Wang Xiaofei sued Ge Siqi and refused to admit after being questioned by GE Siqi

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When Wang Xiaofei and big s divorced, many netizens stood in Wang Xiaofei’s side because they thought he had paid more in this marriage. Unexpectedly, the paparazzi Ge Siqi soon exposed the affair of marital infidelity. Wang Xiaofei sued Ge Siqi. When GE Siqi called to question Wang Xiaofei, Wang Xiaofei refused to admit it. What exactly is going on? I’ll reveal the secret today.

Wang Xiaofei sued Ge Siqi

When GE Siqi exposed Wang Xiaofei, Wang Xiaofei was very strong at the beginning, which made many netizens think that GE Siqi slandered Wang Xiaofei. However, with more and more evidence released by gesqi, everyone also believed that Wang Xiaofei did have marital infidelity, and her private life was quite chaotic. When GE Siqi threatened to release more of Wang Xiaofei’s black material, Wang Xiaofei also pleaded with Ge Siqi and even moved out her mother Zhang Lan. Zhang Lan was angry with him and was hospitalized, hoping that GE Siqi would show mercy.

Under Wang Xiaofei’s plea for mercy and the mediation of the big men in the circle, Ge Siqi also let Wang Xiaofei go for the time being, and the enmity between Wang Xiaofei and Ge Siqi is over. Unexpectedly, Wang Xiaofei recently sued Ge Siqi for damaging his reputation. Ge Siqi was so angry that he directly called Wang Xiaofei to ask why Wang Xiaofei did this.

Wang Xiaofei does not admit to suing Ge Siqi

Unexpectedly, Wang Xiaofei denied that she wanted to sue Ge Siqi, and said that GE Siqi was very good to herself. She didn’t want to sue Ge Siqi at all. Maybe her lawyer went to the court to sue Ge Siqi in order to collect commission fees. Wang Xiaofei’s statement is really funny. If Wang Xiaofei is not authorized, how can his lawyer take the initiative to sue Ge Siqi in the court? Wang Xiaofei should calm down for a while, otherwise he will annoy Ge Siqi, and it is estimated that GE Siqi will expose a lot of black information.

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