Wang Ziwen, Wu Yongen quarrel netizen: this relationship can’t go far

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Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen got to know each other because of their participation in love, and the two fell in love because of the program. After that, they made a high-profile public love. In order to have more opportunities to accompany Wu Yongen, Wang Ziwen even refused to lose a lot of jobs and recently took Wu Yongen to a reality show. In the program, Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen quarreled, and netizens saw the footage of the two people arguing, saying that their relationship is not long-term. Why do netizens say so? Xiaobian will analyze it today.

Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen quarrel

First of all, there are cultural differences in diet between Wu Yongen and Wang Ziwen. Wu Yongen wants to eat his favorite food in the program, and Wang Ziwen is the same, so this makes the two people have contradictions. In fact, Wang Ziwen is not good at cooking. Wang Ziwen is telling Wu Yongen “ Let me make you a sweet tomato ” I didn’t expect Wu Yongen to fight back against Wang Ziwen. Let alone make it for him, Wang Ziwen also wanted to eat it.

This sentence completely angered Wang Ziwen, and Wang Ziwen’s face pulled down directly. Translate the subtext of Wu Yongen’s sentence. In fact, it is roast that Wang Ziwen is willing to cook this dish, and it is not made for Wu Yongen. Wang Ziwen wants to eat it himself, so he doesn’t want to receive Wang Ziwen’s love. This problem seems to be a small problem in life, but in fact, it will really make people collapse bit by bit, so Wang Ziwen suddenly changed his face.

Netizens are not optimistic about Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen

Many netizens said that Wu Yongen and Wang Ziwen’s current mode of getting along was completely different from their previous mode in love. They felt that Wu Yongen did not love Wang Ziwen so much now, so they were unwilling to tolerate Wang Ziwen. Many netizens even began to predict that Wu Yongen and Wang Ziwen would definitely break up. It is likely that they were vaccinating on this program. Maybe the two will break up after the program.

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