quiet,

Only one bright moon hung high in the sky.

People, with the sound of piano and singing,

It seems to have achieved interaction with everything around,

It seems to be integrated with nature,

Infused with each other, I am empty.




At this time, Wang Wei has entered his old age,

He lives in seclusion in Wangchuan, Lantian, often alone,

But I am infinitely intoxicated with this rare serenity.

Back in those years, I was a senior scholar in high school and served as a senior official,

However, he was relegated because of his subordinates’ involvement.

He started to be semi official and semi reclusive, but his wife suddenly left,

In addition to being with your mother, you are all alone.

He was surrounded by Ronghua Meifu at the beginning,

The original life is doomed to walk alone.

I used to be afraid of loneliness,

I always feel that prosperity is happiness.

Later, he was forced to walk alone for a while,

It is intimidated by the majesty of the Yellow River and Mount Tai,

Feeling the magnificent sunset over the long river,

After the An Shi Rebellion,

Only then did I find that the most beautiful scenery and the most peaceful heart,

It turned out that they met when they were alone.




Nothing in your heart can move the wind.

Keep quiet in a secluded place and place it alone,

No noise, no worldly affairs, no entanglement.

It can clear your worries,

Reach the state of breaking through the fog to see the moon;

You can concentrate,

It is quiet and rich to plant chrysanthemums in your heart.

In solitude, give yourself a moment of leisure,

With a clear mind,

Watch the spring and autumn coming, distinguish the changes with each passing day,

It can concentrate, repair the heart, and nourish the temperament,

Not even

Time flows to the east,

The time passed away.




Lin Huiyin once said,

“If you want to measure how strong a person’s heart is,

It depends on whether he can be alone.

People who can still be calm and full when alone,

It must be someone who knows himself,

It is very clear what you want and what you don’t want.

In my opinion, the best person to be alone is,

It should belong to Zhang Ailing, the person who takes photos of flowers in Linshui.

Lonely, sensitive and distinguished,

Live quietly, leave quietly,

Extremely lonely, yet extremely blooming.




Since childhood, Zhang Ailing has been in dire straits.

My father is ruthless, always beats and scolds, and shows no pity;

The mother is loveless, demanding and never warm.

I was wandering and lonely in my heart,

Since then, he has been hurt by Hu Lancheng.

Only when you are alone can you stay away from troubles,

Only when you don’t touch your body can you feel relieved.

In her old age, she traveled to America,

Don’t see the past, live alone.

Being alone is the best way for her to protect herself,

Being alone is also her most arrogant attitude to maintain freedom.



Take off the disguise and enjoy solitude,

Learn to accept yourself, get along with yourself,

There is no need to flatter others and never rely on the outside world.

Later, I found that I can also cover everything,

Alone, there are thousands of possibilities.



When Muxin was 19, he used to recuperate under the pretext of recuperation,

In the cold winter, I took two boxes of books to hide in the mountains.

The mountain is quiet and quiet, and life is cold and simple,

The mountain people don’t understand why the rich young master asked for hardship.

But the loneliness in others’ eyes is cold,

It is the most wonderful existence in Wooden Heart.

There, he read and wrote all day long,

Live a simple and full life.

When the winter passed, he returned with some manuscripts.




He said, “You don’t need to look for me where there are millions of people gathering.

If I want to meet you, I will feel sad and happy,

What we can do is to return to nature after a long journey. “

He is always so delicate, elegant and full of air,

He has worked hard to build his own art world,

Listen to Mozart, paint, write poetry, and speak literature,

Even in prison, suffering, life has never stopped.

Enjoy life alone, and it is also very complete,

There is no loneliness, only one person.




Mr. Yang Jiang once said:

“Life is all about knowing yourself,

Train yourself and transform yourself voluntarily. “

What should life be like,

After all, it’s up to you the final say.

Being alone can be a kind of loneliness,

Similarly, it can also become a kind of Qinghuan.


The so-called “closing the door is a deep mountain”,

A clear and firm heart,

Is the real source of comfortable life.

Give yourself time,

Sweep away all the pomp with tranquility,

To observe one’s own heart, one must be pure and sincere,

Fearless of all disturbances,

In the most comfortable way,

Enjoy the most precious years.


May everyone who doesn’t want to live up to time,

Can dance in plain days,

In solitude, you can get the ownership of your heart,

In life, free and brilliant.

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