Wangxuebing made a voice for the official media on the Dukang liquor platform to block the gap for the disguised comeback of bad performers

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The entertainment industry has been cracking down on pornographic, gambling and drug artists. Artists who have been exposed and proved to have such scandals will be banned by the radio, film and Television Bureau without exception. But these artists still want to test the bottom line of the public and try to make a comeback. Wangxuebing caused controversy for the Dukang liquor platform. In this regard, the official media also made a voice at the first time, saying that they would block the gap for the disguised comeback of bad performers. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Wangxuebing is the platform for Dukang liquor

Many stars will participate in some commercial activities and provide platforms for some brands. Popular stars are basically brand platforms that speak for themselves. Some n-line stars or past stars are simply invited by the brand side to be their activity platforms. Recently, Netizens found that the well-known liquor brand Dukang liquor even invited wangxuebing to its platform.

Wangxuebing even recorded a 14 second promotional film for Dukang liquor. In the promotional film, wangxuebing congratulated the launch of new Dukang liquor. This is definitely a commercial activity. This video of wangxuebing immediately attracted many netizens’ onlookers and angry criticism. You know, in 2015, wangxuebing was arrested for taking drugs, and then he was directly banned by the entertainment industry. At that time, the official wechat of CCTV news, the official media, also specially reported the matter.

Wangxuebing’s comeback was blocked

I didn’t expect that after so many years, there are still brands that dare to invite a banned drug addict to their own platform. Do you think your brand is hard enough to be resisted by netizens? This time Dukang liquor not only angered netizens, but even the official media came out again. The state-run media said that they must close the gap of the disguised comeback of evil artists and bring the punishment of evil artists into the track of legalization. We also hope that major brands will not test the bottom line of the public.

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