Wanniange: decipherment of the prophecy of Wei Shu Wu dividing the world into three parts

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A branch flows to Xichuan,

Three parts of the country are handed down to two generations.

——”Ten thousand year song of heaven and earth”

The first half of the sentence shows a strong humanistic concept of the romance of the Three Kingdoms, implying a premise – compared with the peerless hero Cao Cao, Liu Bei is orthodox. It should have been Liu Xuande with big ears, but Cao ahui robbed more than half of the world

Orthodoxy is divided into good people and bad people. When children watch TV, they must first ask which is good and which is bad. If you say that there are no good people and bad people in this TV series, the child’s eyes will be very confused – without bad people, he doesn’t know who to guard against; Without good people, he doesn’t know who to follow.

Children are barbarians in the civilized era. They are uncivilized in mind and lack understanding of the external environment. The unknown category in their thinking is relatively wide, and the unknown means danger and fear, so they must figure out who is good and who is bad to protect themselves.

Compared with children, adults observe the real world much more fully and rationally. But if this kind of observation and cognition still stays in the primitive thinking stage, our performance will be no different from that of children, which is reflected in the traditional culture, which is a simple dichotomy of right and wrong, loyalty and adultery. In the quintessence of Peking Opera, the characters must have loyalty and treachery. There must be loyalty and treachery. Loyalty and treachery do not stand side by side. Ice charcoal is different. And this concept should be directly reflected in the appearance of the characters. The treacherous minister must be a big face, and the loyal minister must be full of righteousness.

Chen Shou’s “annals of the Three Kingdoms” mixed in many historical books is difficult to attract people’s attention. When Luo Guanzhong had a whim to revise it into a novel style “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” with the dichotomy of loyalty and evil, it immediately became popular in the north and south of the river, because this simple classification method is in line with the pulse of our traditional culture, which is most beneficial to our spleen and stomach.

After all, is Liu Bei orthodox?

Why is he orthodox? Because his surname is Liu? What about Liu Biao and Liu Zhang, who were played with tears by him?

Regarding Liu Bei as orthodox is the most typical family world thinking; In fact, Liu Bei is no different from Cao Cao and Sun Quan. They are all heroes in troubled times. There is a story in Shishuoxinyu, which can vividly and aptly provide us with Liu Bei’s Historical Positioning:

Cao Gong called peiqian and said, “Qing used to be in Jingzhou with Liu Bei. How about Qing Bei?”

Qian said, “if you live in China, you can disturb people, not cure them. If you take advantage of the danger, you will be the master of one side.”

Cao Cao asked peiqian, “you used to live with Liu Bei when you were in Jingzhou. What do you think of Liu Bei’s talent?” Pei Qian replied, “if Liu Bei is in the Central Plains, he can only disturb the people and cannot govern well; if he is in a remote and dangerous place, he is enough to be an independent overlord.” Looking at peiqian’s words, we can see that the so-called “traitor of governing the world” originally said our kind big ears.

What does this evaluation mean?

It means: Liu Bei is born to be a master who causes trouble. If he is placed in the Central Plains, he will only cause trouble to the people. What about governance? If you put him at the border, he will cause trouble to people outside the border. Of course, this is a good thing.

So, how did Liu Xuande trouble everyone?

According to history, Liu Bei once ordered that people should be forbidden to brew private wine, and anyone who found brewing utensils in people’s homes should be prosecuted. One day, Jian Yong and Liu Bei went out together. There were men and women on the road, so Jian Yong said to Liu Bei, “hurry, catch that man and woman, and they want to meet in the street!” Liu Bei was shocked and asked, “how did you know they were going to do such a thing?” Jian Yong replied, “because they all have tools to do this!” Liu Bei laughed and abolished the prohibition.

In fact, brewing is just a piece of cake. Liu Bei played harder when he captured Sichuan.

Before attacking Liu Zhang, Liu Bei announced to the soldiers, “as long as you take Sichuan, you can take whatever gold and silver treasures in the Treasury. They belong to you. The lone King won’t take anything.” Under heavy rewards, there must be brave men. For the gold and silver treasures in the Treasury, the soldiers of the three armed forces fought their lives and won Chengdu in an instant. The soldiers threw down their weapons, each carrying dozens of gunny bags, and rushed into the Treasury. In an instant, they saw that the originally full Treasury had only fallen on a vast white land, which was really clean.

When the soldiers came out happily carrying sacks of treasure, they saw a notice outside the door: “in order to unify the market, stabilize prices, put an end to illegal transactions, and safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, illegal transactions will be banned from now on. All transactions should be carried out in the official market, and violators will confiscate trading instruments…”

The soldiers took the treasure to the official market and looked. Hey, there is another way to make it worse: official market transactions must use Liu Beizhu’s big money, and other currencies are invalid; If you want to make a deal, you have to take the gold and silver treasures to Liu Bei to exchange chips… As a result, the soldiers robbed for a long time, and fell into a thief’s name for nothing. All the treasures in their hands were exchanged for chips, and Liu Bei became rich.

In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, it is said that hundreds of thousands of people followed Liu Bei when he fled. This is Luo Guanzhong’s wide eyed lie. What did the people do with Liu Bei? Don’t you think you’ve been played enough by this guy?

However, Liu Bei did not cause any trouble to the people of Jingzhou, but Zhugeliang ravaged the tourists in Jingzhou. According to history, Cao Cao’s land and water armies came together, his banners pointed south, and Liu Cong tied his hands… Just when Liu Cong wanted to tie them down, Liu Bei considered fighting, but the number of local people was too small to send them to the front line, which was not enough for Cao Bing to chop. Being worried, Zhugeliang offered a plan. Zhugeliang said, “Jingzhou has a small population, which refers to the fixed population with registered permanent residence. In fact, there are not many floating population; we will carry out a floating population statistics, order all floating population to report truthfully, and then organize them to the front line to let Cao Cao chop them. If you don’t believe it, you won’t die…” this is the historical appearance of Jingzhou people supporting the old and carrying the young and running behind Liu Bei. “. If you don’t follow Liu Bei, he will kill you. This is the reason why Pei Qian said that Liu Bei could not govern the people – men, women, old and young were sent to the front by him. If such people were placed at the border, wouldn’t his opponents be embarrassed to die alive?

But then again, it was Shang Yang’s initiative to organize the masses and send them to the battlefield in the Warring States period. Moreover, Liu Bei’s game is not excellent, and Cao Cao is also an expert in this field.

After the war of Guandu, Cao Cao took Jizhou, so he rushed to inspect it excitedly. When we arrived in Jizhou, Cuiyan, a famous local scholar, came to receive us. He took out the registered permanent residence of the local people. There were 300000 people. Cao Cao was overjoyed, Immediately ordered: “immediately organize these 300000 people into an army, organize training, and I will take them to take Jingxiang…” Cui Yan said: “I object. The people of Jizhou were ravaged by Yuan Shao and were forced to go to the front to fight with their families. How inhumane it is! The people of Jizhou are looking forward to the stars and the moon, and they are looking forward to the imperial court to liberate them. But when you Cao Cao came, you didn’t say you would benefit the people, but you wanted to drag them into the war to die again. Didn’t you disappoint them?” Cao Cao nodded, “what you said is reasonable.” Then he caught Cui Yan, shaved her hair, and took her to a labor camp to do hard labor. Before long, Cao Cao said, “Cui Yan didn’t seriously accept the transformation. He twisted his beard every day. It was clear that he resisted the labor transformation and killed him.” So Cui Yan was cleared at a fixed point.

We have noticed that Liu Bei can become as famous as Cao Cao because they are familiar with the tactics of controlling the people, which makes them another group of people since the Liu Bang era. A person who can use the essence of legalist thought to control the people perfectly means that his brain is not simple and will definitely not stay in the primitive thinking stage. Such a person will have a market in any era, and it is even more inevitable to make a lot of money in a specific period at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

So, what are the characteristics of this era in the late Eastern Han Dynasty?

At this time, there was an undercurrent among the people. The intellectual community was ambitious to win power, and launched a brutal and bloody battle with the eunuch group. As a result, China’s intellectual elite and eunuchs died together, and finally forced the people to follow Tianshi religion.

Zhang Ling, a petty official, resigned and went into the mountains to practice Taoism and create Tianshi Taoism, which was not only related to the progress of human civilization, but also related to the political characteristics of China at that time.

Liu Xiu, Emperor Guangwu of the Han Dynasty, began to rule the country by force. Coupled with the coaxing of the Huns at the border, scholars and scholars have joined the army. It is the so-called “better be a centurion than a scholar”.

By the time of the second generation of emperor Hanming of the Eastern Han Dynasty, theoretically, this period should pay close attention to ideological education; If the emperor doesn’t occupy the propaganda position of cultural public opinion, intellectuals will run up and lie down. Zhang Ling, a minor official, found this problem and hid in the mountains to complete his theoretical construction of Tianshi Dao; If the emperor of Han and Ming understood a little, he would immediately catch Confucianism.

The emperor of the Han Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty abandoned Confucianism, which suppressed the people’s thoughts, and went to the western regions to seek Buddhism – seeking Buddhism is a good thing and should be praised, but Buddhism has just entered China, so how can it have an adaptation period? This adaptation period will take at least 300 or 200 years. Can Emperor Ming of Han Dynasty wait?

There was a blank in the theoretical construction, which led to the ideological confusion of the people. The intellectual elites keenly seized this rare opportunity and jumped out in an attempt to win power. But it was eunuchs who seized the power vacuum faster than the intellectual elite, because they were closest to power.

In 92 ad, the Eastern Han Dynasty and the emperor hated the dictatorship of Dou Xian, the brother of Empress Dowager Dou. To what extent is Dou’s dictatorship? Dou Xian took a fancy to Princess Qinshui’s private house, and without saying anything, he moved his blanket into it, spread it on Princess Qinshui’s couch, lay down and sleep; Qinshui Princess didn’t dare to say anything, so she had to run away secretly. Emperor Zhang of the Han Dynasty learned that he had carried out serious criticism and education on Dou Xian, which will not be an example.

During the reign of emperor Zhang of the Han Dynasty, Dou Xian’s sister was only the queen, so he bullied the princess that he dared not even cry; When he emperor ascended the throne, Dou Xian’s sister became the empress dowager, and Dou Xian’s power expanded further. Finally, when Dou Xian went to the court, the ministers discussed whether to kneel down to him and shout long live. At this time, Han he emperor was like a puppet. Not only the officials in the court attached to Dou Xian, but also the eunuchs around him.

From Emperor Guangwu to Emperor he, only four generations have returned to the situation of Wang Mang’s era. We can see how bad Liu Xiu’s foundation is!

Dou Xian accepted the worship of his ministers with dignity, but Han he di sat alone in the deep palace, wondering if he could find a friend to help. Who can he find as an emperor? Only eunuchs can be found. Zhong Chang Shi and Gou Dun made Zheng Zhong cautious and scheming, and became the only assistant of Han he emperor to seize power.

So suddenly one day, Emperor Hanhe appeared in the North Palace under the protection of Zheng Zhong, and issued an imperial edict to order Jin Wu and the five captains of the northern army to prepare for war, garrison the south palace and the North Palace, close the city gate, arrest all the trusted followers of Dou Xian in the central court, send them to prison and execute them, and then force Dou Xian to commit suicide, which was light and easy to take back power.

Since then, eunuchs have officially entered the political arena and become the most reliable force around the emperor.

No matter how powerful Han he was, he would die sooner or later. After his death, his son Shang emperor ascended the throne. Hearing the name, we knew that the child’s life was too short – Han Shang emperor became emperor less than 100 days after he was born, and died less than 200 days later. So everyone found Liu Hu, the nephew of Emperor Han he, to ascend the throne for emperor Han’an.

Power fell into the hands of the Empress Dowager Deng and her relatives. Emperor Han’an endured it and finally endured it until the Empress Dowager Deng was out of breath, so he backfired and killed Deng. Eunuchs in this service made new contributions again, and eunuchs Li Ran and Jiang Jing were appointed marquis. Yan Xian, the brother-in-law of an Di, Wang Sheng, the nanny, and Wang birong, the daughter of Wang Sheng, were also honored for their military exploits.

Soon, Emperor Han’an died, so his brother-in-law and nanny discussed and said, “if we want to keep the power in our hands, it is best to set up another young emperor.” So Yong Li, the newly born BEIXIANG Hou Liu Yi, put Yan Xian and others together, and just sat on the Dragon chair and died. Emperor an’s son, Jiyin King Liu Bao, entered the palace and won the throne for Emperor Shun.

So emperor hanshun went into the palace and caught a group of beautiful concubines, Xing Yu. Concubines in the harem are like flowers. Just waiting for him, a big man, the fight for favor is particularly fierce. There are three thousand beauties. Emperor hanshun’s favorite is a concubine surnamed Liang. Strangely, concubine Liang has no feelings for emperor hanshun. She suggested that emperor hanshun had better find another woman to vent her fire – “Fu Yang takes philanthropy as virtue, and Yin is not specific as righteousness.” katydids “is the source of all blessings. May your majesty think of the uniformity of clouds and rain, and your concubine be free from sin” – Emperor hanshun was surprised and canonized her as Queen. Liang Ji, the brother of Queen Liang, was promoted to the position of general in the blink of an eye.

Liang Ji is a rare master of ruthless fishing in history. At least there is a famous place for others to make money. Liang Ji is even lazy to do it. He asked a big businessman for 50million money, and the other party squeezed out 30million. Liang Ji was furious, and when the other party’s family was sent to prison, the indictment said that the merchant’s 80 year old mother stole the Imperial Palace and ran over the wall with a sack of jewelry on her back. Such a charge was clearly laid out to amuse you and deliberately make you angry.

A few years later, Emperor Shun died. Liang Ji first set up a 2-year-old Liu Bing for emperor Chong. After five months as emperor, he died; Another 8-year-old child, Liu Zan, was made emperor. He didn’t want the child to talk disorderly. He once pointed to Liang Ji and said, “this domineering general!”

Liang Ji was furious. Don’t think you can talk nonsense because you are the emperor. Put a poisonous cake into Liu Zan’s mouth. After that, Liang Ji made 15-year-old Liu Zhi emperor, which was Emperor Huan of the Han Dynasty.

A sentence often mentioned in the romance of the Three Kingdoms is “since the two emperors of huanling…” which means that everything in the world has been ruined by the two emperors of Han Huan and Han Ling. In fact, this is an injustice to Emperor Huan of Han Dynasty. He is just a fish on the plate of Liang and Hebei cuisine. His life is still difficult. How can he have any intention to mess up the country? Emperor Huan of the Han Dynasty lived to the age of 28, still living in the shadow of Liang and Ji, precarious. So emperor Huan of the Han Dynasty cried for the eunuch’s help. The eunuch Shan Chao expressed his willingness to share the country’s worries. When he was excited, Emperor Huan severely bit Shan Chao’s wrist, biting it with blood. Emperor Huan of the Han Dynasty swore with the blood of a eunuch, “I will seize the imperial power with your blood stubble Xuanyuan, not hesitate to die.”

In 159 ad, five eunuchs, Tang Heng, Xu Huang, Ju Yu and Zuo Guan, rushed out of the palace and led troops to surround the mansion of the General Liang Ji. Liang Ji committed suicide and the imperial power fell back to Emperor Huan of the Han Dynasty. As a result, five eunuchs were granted Marquises. Since then, the heroic deeds of many eunuchs have been reported, and all of them were granted Marquises. From then on, eunuchs used things, and the government fell into chaos. When the intellectual elites rushed out of their study and came to claim power, they found that their opportunity had long been lost.

“Shi Shuo Xin Yu” opens: “Li Yuanli has a beautiful style and high self-esteem. He wants to teach right and wrong in the world.” Who is this Li Yuanli? What is the responsibility of teaching right and wrong in the world?

Li Yuanli, whose name was Li Ying, was an intellectual leader at that time. The so-called “taking the right and wrong of the world as his own responsibility”, that is to say, he wanted to be an official and fight indomitably against evil forces. Of course, this evil force is eunuchs. Li Ying fought with eunuchs as soon as he appeared in history.

Xiao Huangmen Zhang rang had a younger brother named Zhang Shuo. Li Ying found out about Zhang Shuo’s corruption. Knowing that Li Ying had a problem with the eunuch, Zhang Shuo ran away and ran back to Luoyang at one go to his brother Zhang rang’s house. Feeling unsafe, he simply hid in the wall and thought: should it be all right this time? Unexpectedly, Li Ying chased Chang’an, led the officers and soldiers to break the wall of Zhang’s house, took Zhang Shuo out of it, tortured him on the spot and beheaded him immediately.

Zhang rang, who had made great contributions to the victory of emperor Huan of the Han Dynasty, immediately cried before emperor Huan. Emperor Huan was angry and called Li Ying for questioning; Li Ying stubbed his neck and clearly told the emperor, “I just want to make a living with the villains in the world. As long as I violate the criminal law, even if he goes to heaven and earth, I will not let him go!”

Emperor Han Huan listened, blinked, and said to the eunuchs around him, “don’t go out if you’re free. Don’t blame me for being killed by Li Ying…” in this way, Emperor Han Huan still understood the truth.

Eunuchs were too scared to go out, but evil forces were still active. This time, it was a diviner, Zhang Cheng from Henan Province.

Zhang Cheng studied the art of wind horn, especially the song of ten thousand years of heaven and earth. According to his calculation, Emperor Huan of the Han Dynasty was about to grant amnesty to the world, so he took his son with a kitchen knife, killed him from one end of the street to the other, and then killed him back from the other end. He killed openly in broad daylight and was taken by Li Ying and his soldiers. When he was taken to the court, Zhang Cheng laughed and said, “Li Ying, you can’t kill me, because the imperial edict of the emperor’s amnesty has come down.” Before the words fell, the imperial edict came to Li Ying’s desk. The imperial edict clearly required that the emperor was kind, and that anyone who killed, set fire, robbed and raped the people would be innocent, criticized and educated, and immediately released.

At that time, Li Ying was worried. He said in his heart that you were evil and evil, and we were not afraid of it. Why did he still play divination? This is really outrageous! When the imperial edict was about to be thrown aside, they didn’t see it and pushed the murderer Zhang Cheng out to chop it. Hearing this, Zhang Cheng’s family became angry and began to appeal to the court, accusing Li Ying of lawlessness. Therefore, Li Ying was sent to prison and went to prison with a large number of intellectual elites.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the eunuchs frantically counter calculated, listed all the intellectual elites who opposed them as Party members, launched a campaign of elimination and suppression, and all the well-known scholars were put in prison.

Huang Fusong, who later broke the yellow scarf army and cut off the three heads of brother Zhang Jiao, was known as a famous man. This time, a large number of elites were arrested. He thought about how to count him. He didn’t want to catch him on the final list, which made him lose face. He thought this was an insult to him by the court, so he angrily wrote a letter to prove that he was also an intellectual elite and would also be imprisoned. Emperor Huan of the Han Dynasty looked at his memorial, but he didn’t understand it. It took a lot of brain, and he died.

Emperor Huan of the Han Dynasty left the stage, and Emperor Ling of the Han Dynasty stepped onto the front desk. At the same time, another intellectual leader Chen Fan appeared.

“Shi Shuo Xin Yu” begins with the first sentence: “Chen Zhong speaks as a scholar, acts like a world model, gets on the car and holds the bridle, and has the ambition to clarify the world.” This Chen Zhongju is Chen fan. Because he has a friendly relationship with empress dowager Dou’s family, he has been pushed to the forefront of *. Chen Fan lived up to the expectations of the world and staged a vigorous bloody battle at the palace gate.

The cause lies in Empress Dowager Dou. Liu Hong, the emperor of the Han Dynasty, was the emperor selected by her thousands. As a general, Dou Wu, the elder brother of Empress Dowager Dou, demanded that the party be lifted and the intellectual elite be put in high position; Empress Dowager Dou felt that eunuchs were more fun and clever, and did not like intellectuals. So Dou Wu went to discuss with Chen fan. Since chen fan had the ambition to clarify the world, he certainly had to give a tough idea. So Chen Fan suggested that everyone enter the palace at night and kill all the eunuchs, and the world will naturally be clarified.

Dou Wu went to the palace to discuss with empress dowager Dou, and Empress Dowager Dou could never agree to this suggestion – Oh, kill all the eunuchs. Are the intellectual elites willing to cut themselves into the palace and pour urine cans for her old lady?

The work failed. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do it, but empress dowager Dou also leaked Dou Wu’s opinion to the eunuch.

On the seventh night of September 168, Dou Wu and Chen Fan rallied more than 80 intellectual elites, each carrying a sharp axe, and touched the palace. Unexpectedly, the eunuch was already prepared and rallied a group of teams to meet the golden water bridge. As a senior general, Dou Wu ordered his troops to assist in the war, while the eunuch made a great deal of policy offensive, shouting to the soldiers: “come here, don’t follow Dou Wu Gan. There is no future to follow Dou Wu, and follow the eunuch if you want…” this shout was simply a flash of wisdom. Dou Wu’s soldiers suddenly rushed to the eunuch, and Dou Wu and Chen fan were caught on the spot – before the world could clarify, these two people lost their heads first.

After the war, a large number of intellectuals were purged and targeted.

The intellectual elite was killed, and the death of the Eastern Han Dynasty entered the countdown. Empress Dowager Dou was so stupid that she knew how powerful the eunuch was. After that, Empress Dowager Dou fell into the hands of the eunuch. It was unclear how she was repaired. Within two years, she died of worry. The eunuch did not allow her to be buried in a coffin, so she was thrown into a dark and damp room.

It is quite irrational for intellectual elites to fight eunuch groups at the cost of blood and life. At least their behavior is not recognized by Confucius. Confucius said, “if a country has a Tao, it will be an official. If a country has no Tao, it will be hidden.” It means that as an intellectual, if the country is politically clear, he will come out and become a senior official; If the country is in political chaos, hide quickly and don’t let anyone find you.

The intellectual elites are hiding. Who will take the responsibility of saving the country? We don’t need to open the Confucian classics to know this answer. Among us, who doesn’t know Cao Cao and Liu Bei? How many of us know who Li Ying and Chen fan are?

Traditional culture worships violent heroes, such as Cao Cao and Liu Bei. They have the ability to drag people out of bed and send them to the battlefield to die, so they will be remembered forever. Chen Fan dares to bring more than 80 people into the palace to “clarify the world”, then he will laugh for the world.

Primitive thinking advocates violence, and the advocates of violence are bound to become tools of violence.

Since the eunuch group has defeated the intellectual elite and mastered the national resources, there will inevitably be outstanding figures from them: Cao Cao!

Although Cao Cao is not a eunuch, his father is the adopted son of the great eunuch Cao Teng. In this way, Cao Cao is an elite figure from the eunuch’s camp.

Cao Cao’s early career path was smooth, such as the eunuch Jian Shuo set up the eighth colonel of Xiyuan, Cao Cao and Yuan Shao were selected at the same time, while Liu Bei sold his straw sandals on the street.

After the death of emperor Hanling, Liu Bian, the son of emperor Shao, took the throne, and the political power was in the hands of Empress Dowager he, Liu Bian’s biological mother. In other words, he Jin, the brother of Empress Dowager he, is now a man of his word in the court. The historical task of fighting against the eunuch group fell to He Jin.

He Jin wanted to kill the eunuch group, and Cao Cao and Yuan Shao were both involved in this conspiracy. One day, he taihou told him that he entered the palace and he Jin wandered away. As soon as he entered, he was arrested by the eunuch and his head was cut off. Then he threw it to Yuan Shao, who was waiting outside the palace as a ball.

Yuan Shao was shocked. He was not chen fan. He immediately ordered the soldiers to enter the palace and kill eunuchs. The big eunuch ran away with the emperor, and the powerless little eunuchs were cut to pieces.

We noticed that the soldiers under Yuan Shao did not go to the eunuch camp like the soldiers under chen fan. Compared with the intellectual elite, people are more willing to accept a person like Yuan Shao.

At this time, Dong Zhuo came, killed all the eunuchs and kidnapped the young emperor Liu Bian. Dong Zhuo thought about doing something to expand his influence. So Liu Bian was abolished, and his brother Liu Xie was made the new emperor, who was dedicated to the emperor of the Han Dynasty.

Then came the era of Cao Cao’s “holding the emperor to order the princes”. “Holding the son of heaven to order the princes” is a major crime imposed on Cao Cao by traditional cultural thinking, but this crime can not help the scrutiny of logical thinking. Cao Cao “coerced the emperor to order the princes”, that is to say, everyone recognized the authority of Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty; Since we recognize the authority of Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty, is it wrong for Dong Zhuo to help establish Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty? If Dong Zhuo is right, then everyone starts to attack Dong Zhuo one after another. Isn’t this a big mistake? If everyone is wrong, how can Cao Cao “order the princes” by holding a wrong emperor?

Faced with these problems, people with primitive thinking will go crazy. Why did Dong Zhuo threaten the son of heaven to stop the princes from fighting and killing when they should? When it was Cao Cao’s turn to do this job, only Liu Bei and Sun Quan disagreed with each other and argued with each other?

What is the difference between Cao Cao and Dong Zhuo? Let’s see what Dong Zhuo did.

After the establishment of the new emperor, Dong Zhuo led his ministers to write a letter asking for a retrial of the case of Chen Fandou Wu, an intellectual elite *. This is right, but the problem is that Dong Zhuo has gone further than anyone on the road of *.

Dong Zhuo ordered: kill all officials and people whose children are not filial to their parents, whose subordinates are not loyal to their officers, whose officials are not honest, and whose younger brothers do not respect their older brothers.

Unlike criminal crimes, criminal crimes require evidence. There is no evidence for these charges. If you say you are unfilial, you will be unfilial. Kill first. Thousands of people died of injustice in the capital.

Dong Zhuo’s IQ and degree of evolution are far from adapting to his position. And this means Cao Cao’s opportunity.

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