War briefing 6.0!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

It has been about three weeks since I told my readers about the situation in Ukraine. Today, I will brief you on the situation over a period of time.

The last time we talked about the next move of the Russian army was at the end of May. We judged that the Russian army was going to attack slavyansk. We thought that after a week or two of revision, the Russian army must rely on Manulife to attack slavyansk when personnel and materials were ready.

On June 9, the Russian army launched an attack on slavyansk. It has been 12 days now, and the war situation is anxious.

Our judgment that the Russian offensive direction is slavyansk proves that although we did not directly participate in the war, we still maintain a keen insight into the battlefield situation.

On the northeast line, the Russian army killed a rifle, pretended to withdraw from Kharkov, lured the Ukrainian army to pursue it, and attacked the advancing Ukrainian army head-on in the muruzyne region, repulsing the Ukrainian army, causing great casualties. A battalion of the Ukrainian army was scattered.

The Ukrainian side wants to make a feint of counterattack against ikum. In fact, it wants to attack the Kharkov region. Such a scheme itself will not succeed. There is no air control, no mobile power, and no feint. All tactical actions can be detected by UAVs. What else is feint?

In the direction of Kharkov, the Ukrainian army suffered heavy losses. If the Ukrainian army does not adjust its tactics and tries to make tactical moves beyond its own ability, the Russian army will fight Kharkov after the beidun campaign.

If the defenders who are familiar with the situation here continue to be sent like this, those who are familiar with the terrain will be sent off by zeliansky, who likes to make great achievements, and the Ukrainian army of Kharkov. No matter who is transferred to guard, the result must be that the generals do not know the geographical advantage.

Where can the Russian army fight if it doesn’t fight here?

In the direction of North Donetsk, the Russian army squeezed the remaining Ukrainian army into the narrow strip along the Bank of the North Donetsk River, between a small industrial area and forest land. At present, there are about 2000 known entrenched troops, all of which were gathered up by a small group of scattered troops. The Russian army was not in a hurry to eat these 2000 troops and surrounded them without attacking.

In the direction of northern Donetsk, the Russian army is not in a hurry, because these 2000 people can not run away. If they really fight, they will have to fight back. It is better to waste. Now some of them are surrendering to the Russians.

This shows that the propaganda significance of Mariupol has been achieved. Surrender is not necessarily death, then someone will surrender.

On the main direction of attack, slavyansk, the Russian army opened up one side and besieged it on three sides, sweeping away a small group of Ukrainian troops entrenched outside the city. Now the Russian army encircled the city in a big circle from the northwest to the East, and began a three-way assault on slavyansk.

It’s a matter of time to take beidun. Now Manuel Mann has been liberated, slavyansk has been surrounded, the Ukrainian army in northern Donetsk is crowded in the factory and the narrow river bank, and only one Ukrainian army stronghold on the southern line of the big pocket has been pulled out. Beidun is surrounded on three sides. The small pockets of lichansk have been banned, and these people have been abandoned by ZELINSKY.

Now the Russian army has taken Kherson and Lugansk, and is taking all the lost territories of Donetsk. Zaporoze has also won most of them. The Russian army’s achievements began with two incomplete states. After taking Kherson, it has become three states. After taking maliubol, zaporoze in eastern Ukraine is also lost all the time. The four Ukrainian States must break the soil as a whole.

Not to mention that the Russian army organized spring ploughing in Kherson and did not plan to leave again when they came. ZELINSKY’s headquarters realized that Ukraine might never take back these lands again. The Soviet Union’s inventory was exhausted, the US military aid was secretly sold, its own industrial strength was abandoned, and nothing could be changed by making speeches.

ZELINSKY woke up and finally began to organize a counter offensive.

Ukraine has gathered about 40000 troops, a total of 120000 troops. There are 17000 troops in Mariupol. Now 40000 troops are scattered on the eastern Ukraine battlefield, leaving 63000 troops.

As a result, ZELINSKY concentrated nearly 40000 people in the direction of herzon. I really don’t understand the meaning of this desperate act, but the Russian army understood it. A missile hit the Ukrainian army headquarters in Kherson and killed more than 50 generals and schools.

We don’t know what ZELINSKY will do next, because I really can’t think of what he can do. He can’t do anything. The main reason is that Americans have encountered difficulties recently.

Now the U.S. aircraft carrier Nimitz has just completed its overhaul and is undergoing adaptability training. It is still a few months away from deployment.

The Eisenhower aircraft carrier is undergoing major repair, the calvinson aircraft carrier is undergoing major repair, the Washington aircraft carrier is undergoing major repair, and the Stannis aircraft carrier can only stop at the port to get it after the previous major repair.

The USS Bush is undergoing adaptability training and cannot be deployed. It is unknown how long the USS Ford will be deployed.

Only one Roosevelt, one Lincoln, one Truman and one Reagan are still on the ocean.

I have three aircraft carriers on the book, 11 aircraft carriers in the United States, three aircraft carriers on the sea and four aircraft carriers in the United States.

The people’s Navy wants to break its head, but it also doesn’t understand how the US Navy got itself into this situation?

At present, the Lincoln needs to be overhauled in two months, the Reagan needs to be overhauled in three months, and the Truman needs to be overhauled in two months. In another three months, the world’s No. 1 U.S. Navy will still be able to launch an aircraft carrier, the Roosevelt.

There are 11 aircraft carriers on the book. After a while, there will be only one aircraft carrier on the sea. Our people’s Navy never imagined that Americans would like to be on an equal footing with us in this way.

We all know where the only active aircraft carrier, the Roosevelt, and the seventh fleet are. Can Europe have no idea about the American army?

The Americans want Ukraine to fight, and the Europeans are now eager to trade Ukraine for Russia.

If a wall falls, it always needs to be pushed. When the U.S. Army is left with only one aircraft carrier, if ZELINSKY doesn’t do anything, his political life will come to an end.

By the end of the year, when the Nimitz and the Bush were repaired, the US military could barely restore its deterrence again.

It is no wonder that something important has happened during the past six months to change the world situation.

So Putin spoke:

The era of world unipolarity is over.

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