Was Boyi, Ji Chang’s son, deified after his death? What God has Boyi been granted?

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Do you like the story of the list of gods? Today, the editor of China story network will give you a detailed explanation~

As a tragic figure in the romance of gods, many people must know Boyi Kao. He was made into a meat cake by King Zhou and was given to his father Ji Chang to eat. Such a fate is really too tragic. As the first person who died in the canonization, Boyi Kao was also canonized in the end. What kind of God was Boyi Kao canonized? At that time, boyikao brought three treasures to King Zhou in order to rescue Jichang. What are these three treasures?


In fact, the name of Boyi Kao is only a title given to him in the romance of the gods. His real name should be Ji Kao. However, Boyi Kao, as the eldest son of Ji Chang and the brother of Ji Fa, although he was not the last to establish the Zhou Dynasty, there were not too many records on Boyi Kao in the history books in an ancient era that attached great importance to the eldest son, Most of the stories we can see about boyikao are from the romance of gods or folk legends, not history.

In order to rescue his father, Ji Chang, who was imprisoned in Chaoge, boyikao brought three treasures to King Zhou. These three treasures were the seven incense cart, the drunken blanket, and the white faced ape. Among them, Qixiang car is a kind of car made of fragrant wood. It is said that it can turn bad luck into good luck. The second piece of sobering blanket, as the name implies, is for drunken people to lie down and wake up in a short time. The third piece of white faced ape is a well-known white ape of thousands of years. He can sing and dance very well. From the perspective of King Zhou, which treasures do you think he would like?

King Zhou’s favorite is the white faced ape. This ape should not be regarded as an ordinary monkey. Its singing is very pleasant. Even if Daji, King Zhou, drinks and plays all day long and listens to all the wonderful songs in the world, he will be overwhelmed by the singing of the white faced ape. Even Daji, the Nine Tailed Fox, is intoxicated in the singing, and his original shape is revealed and he can not control himself. How pleasant it must be, This kind of ape is really what king Zhou would like.

It’s a pity that although the monkey has a beautiful singing voice, it can also see the demons in the world. It saw the original shape of the Nine Tailed Fox. It’s a pity that it is only an animal. When it wants to attack Daji, it was killed by King Zhou long ago. It’s a pity. However, all this was arranged by Daji. Because Boyi Kao was unwilling to be close to herself, she tried to make king Zhou hate Boyi Kao. Finally, Boyi Kao was killed by King Zhou and made into meat cakes and sent to Ji Chang to eat.

After his death, Boyi Kao was granted the title of the God of Zhongtian Arctic Ziwei emperor when everything was over, and his status was still very high. After all, he was the first person to sacrifice for the great cause of Fengshen. If he hadn’t come to Chaoge to save Jichang, I’m afraid there would not have been a later war of Fengshen. It can be said that Boyi Kao is the root of everything, and its natural status is not low. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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