Wang Xiaofei cried live that she wanted to have children, and netizens shouted not to sell anymore

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Wang Xiaofei seems to cry in the live broadcast room every once in a while, and the point of crying is to miss her child. Wang Xiaofei cried about missing children live. Many netizens said that they were tired of watching the play and shouted that Wang Xiaofei would not come out to sell miserably again. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Wang Xiaofei cries about missing a child live

When Wang Xiaofei brought goods to live broadcast recently, she looked like she had drunk some wine and her face was flushed. During the live broadcast, Wang Xiaofei suddenly talked about children. Unexpectedly, Wang Xiaofei suddenly had tears in her eyes as she talked, and wiped her eyes with her hands from time to time. Wang Xiaofei said that he really missed a pair of children. He had negotiated with his ex-wife big s for a long time, but the other party refused to meet Wang Xiaofei and the children. Wang Xiaofei reluctantly said that she could only take her time.

Wang Xiaofei’s fans naturally support Wang Xiaofei. Seeing Wang Xiaofei’s appearance, they brush the screen one after another. They love Wang Xiaofei so much that they angrily scold big s for doing so. Even if the custody of the two children belongs to big s, big S has no right to prevent Wang Xiaofei from meeting the two children. It is illegal to be in love and reason.

Netizens shouted that Wang Xiaofei should stop selling miserably

However, many netizens said that this was Wang Xiaofei’s usual means of selling miserably. When there was no heat, he began to cry and sell miserably to his children in the live studio, so as to win the sympathy of the public, and then changed the sympathy of the public into traffic, and changed the traffic into the sales volume of the live studio, so as to make money. Netizens said that Wang Xiaofei has been photographed with Zhang Yingying, the third child, many times. For Wang Xiaofei, the third child is still more important than a pair of children. Otherwise, Wang Xiaofei can’t derail and cause her marriage to break up, making a pair of children become children of a single parent family. Wang Xiaofei is not qualified to sell miserably.

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