Wang Xinling’s remarks in the past were picked up, saying that do not bring the boring atmosphere of Weibo to INS

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Wang Xinling was paid attention to again by virtue of “Lang Jie 3”. In the end, she made her debut at the C position and became famous by virtue of this program. However, many people are red, and Wang Xinling’s former remarks have been picked up. Wang Xinling even complained to netizens that she should not bring the boring atmosphere on Weibo to INS. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Wang Xinling’s former remarks were picked up

After Wang Xinling became famous, her past remarks began to be re examined by netizens. Some netizens complained that Wang Xinling had a problem with her political stance. She came to the mainland simply to make money. She did not like the mainland. Because Wang Xinling had roast on INS before, she asked netizens not to bring the boring atmosphere of Weibo to INS. Just looking at this roast, people will really question whether Wang Xinling does not like the mainland. But in fact, after we understand the causes and consequences, we will know.

Before Wang Xinling became famous, she didn’t work much for a long time. First, Wang Xinling really can’t get any good resources. Second, Wang Xinling also wants to relax, so she travels all over the world. As a result, many netizens on Weibo shouted at Wang Xinling, saying that Wang Xinling had no ambition for career, and also roast that Wang Xinling did not share her status. On her microblog, Wang Xinling said that it was her choice to tell netizens whether to share or not, so that netizens would not force them to share their lives.

Wang Xinling complained about the boredom of Weibo

This also led Wang Xinling not to use Weibo very much. Unexpectedly, this group of people went to the ins to shout Wang Xinling, which led Wang Xinling to publish this controversial dynamic on the ins. Therefore, the editor thinks that it is unnecessary for everyone to question Wang Xinling because of this sentence. Wang Xinling also does not want to be & ldquo; Control & rdquo;. Wang Xinling now focuses on the mainland and has signed a cooperation agreement with Hunan Satellite TV. Next, Wang Xinling will shoot TV dramas of Hunan Satellite TV. Wang Xinling’s fans can look forward to it.

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