Wang Zhaojun and Shan Yu: a smile on a moth’s eyebrow

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Throughout the ages, love has been a popular topic among the people, and literary works praising love have emerged in endlessly. But most of them are love tragedies, and few of them end in comedies. So today’s China story net Xiaobian will bring you a love story about Wang Zhaojun and Shan Yu. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

Zhaojun was born in a scholarly family and had a noble character. Because she refused to bribe the painters, they painted her plain. In this way, no matter how outstanding Zhaojun’s temperament and appearance are, he can only live a lonely life and die of old age in the deep palace.

However, if it is a real pearl, it will not be buried. How can the noble Zhaojun be buried for a lifetime and end up depressed because of the villain’s destruction?


At this time, the Hun king called Han Yedan to China to ask for peace. As a rule, the Han Dynasty and the Huns had to choose a princess or the daughter of a royal aristocrat. This time, however, emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty wanted to select a palace maid for him, so he ordered someone to send a message to the harem: “whoever wants to make peace with the Huns is treated as a princess.” Although you can fly to the branches and become a Phoenix, no one is willing to leave home and marry in a remote, cold and barren land, and live with different languages and cultures.

However, the unusual Zhaojun stood up at this time and voluntarily married the Huns, which reflected her extraordinary courage and courage.

The Pearl never loses its luster. At the farewell meeting at which Hu Hanxie Chanyu visited Chang’an, emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty called Zhaojun out. As soon as Zhaojun came out, the Han Palace lit up. Her dazzling beauty and temperament without human fireworks were like the arrival of a fairy in the sky. The Yuan emperor was surprised and wanted to keep her. However, he could not break his faith with the Hun king and married her to the Hun.


In the face of heavy snow and cold wind, Zhaojun married to the Mongolian desert in the north from afar, in order to achieve long-term peace between Hu and Han and relieve the people from suffering from war. After she went out to the frontier and married, the long-term disturbances and wars between Hu and Han were calmed down, and the Central Plains culture was brought to the Huns. Therefore, the Han Dynasty and the Huns maintained peace for more than 60 years, which had a far-reaching impact on the harmony between the two ethnic groups. Some people even think that Zhaojun’s “work of calming Hu” (bringing peace to Hu and Han) is as famous as Huo Qubing, a famous general of the Han Dynasty.

There are many beautiful legends about Zhaojun. It is said that when “Zhaojun went out of the frontier”, he thought of becoming a rootless duckweed far away from his hometown and his bumpy fate during his journey to the desert. He couldn’t help feeling sad. He took out his Pipa and played the “song of going out of the frontier” to express his sadness. Her sadness came from the pipa in her hand. The wild geese flying across the sky were also infected with the sadness and resentment of the peerless beauty. They were all broken hearted and fell from the air. Later generations used “falling wild goose” in “sinking fish and falling wild goose” to describe Wang Zhaojun’s peerless beauty.

However, Zhaojun was not only willing to leave the fortress, but also an ordinary person. She did not stay in personal self pity. It is said that Zhaojun was originally a fairy in heaven and came to earth to marry the Hun Shan Yu. In order to bring the Hun culture and Hu Han peace, and set up a model of sacrifice for others.


The beautiful legend of fairies has been spreading all the time: when Zhaojun left the fortress, he just walked to the Heihe River. At that time, the wind was blowing hard and the sand was flying. There was only darkness in front of him, and the army could not move forward. Zhaojun calmly took out the pipa he had brought from his hometown and played it. As soon as the wonderful sound of Pipa came out, the new wind stopped howling, colorful auspicious clouds filled the sky, ice and snow melted, and everything began to grow. The barren wasteland was covered with green grass, the water of Heihe River was also clear, and the land was full of beautiful wild flowers. Shan Yu was overjoyed and settled down along the Heihe River with his people.

Later, Zhaojun followed Shan Yu to the foot of Yinshan Mountain and the north and south of the desert. Wherever Zhaojun goes, there is plenty of water and grass; When he came to a place short of water, Zhaojun drew into the air with his pipa, and there appeared a clear river and green grass on the ground; Zhaojun also took grain seeds from her exquisite brocade bag and sprinkled them on the ground. The ground gave birth to grain.

Zhaojun was loved by the Xiongnu people. It is said that when she died, people from far and near came to the funeral. They wrapped bags of earth in their clothes and folded them into Zhaojun’s tomb, which is now located in the famous “Qingzhong” in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. There is also a special legend about Zhaojun’s tomb. It is said that it changes three times a day: “the morning is like a Feng, the afternoon is like a bell, and the unitary is like a fir”. It means that Zhaojun’s tomb looks like a mountain peak in the morning, like a Ding bell at noon, and like a chicken fir mushroom at dusk.

There is a saying in the past dynasties that “beauty is a curse to water”, but Zhaojun has set up a model of beauty and meritorious service. In fact, these peerless beauties and celebrities who have left their names in the annals of history are mostly sent from heaven to the world because they have tasks. The sky has always attached great importance to sex and lust. Those who can pass the pass will be rewarded accordingly; There will also be relative punishment for those who are unable to sustain their evil. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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