We must pay attention to the situation in Iran!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Brief introduction to Iran.

When Pahlavi was in power in Iran, he was friendly to the United States, took off the economy, seized the resources industry, and developed refining and chemical oil. The beneficiaries were civil servants of the Pahlavi government, engineers of the oil industry, and senior managers of state-owned monopoly industries.

The Pahlavi government relies on the oil industry to accumulate wealth, create investment, and build infrastructure in cities. The beneficiaries live a European-American life. The people in most places simply can not keep up with the Pahlavi government.

The income of those who failed to enter the government investment projects, those who failed to work as civil servants in Pahlavi government, and those who failed to work in the oil industry rapidly increased.

Iran has the Shia ideology of Islam. In history, it advocated equality and eliminated profit eaters. Religious groups took up the banner of equality in Islam and echoed with one another. In the end, the serious polarization between the rich and the poor led to the Pahlavi Dynasty basically having no good feeling in the hearts of the masses.

So the masses rallied around Khomeini and the uprising overthrew the Pahlavi Dynasty.

After the Islamic revolution, Iran has established two sets of government groups, one is an ideological group, the other is a secular government, and there are also two sets of legal prosecution institutions in Iran, one is a religious court, the other is a secular court.

In the following decades, the president came and went, swaying between pro american and anti American. With the corruption of the Revolutionary Guard and the degeneration of the clergy group, the Revolutionary Guard and the clergy group gradually entered the historical cycle law, social resources became increasingly centralized, and the gap between the rich and the poor gradually increased.

Iran’s internal contradictions have become increasingly acute, especially since the new crown.

At present, the Middle East issue can not be settled through talks.

After Trump’s support, Israel’s range of action has grown. From helping trump kill Sulaimani to bombing Syria and Lebanon, the recent iron fist crackdown on Hamas has also begun.

Hizbullah took power in Lebanon through parliamentary struggle, and Iran’s weapons and army could pass. Now the Americans have decided to oppose Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. Iran is going the way to black to possess nuclear weapons.

What about America? Start or not?

What about Iran? Fight Israel or not?

How the world situation goes. Our next step is to pay attention to the trend of Iran.

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