Wendi Deng’s 91 year old ex husband Murdoch divorced for four more marriages and four predecessors

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As Deng Wendi’s ex-wife, Murdoch’s story is also well known by Chinese netizens. After the two divorced, Deng Wendi dated a lot of fresh meat, and Murdoch was not idle and chose to remarry. According to the latest news, Deng Wendi’s 91 year old ex husband Murdoch divorced again. Murdoch has four marriages and four predecessors, and his marriage history is also quite rich. Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Murdoch divorced again

Murdoch, who is 91 years old this year, did not expect to get divorced again. Many netizens said that everyone must still see the news of Murdoch’s five marriages. A man is a teenager until he dies. Murdoch is still brave in pursuing his love even at the age of 91. Murdoch’s ease in love and marriage should be what many people yearn for, and what many ordinary people dare not imagine.

Murdoch’s first wife was Patricia. The two married and had a daughter. This marriage lasted for 11 years. Murdoch’s second wife was Anna. The two married and gave birth to two daughters and a son. This marriage lasted 32 years. Murdoch’s third wife was Wendi Deng. The two married and gave birth to two daughters. This marriage lasted for 14 years. Murdoch’s fourth wife was hall. The two didn’t have children after marriage (hall had four children before). This marriage lasted for six years.

Murdoch’s four marriages and four predecessors

Every time Murdoch divorces, his predecessor will divide a lot of money. Everyone is also very curious about how much money hall can divide Murdoch this time. However, Murdoch’s three ex-wives all gave birth to children for Murdoch. Only hall didn’t give birth to children for Murdoch, and the two people spent the shortest time together, so everyone felt that hall wouldn’t share too much money. But judging from Murdoch’s style, he doesn’t care. He cares more about feelings than money.

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