We will defeat Japan squarely!

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Author: lukewarm source: official account: lukewarm studio has been authorized to reprint

On June 18, after writing “Japan is in danger”, a large wave of elite Japanese elements were annoyed, and there were a large number of articles abusing and attacking themselves. This phenomenon of simultaneous movement at home and abroad, with both sides gnashing their teeth at the same time, is rare.

But after a week, I didn’t write any articles to match up with these spiritual Japanese.

A year ago or two years ago, I could not help but have a fight. But now, after several years of baptism of the Internet, I know that debating scriptures has no effect, and will fall into an endless cycle of boredom. You talk about economics with him, and he talks about culture with you. The other side is originally a cultural ruffian and an imperialist literary dog, who stands on the opposite side of the interests of the Chinese nation, and will always tangle with you without any result.

According to the economic chain analysis method, when someone releases a dog to bite you, it is meaningless for you to fight with a vicious dog all the time, because you will be consumed all the time, and the vicious dog cannot be released.

I have to deal with the person who let out the vicious dog, and I have to beat this person’s economic chain to cause real damage.

To combat the running dogs of Japanese evil forces, it is better to directly combat the Japanese evil forces themselves.

To combat the arrogance of the evil forces in Japan, we must hit their most important economic chain, that is, their automobile industry.

In the five fields of home appliances, mobile phones, communications, computers and automobiles, the Japanese have been losing ground since the 1990s, but the Japanese have been living a good life because they still have the automobile industry.

The automobile industry is the lifeblood of the Japanese.

As mentioned before, the global automobile industry is US $1trillion, and its market scale is the sum of the three major markets of mobile phone + computer + communication equipment.

The total assets of Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Subaru are US $700billion, ranking first in the world automotive industry.

The scale of auto derived parts is also the largest in the world.

The Japanese rank first in Toyota textile, which is engaged in interior fabrics, Aisin precision machinery, asmo, which is engaged in gearbox, and other sub categories, such as tires, glass, screws, etc.

In the global auto parts industry, there are 35 in Japan, 30 in the United States and 18 in Germany.

More than 60% of the world’s top 500 enterprises in Japan are automobile and automobile supporting enterprises!

Every year, the automobile industry directly provides 5.42 million jobs for Japan, and other piecemeal jobs are not included.

The reason why Japan can maintain a per capita GDP of USD 39300 in 2021 is mainly because the automobile industry provides a large number of ordinary people with high paid jobs.

I went to the Japanese website to check the data published by them. The lowest ordinary post salary in the Japanese automobile industry is electrical and mechanical processing workers, with an annual salary of 3.69 million yen, equivalent to 182000 yuan at the exchange rate in June 2022. The highest ordinary post salary is members of automobile companies, with an annual salary of 6.88 million yen, equivalent to 340000 yuan at the exchange rate in June 2022.

I specially note that this is the exchange rate in June 2022 because the yen has been devaluing wildly recently. Before the devaluation, their annual salary was about 250000 to 450000 yuan.

Think about how many 300000 annual salary Jobs China can offer? The Japanese auto industry can provide more than 5 million such jobs at one go.

The core of a large country lies in the manufacturing industry. Only when the manufacturing industry makes money can the tertiary industry be generated around these people. For example, an industrial park is usually surrounded by express delivery, hairdressing, catering, KTV, cinema, convenience stores, etc., which drives the wage income of other industries in Japan.

The average annual income of university professors and doctors in Japan is around 10million yen, equivalent to 500000 yuan in 2022; The average annual income of steel workers is around 3million yen, equivalent to 150000 yuan; The average annual income of IT consultants is 6.43 million yen, equivalent to 320000 yuan; The average annual income of supermarket cashiers is 2.5 million yen, equivalent to 123000 yuan; The average annual income of restaurant chefs is 5million yen, equivalent to 250000 yuan; The average annual income of journalists is 7.8 million yen, or 385000 yuan.

Why can Japanese supermarket cashiers earn 123000 yuan a year (higher before depreciation), while Chinese supermarket cashiers earn about 40000 yuan?

That’s because Japan has a developed manufacturing industry and has earned enough money to support high wages in other industries.

The most important one is the automobile industry. Japan has done well in games, optics, medical equipment and so on, but the scale is not large enough to feed so many people.

More than 60% of the top 500 companies are automobile and related supporting industries, which can explain the core of the problem!

In 2021, Japan will produce a total of 23.21 million cars worldwide in order to maintain the high income of its civilians. In order to achieve the goal of becoming a moderately developed country, we must undertake such an industry that can provide a large number of high paying jobs, so that China can sell tens of millions of cars every year, and it is no longer the cheap cars of the past.

In the past, in order to upgrade the automobile industry, we suffered many grievances. FAW engineers secretly studied engines and were scolded by foreign staff. When BYD had no money for shape research and development, it had been scolded and forced to support for many years.

These disgraces will be washed away with the arrival of electric vehicles. Chinese cars will repeat the story of home appliance and mobile phone markets, and gradually erode the market space of Japan’s automobile industry.

It will take about ten years from China to the international market. China’s electric vehicles will pull Japanese cars down the altar, and China’s automobile industry will become the world’s first.

In recent years, I have traveled all over the country. I have seen with my own eyes that Xiangyang, Yibin, Jingmen, Changsha, Wuhan, Hefei and other cities are building automobile related industrial parks. Beautiful office buildings have sprung up here, which will provide a large number of high paying jobs. If these people want to spend, they will benefit other Chinese people who go to express, takeout, didi and convenience stores.

In this way, our supermarket cashiers will have the opportunity to slowly increase their annual salary from 40000 to 80000 in the future.

What determines a country’s income is industry, not the set of humanistic system that Japanese, Europeans and Americans publicize to us.

The reason why they have such a set of statements is to PUA us, belittle us, and let us be willing to be exploited by them all our lives.

As a Chinese, I certainly hope Xiangyang will be rich, not Osaka. But Jingri is different. They have been crawling at the feet of the Japanese for too long. The interests of the Japanese are their interests. Therefore, anyone who dares to say that the Japanese are bad will jump up and scold their mother.

In the eyes of Jingri, Osaka should always be richer than Xiangyang. Xiangyang can’t have a rebellious mind. It’s treacherous to have such a mind.

In the eyes of Jingri, Japanese cashiers should always be more noble than Chinese cashiers. China can’t have a rebellious mind. It’s treacherous to have such a mind.

After capturing the automobile industry, we will slowly eat the fields of large aircraft, semiconductors, optics, etc., and some segmented high-end markets. However, the upstream and downstream industry chain of automobile is so long, and it can provide so many employment opportunities, so we must focus on it.

After being besieged by Jingri this time, I thought for a long time and decided not to fight with these people. I should take practical actions and spend my life supporting China’s electric vehicle industry. Now I have bought a BYD Han, placed an order for an avita made by Huawei and Chang’an on June 20, and I will place an order for a BYD Tengshi D9 next week.

In the next ten years, I will try my best to speak for Chinese electric vehicles and encourage Chinese people to buy domestic electric vehicles.

Although I am a small we media, and my influence is insignificant, I want to use the spirit of Yugong moving mountains to influence a Chinese to buy a domestic electric car, just as a Chinese can buy a domestic electric car.

I have calculated that it is possible for me to continuously write articles and send videos to affect 500000 Chinese people in the past ten years.

I will attack the economic chains of these elite Japanese masters and hit their vital points.

This time, we are going to defeat Japan in a dignified way. In peacetime, we are going to use normal market competition to defeat Japan. We are not going to massacre our people, invade our land, and do human experiments with our people.

In july1927, Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone always wrote a secret memorial to the emperor of Showa. This famous Memorial reads as follows:

If you want to conquer the world, you must conquer**first, but if you want to conquer**, you must conquer Manchuria and Mongolia first. If**can be completely conquered by China, other nations such as small and Central Asia and the Indian Nanyang will be afraid of China, respect and surrender to China. The world knows that East Asia is China’s East Asia and will never dare to invade China.

Today, we will modify this murderous Tanaka Memorial slightly:

Today, in order to achieve national rejuvenation, China must destroy the global hegemony of the United States. In order to destroy the global hegemony of the United States, we must first destroy the hegemony of the United States in East Asia. In order to destroy the hegemony of the United States in East Asia, we must first destroy Japan, the most loyal American dog in Asia. In order to destroy the arrogance of Japan, we must first destroy the automobile industry with the largest number of high salary jobs. In order to destroy the automobile industry of the Japanese, we must work hard, Develop China’s electric vehicle industry.

We do not engage in massacre and revenge against the Japanese, nor do we engage in moral kidnapping when the Chinese buy cars. We just hope that before the Chinese buy Japanese cars, they can try to compare them with Chinese electric cars and take a look at them as much as possible.

Whether it is good or bad, we can tell by comparison.

Besides, buying a domestic electric car may be doing a little bit of personal work for the national rejuvenation.

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