Watch out for the “inbreeding” clique!

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It’s been a long time since I began to write the textbook, which means “I got up early in the morning and hurried to the late episode”. The main reason is that I wrote an article in 2020, “Professor Tsinghua said that his daughter wanted to be an ordinary person, but she didn’t tell you that” learning can be inbreeding “, which said a lot of things. If you don’t want to read it, don’t read it. The full text is mainly about the following point:

“Inbreeding in small circles” refers to the kind of people with resource barriers. They form small circles through mutual support. These circles digest resources and help each other. In the future, they will strengthen this connection through teachers and students, marriage and blood relationship.

You can see at a glance that the products provided by this kind of circle are very poor, because it is not competition for posts, but through relationships, the ability of the people inside is problematic. How can we provide good products? In addition, the entry threshold is not competition, but relationship, which leads to problems in the incentive mechanism. People inside are no longer focused on improving their skills, but more on improving their “relationship” in the circle. They have no time to study how to improve product quality.

In the real world, it is difficult to form a completely dependent circle without imposing external conditions. For example, eggs in a city are provided by a small circle of people. They buy, distribute, and finally sell them to everyone. For their own interests, they provide poor products and make great efforts to solicit prices. They are likely to be beaten in by enterprises in the next city and out of the market.

However, there are “barriers to entry” in some fields, that is to say, you can’t sell the dregs I provide to me, which has successfully protected the local backward industries and protected the small circle of people from continuing to suck blood.

In the early years, China was very, very poor. Later, there was no move, so we had to let each place find ways to break through. The first reaction was to build barriers. In the 1980s and 1990s, there were “tariffs” between cities and towns to prohibit the sale of foreign products through different means. Some local governments have introduced some local policy requirements, or started to charge tariffs on foreign products, or customized some exotic restriction standards, ranging from automobiles, air conditioners, agricultural machinery to all kinds of tobacco, alcohol and beverages.

Later, China insisted on “removing barriers”, and this situation became less and less, so that it was difficult for young people to imagine this. However, there are no “explicit barriers” and a lot of “invisible barriers”, such as the well-known “earthwork” business. You know that it is a huge profit. You can do it if you want to do it? Of course not. They are just small circles. They have barriers to entry, do not open up competition, and surround themselves for fun. In Chairman Mao’s words, they are an “independent kingdom” that “cannot be penetrated by needles” and “cannot be splashed by water”.

Some time ago, after the textbook illustration incident broke out, online painters took action one after another, and a pile of beautiful works were searched. The question is, in the real world, no matter how good you draw, is it useful? Will people adopt your work? I don’t even give you a chance to bid.

Let’s take the people’s justice as an example. This TV series is very popular and has been shown on CCTV, so we can open up the discussion.

There is a “Han Da Gang” there, which refers to an organization linked between teachers, students and students of the Department of political science and law of Hantong University. With Gao Yuliang as the core, the backbone is his students, which are all over every corner of Hantong.

There is also the Secretary gang. It is said that Li Dakang and his gang used to be secretaries to big leaders, but later they became important leaders.

Gaoyuliang was a professor in the political science and Law Department of Wuhan University. Later, he entered politics and became a big man. He must give priority to his students qitongwei. Qi Tongwei has done things properly and turned them into a beautiful resume. In the future, he can step up and become an important backing for teachers.

Although Qi Tongwei himself was a loser, he married a university instructor who was more than a decade older than himself. It happened that his wife’s father was the Secretary of the political and Legal Affairs Commission. Of course, it was obviously not “just right”. The leader of the old father-in-law promoted Gao Yuliang, so Gao Yuliang in turn wanted to promote the son-in-law of the old leader. You have understood the complex link relationship. The whole thing is to help each other. There is nothing for outsiders.

Similarly, for textbooks, they can’t draw by themselves, so they will certainly let a third party do it. This third party has a high probability of not jumping out of their own circle. Since they can easily take orders, their painting level is not a problem.

At this time, there is a problem. The third party draws like a ghost. Will they be able to give them no at the audit stage?

Back in Handong City, you will understand that, for example, there are good things. Gao Yuliang is the leader and his student qitongwei is the one who works. Qi Tongwei has committed crimes and committed crimes against the people. It is reasonable to say that there will be an accident, because we have a supervision department. However, Chen Hai, who was also in charge of the inspection, was also a student of “Han Da Gang”. Chen Hai was also a student of Gao Yuliang. However, Chen Hai was a righteous person who was unwilling to be manipulated. He caught frogs and made excrement. After being warned, he still went his own way, and was hit by a car.

After Chen Hai was hit by a car, it was houliangping who was transferred to continue the investigation. What kind of person was houliangping?

He graduated from the Department of political science and law of Hantong University. He is also a student of Gao Yuliang and a classmate of Qi Tongwei.

When gaoyuliang and qitongwei saw houliangping coming over in the TV series, they were very happy, because according to the conventional script, the result of this matter was predictable, because it was still within their circle.

Dramatized, Hou Liangping happened to be a righteous man. Finally, he gave up his teachers and classmates. However, if you think about it more, you will feel a little guilty. Obviously, this performance on TV is for positive energy. What if he is not such a person in reality? How many such people are there in reality?

Since the reality is not film and television works, the contracting, undertaking and supervision of resources are all within a circle. How do you guarantee the quality?

In other words, closeness will lead to inbreeding, and inbreeding will lead to deformity.

Can this situation be saved?

There is bad news and good news.

The bad news is that this thing has been with our civilization for 5000 years, and such problems will continue to exist for a long time to come.

The good news is that with the development of society, people’s tolerance for these things is getting lower and lower.

We used to be the “stock order” under the agricultural civilization. Under the stock order, the society will naturally form a strict hierarchy. Under the hierarchy system, people are naturally unequal. Some people naturally have the privilege, and the common people also acquiesce in this privilege. After all, in a complete agricultural society, you can farm at home and go to the imperial examination if you were born in a landlord family. If you were born in a tenant family, you are basically sure that you can only be a cow and horse silently in this life. Before the Song Dynasty, you can go to the frontier to fight for fame, Since the Song Dynasty, the status of military personnel has been similar to that of beggars. They are easy to stick but not nailed. The poor have long accepted their fate and freed themselves.

However, modern society is an “incremental society”. You may be a bull in the civil engineering industry today, and you may become a big V anchor of station B tomorrow, earning more than the foreman. You may only have taken a college entrance examination today. Tomorrow, you will become a soul painter and become popular on the Internet. You have also completely changed your life. Even today you are still working as a security guard. After 20 years, you have become a big boss in Maybach. In ancient times, there were many such things as Fengmao water caltrop, but now there are many such things. After being enlarged through the network, everyone feels that they can do it themselves.

In this case, various counter attack cases will motivate others, and everyone will have a poor sense of “accepting their destiny”. Once you don’t accept your destiny, you just can’t stand the privilege of others, and you start to accept the idea that everyone is equal. Once you accept these settings, and then someone is bullying you, you won’t be angry.

Everyone should pay attention to the fact that the post-60s and Post-70s have a “virtue of patience” and are generally submissive to their leaders. The post-80s are a dividing line. Younger people are less likely to lead.

Here is a strange place. Is the concept of the masses so important?

Of course, most of the problems in the society are tacitly accepted by the common people. We have to slowly realize that many social problems don’t matter at the beginning, but with the social progress, people feel that they can’t stand it, and then they start to oppose it, and the matter is over. There are too many bad habits and regulations around us. At the beginning, the masses thought it was normal. Suddenly, they were educated one day and thought it was too ridiculous. Then they formed a joint force of public opinion, and slowly it was over.

For another example, I saw some time ago that some sinologists said that the Qing Dynasty was actually a typical caste society. The flag people were natural Brahmans and were born privileged classes.

After the common people were forced to accept this concept by the butcher’s knife who entered the customs in the Qing Dynasty, they thought it was normal in the next 300 years. The flag people could be domineering and superior. They generally thought it was OK. However, in the late Qing Dynasty, the Qing government made continuous mistakes on major issues and lost all credibility. People no longer regarded the Qing government as the master, and even the army was no longer loyal to the Qing Dynasty. The Qing government was over, and millions of flag men became ordinary people overnight.

It can even be said that they suddenly fell from Brahman to the bottom. In order to protect themselves, many people changed their surnames and even changed their nationalities. There were 700000 flag people in Beijing at the end of the Qing Dynasty. By 1939, there were only about 30000 left. For example, the famous “Niu cobalt Lu” became “Lang”, the surname of Lang Lang. “Guaerjia” was changed to “Guan”, and guanxiaotong’s “Guan”. “Nala” was changed to “Na”, that of Na Ying. Yes, there are many descendants of the flag people in the Beijing circle. Because the flag people were relatively idle in the Qing Dynasty, they devoted a lot of time to literary and artistic creation and have been handed down.

In other words, the concept of the common people has a decisive impact on the social form. I have written about the 1990s before, and I have experienced that era myself. I have a feeling that there were two worlds at that time and now. Many things that people thought were ordinary at that time, but now they think bandits thought, and then those things disappeared. The most obvious thing was that it was common for the village to buy abducted and trafficked women as daughters in law. You were a single man in the village. When you bought a daughter-in-law, everyone thought it was normal and even covered for you. Now it is becoming more and more difficult for everyone to accept. When they see suspicious situations, they call the police directly, and the abduction and trafficking of women is becoming less and less.

Another thing that is happening is the problem of left behind children, which has existed since the rise of China’s manufacturing industry. Parents go to the coast to work, while children stay at home and the elderly. These children generally have no childhood and are prone to breed problematic youth. In the past, people also thought it was quite normal. When I was a child, there were so many such children around me. At that time, people thought it was too normal. In addition, if the coal mine collapses at that time, a life will be given to about 200000 yuan. The price is clearly marked. The miners know it well before they go to the mine. Chief Jia has a film called “good people in the Three Gorges”, which contains the plot. When they go to be miners, they have the expectation of being buried.

The issue of left behind children was thought to be common. In the past two years, the noise has become more and more high, and people are becoming more and more intolerant. It is estimated that the state should introduce policies to manage this issue, such as popularizing the education with parents.

The video below is what I just saw from Tiktok. It’s annoying to anyone who sees it.

Let’s show you the comment area:


Returning to the theme of this article, only when people’s ideas about such things change and their tolerance becomes lower can they form a joint force, and the living space of those giant rats hidden in the dark will become narrower and narrower.

Even many concepts have gradually become legally effective, such as driving under the influence of alcohol, and the previous “crime of whoring a young girl”, because the folk concept has changed, the law has also changed. More importantly, people’s concept of law has changed a lot over the years. In the eyes of the older generation, most people would not turn to the law if they had problems. The concept of young people has changed a lot, which is also a good trend.

The same is true of the “inbreeding” small circles mentioned in this article. If everyone feels that it is common and only hates those who are not in those circles, the society will have to grope in the dark for a long time. Privileges and barriers will continue. If everyone can’t accept this thing, one by one, the rest will gradually converge. In a few years, it may not be completely eradicated, but it will be much better.

From the social events of these years, we can see that the concept of the masses has indeed changed, and their tolerance for such things is getting lower and lower. Even the teaching material itself has been for ten years. It is not until this year that a huge public opinion effect has been formed, forcing them to make rectification. We can also see the evolution of public opinion.

As long as the overall concept of the masses becomes more and more civilized, the society will become better and better, otherwise it will be hopeless.

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