“ West Queen Mother & rdquo; Why are there tombstones& ldquo; West Queen Mother & rdquo; What is the origin of the story?

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Why does the West queen mother have a tombstone? What is the origin of the “Queen Mother of the west”? The editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

It is well known that the queen mother of the west is naturally a figure in the myth, and a mythical figure is naturally fictitious. How can a person who does not exist have a tombstone? And she is an immortal in the myth. The immortal is not immortal. Even if she really exists, there should not be a tombstone? What is this tombstone of the queen mother of the west? Why did you find the tombstone of a fictional character? Is there really a West Queen Mother in history?

In 2013, an archaeological expert found an ancient tomb of “barbarian style” near the Toutuo temple in Kuangshan, Wuxue, Hubei Province. As the ancient tombs are seriously damaged and frequently visited by grave robbers, archaeologists decided to conduct rescue excavation.

What is surprising is that there are not many cultural relics unearthed in archaeology, but the most valuable epitaph has the conspicuous word “Queen Mother of the west” which is puzzling: is the owner of the tomb the mythical queen mother of the west?

The so-called West Queen Mother is the well-known queen mother. It is the immortal goddess in Chinese mythology who is in charge of immortality, punishing evil and warning severe disasters. It is a supreme goddess in ancient mythology and first appeared in the book of mountains and seas. The queen mother of the west looks like a human being. She has a leopard tail and a tiger’s teeth and is good at howling. Her hair is Dai Sheng. She is a fierce and five disabled person.

After that, the queen mother of the West was gradually mythologized, and eventually became the first female immortal in Taoism, the daughter of Pangu, and the goddess of creation who gave birth to all things. The queen mother in the journey to the west is the peach garden in charge of the immortal medicine. In history, the Qin emperor and the Wudu of the Han Dynasty once asked the queen mother of the West for the elixir of immortality, but failed to do so.

However, why is there a cemetery for such an immortal goddess, and why is the West Queen Mother always living in Kunlun mountain? Why is the cemetery in Hubei? It turns out that there is a real history hidden behind this tombstone, which is related to the Turkic and Sui dynasties.

In 540, Turks began to rise and soon unified the northern prairie. In 581, Yang Jian established the Sui Dynasty, but he had to face the powerful Turkic threat. In 583, Yang Jian divided the Turks into East Turks and West Turks.


In order to win over the West Turks, in 587, Yang Jian adopted the policy of reconciliation and married Mrs. Xiang to the West Turk Nili Khan, and finally gave birth to a son Daman. After the death of Nili, Daman succeeded to the throne of Nilai chuluo Khan, and Madame Xiang was honored as the queen mother of the West. Therefore, the “Queen Mother of the west” can also be interpreted as the mother of a king in the West. Then, the mother of the West King is the mother of the West Turk king. Why was she buried in Hubei instead of in the western regions or the prairie?

In 600, madam Xiang made a pilgrimage to the capital of the Sui Dynasty, but unexpectedly, there was a sudden civil unrest, so she stayed in Honglu temple in the capital. In 608, during the reign of emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty, Mrs. Xiang helped the Sui Dynasty recruit the Western Turks as the queen mother of the West. However, Mrs. Xiang never returned to the Western Turks, but remained in the capital of the Sui Dynasty until her death.

After the death of Madam Xiang, Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty ordered people to imitate the Turkic tomb system and buried her in Wuxue, Hubei, his hometown. Therefore, this explains why this ancient tomb in Hubei has the “barbarian style”, and the epitaph will solemnly write the three big characters “West Queen Mother”.

It is worth mentioning that according to historical records, there were at least three “Queen Mother of the west”.

First, in the biography of emperor mu, King Mu of the Western Zhou Dynasty personally met the queen mother of the west when he went to Kunlun. Excluding unreliable myths and legends, the West Queen Mother seen by King Mu of Zhou should be a female leader of a tribe. In Bamboo Annals, the queen mother of the west is a graceful female emperor.


Second, in the myth, the queen mother of the west is an immortal goddess, the eldest sister of the goddesses. This is the most widely circulated and well-known version. In the ancient mythological novels after the rise of Taoism, the queen mother of the West was almost indispensable.

Third, the role of Mrs. Xiang is respected by the Great Khan as the mother of the west, and is essentially the mother of a king in the West.

In Taoist classics, the “Queen Mother’s mother” and the Jade Emperor are not husband and wife. The “Queen Mother’s mother” is actually the “West Queen’s mother” corresponding to the “East Prince” of Donghua. The two are the leaders of male and female immortals, which also conforms to the Taoist concept of yin and Yang.

However, the queen mother of the west not only appeared in the ancient books, myths and legends, but also before the Taoist school appeared and the “Tianting legend” system was established.

At present, it is recognized that the earliest clear record of the “Queen Mother of the west” is in the book of mountains and seas – the three classics of the West times – “it looks like a person, has a leopard tail and tiger teeth and is good at roaring, has a hair of Dai Sheng, and is the Sitian Li and the five disabled”. As well as the record of the mother country of the king of the West – “the kingdom of the queen mother is in the West. All the books of the Tao are written by the queen mother in the que of Kunlun.” The earliest one can be traced back to the “West mother” of the Shang oracle bone, but there is a big controversy.

He has a human shape, but a tiger tooth and a leopard tail. His hair is messy and he has a feather crown… He is half an ORC. Of course, from another point of view, the more you have personality, the more extraordinary you represent. Tigers, leopards and so on are the appearance of fierce animals, so it is necessary to express the power of the description object.


In the historical book Mu Tianzi Zhuan of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the queen mother of the West appeared again. “On the auspicious day of Jiazi, the son of heaven came to the queen mother of the West. He held the white guixuan Bi to see the queen mother of the West… Jiang Bai was worshipped and received.”

This time, the queen mother of the West was not as weird as in the book of mountains and seas, but rather very “realistic”, recording the time, place and process of the meeting between Zhou Tianzi and the queen mother of the West in detail. People have to believe the existence of the West Queen Mother.

At this stage, the most “reasonable” explanation of the “West Queen Mother” is that it is a tribe that develops parallel to the cultural circle of the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The tribe still retains the tradition of matrilineal society, and the highest leader of the tribe is called the “Queen Mother”.

It is worth mentioning that the bamboo book chronicle unearthed together with the biography of Mu Tianzi also records the history before Xia and Shang Dynasties. The “surrender” of Yao, Shun and Yu is far from being as beautiful as imagined. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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