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Author: ye Lihua source: Qiushi (ID: gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

two thousand and twenty-two

On September 5, 2006, Zelensky made a speech, saying that Ukraine’s counter offensive was ongoing and had achieved certain results, occupying two settlements on the southern line and three settlements on the eastern line.

Russia’s special military action has been carried out with full confidence for half a year, less than seven months. Today, Ukraine’s major counter offensive has been fought for three days. Zaruzhine, commander in chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, came out. He did not come out alone. Zaruzhine came out together with zabrotsky, vice chairman of the Ukrainian Security Council, and they sent a report.

Zaruzhne said that Ukraine did the attack in Crimea, and it was not him or zabrotsky who refused to recognize it before. The two also said that Ukraine’s two eastern frontlines around the towns of bachmut and ikum are “extremely unfavorable”.

In addition, even many cities, including the capital Kiev, may still be easily controlled by the Russian side.

One is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and the other is the vice chairman of the security committee. It is equivalent to the military leaders at the national level and the people directly leading the army speaking together, which shows the attitude of the Ukrainian military.

The attitude of the Ukrainian military is to seek truth from facts. The eastern front is extremely unfavorable, and many cities are easy to be controlled. The military poured cold water on Zelensky’s speech two days before he spoke, which has to attract my attention.

I’d like to take this opportunity to sort out the situation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine over a period of time and briefly introduce our attitude.


The blue arrow shown in the figure above is the big counterattack planned by Ukraine. The tactics of the counterattack are to play a strategic highlight. With a little military common sense, we can know that the role of a strategic highlight is not limited to the defensive side, but rather has a greater blocking effect on the offensive side.

For the defensive side, the existence of a strategic highlight can only play one role, that is, to lengthen the front, and turn the front that is not rich into a super long front that is even less rich.

However, for the attacking side, if there is a strategic protrusion on the opposite side, then when our side attacks, we have to worry about it. The existence of the protrusion makes the attacking side have to divide its forces to defend this protrusion to prevent damage to the rear.

Generally speaking, when attacking on the battlefield behind the enemy lines, it serves as a drag.

When the Japanese imperialists launched the war of aggression against China, the Kuomintang fought head-on against Japan and gradually lost. It fought from Shanghai to Wuhan and then to Chongqing. At that time, the Eighth Route Army opened up a battlefield behind the enemy. If the Japanese did not divide their forces behind the enemy and defended, then the Eighth Route Army would have to break through the communication lines. If the eight Japanese divided their forces for defense, then the number of troops used in the front battlefield to attack Chiang Kai Shek would have to drop significantly.

This is the role of breaking into the front. For Ukraine, even if we open this prominent part, we can’t expand the results of the war, because the front will only grow longer and longer. It’s like the Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army dragging down the Japanese invading China. But in 1945, the national army still collapsed thousands of miles when it hit the front.

For the Russian army, if Ukraine opens this protruding part, then the Russian army will have to divide its forces to defend, and the attack on the southern line will be hindered.

Therefore, although Ukraine propagandizes the great counter offensive in a very mysterious way, the practical significance lies in dragging the Russian army rather than really launching a counter offensive into the sea.

Once the Ukrainian army successfully opens the salient, the Russian army on the southern line will be unable to attack again. My ideal is very full.

However, to open the protruding part, the heavy troops must be assembled. After all, you can’t send a tank every hour. That’s huluwa saving Grandpa.

As soon as the heavy troops were assembled, the Ukrainian troops scattered sporadically at ordinary times gathered together. The 128th independent mountain assault brigade of Ukraine played the main attack, while other troops cooperated. I started to break through herzon’s defense.

Russia’s air and space forces can finally give play to their air superiority. They are afraid that Ukraine will fight a decisive battle. They are afraid that Ukraine will not fight a decisive battle. They are scattered in settlements and entrenched. They want to fight one by one, but they all come out to fight. That’s easy.


On September 31, the counter offensive was assembled, on September 4, the enemy was lured in depth, on September 5, Zelensky spoke, and on September 7, he was beaten to pieces. Today, this brigade has been completely destroyed.

When the whole army was destroyed, it went to the source of the brigade to hold a collective memorial meeting. The war report can deceive people, but the front can not deceive people. Even if the front deceives people, the collective memorial meeting can not deceive people.

In the final analysis, the demise of this force is that Zelensky has political needs. As one of the main forces that the Zelensky government can still command, this force can only gain greater voice for the Zelensky government if it shows a posture of being able to fight and win.

Ukraine is walking alone from top to bottom. Zelensky is like Yuan Shao. He has his own soldiers in his hands and can control the four prefectures. Once his own soldiers are lost, others are lost. As long as Cao Cao does not pressurize, the four prefectures of Hebei will have civil war.

However, Yuan Shao does not need foreign assistance, Zelensky does. How much he can get at the negotiation table depends on the value of the battlefield. For example, to resist US aggression and aid Korea, only when Shangganling is fought can the 38th parallel negotiations be stopped. Without Shangganling, there is no qualification for talks.

The Ministry of national defense is Zelensky’s direct lineage, but the army and Security Council are not united with Zelensky, and they have the meaning of self-protection. Zelensky can only invite the 128th brigade to take the main attack, while other troops are watching on the dry land.

It is like the Kuomintang attacking Meng Lianggu, Zhang lingfu being shelled inside, and Li Tianxia rushing to help, but it is impossible. They are all preserving their strength.

So internationally, the 128th brigade launched an attack. On the night of September 2, G7 finance ministers unanimously agreed to set a price ceiling for Russian oil and petroleum products.

On September 7, the 128th brigade was wiped out, Germany began to be reluctant to limit prices, and diplomats from the European Union began to say that the result of this incident was negative and divisive. There is no consensus in Europe.

The Germans came out directly and said that they were skeptical of price fixing measures. Luxembourg, Ireland, Finland and Sweden have joined Germany, saying that price limits are impossible.

International politics is such a reality that we should eat as much as we can bleed.

Now, relying on Ukraine, Russia can no longer be delayed. Relying on the United States, the United States is brain dead and walks around alone. No one dares to end up. Ukraine has demonstrated once that whoever ends up will be beaten. Others will only preserve their strength and stand on dry land.

I can’t help thinking of a little Chinese historical story.

At the end of the Han Dynasty, Huan Ling was immoral, Zhang Jiao uprising, eunuchs wielded power, and Huang Chao uprising. The central government of the Empire has a serious internal struggle. The ten permanent attendants and he Jindou are inseparable. The niuli faction is still fighting every day. Who will fight? Who will fight the Yellow nest?

The central government of the Eastern Han Dynasty and the late Tang Dynasty had only one choice, that is, to delegate power.

If we do not delegate power, the world will perish. Although the central government exists in name, at least its name still exists.

Therefore, the government of the Eastern Han Dynasty delegated power to the local cishizhou herdsmen and allowed them to form their own armed forces. At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the government delegated power to the Jiedushi. In addition to forming their own armed forces, they also released financial power.

Since then, the Eastern Han Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty have lost control of the world, and the heroes have competed for hegemony and fought for the Central Plains.

There is only one way for the US imperialists, that is, to delegate power. In order to contain Russia’s geopolitical victory, the United States will certainly give up all its geopolitical interests in the western part of the Eurasian continent in exchange for the cooperation of local powers.

For the geographical interests in the Mediterranean, Biden will give them directly to France, Central Europe to Germany, Asia Minor to Türkiye, the Indian Ocean to India, and the Persian Gulf to Iran.

The Yellow turban uprising may fail, and the Huangchao uprising may fail, but the Eastern Han Dynasty must perish, and the Tang Dynasty must perish.

We follow Zhang Jiao, which means little. We follow Huang Chao, which means little. They secretly and openly supported Zhang Jiao and Huang Chao. The more trouble the Zhang Jiao emperor made, the more power the Eastern Han and Tang Dynasties delegated. The more power they delegated, the faster their world perished.

If the dynasty is unified, how can the governor win the throne? Only when the dynasty is overthrown can we go east of Hangu pass and compete for the world.

It is time to stop the hegemony of US imperialism. The hundred years since the founding of the United States and the DPRK have run out.

The era of the strong and the strong rising together and the nakara chasing the deer is coming.

Sir, it’s time for the virtuous to live.

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